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					The Nuclear Bible: Real “Truther” Solutions

Intro: It is long been said that the answer to every question is starring back at us in the mirror. While we cannot change the World
overnight, the following “Truther Solutions” are essential in freeing your body, mind, and soul from control and manipulation by The
Powers That Be.

Pray: Whether it’s to God or Allah, there is only One Creator and you should give praise and thanks for this wonderful life. Pray for
wisdom, guidance, and protection as we venture through this extremely evil period in history

Drink Good Water: Our bodies are comprised of over 90% water, and thus it is imperative that you locate a good water source which is
free of fluoride and other toxins. Once your body is able to detox, you will have more energy and you will be able to think more clearly.

Eat Real & Organic Food: Aside from water, food is the most important change you can make in you and your family’s life. As
Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” With all the additives, preservative, genetic
modification, and outright poison in today’s food supply, there is no better time to eat organic and healthy.

Shop Local: Now that you are eating organic, you will need to shop for food at your local Farmers Market. By shopping local farms,
stores, restaurants and retailers, you are investing money into your local economy while in fact boycotting the corporate power structure.

Boycott Corporations: The time to boycott corporations that hurt America’s Main Street like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and Coke is long
overdue. When you buy from a corporation, you are in essence enabling that corporation to live while effectively killing your own local
economy and future. There is a great chance that the same product is available locally and your dollars don’t support corporation and their
overseas sweatshops and child labor.

Vote With Your Money: Every time you buy something, you are essentially voting with your money. Money is power, and you alone
have the power to spend your money on food, clothing, entertainment, and investments that do not support the Globalist agenda. Lastly,
when you do vote for real on November 2, do not vote unless your car is full. Pick up your family, your friends and your relatives, and
educate them on the way to the polls about the Left-Right paradigm and which politicians and ballot propositions are Constitutionally

Turn Off The TV: Television is probably the single greatest tool that the Globalists have. By boycotting their television programs, their
ratings along with their advertising budgets will wither and fail. There are also a number of diseases and negative health affects attributed
to the watching of television. Turn off the fear and propaganda, and enjoy the beautiful nature outside that our Creator has made for us.
Don’t Take Medication: The medical establishment has long since sold out to Big-Pharma, and the subsequent poisoning (soft-kill) of the
American People is under way. Humanity is in a perpetual haze of drugged by a cocktail of various poisons that are labeled as medications.
The fact is that any non-natural medication will, in time, cause at least one side-effect, thus rendering the original medication effectively
useless. There is a natural remedy to ALL diseases, given the right combination of good nutrient intake versus harmful toxin intake. Your
Creator made you complete, now give your body the correct nutrition to defend itself.

Never Vaccinate For Any Reason: Until there is clear accountability from Big-Pharma regarding the ingredients of today’s vaccine, there
is too great a risk to vaccinate anybody for anything. In theory, vaccines could help humanity cope with disease, but the WHO (World
Health Organization) and other Government organizations have allowed Big Pharma to spike the vaccines with thimarasol (mercury),
squalene, and a host of other mutant ingredients. Please log onto for more information.

Boycott The U.S. Military: The American military has been hijacked by the Globalists who are sending our good men and woman into the
meat grinders of Iraq and Afghanistan, all based on the lie that is 9/11. The “Coalition of the Willing” are reaping hundreds of billions in
illegal opium trade while sending millions of people to prison for smoking cannabis. If possible, help those you know in the Military get
out and make sure that nobody you know ever joins any branch of service. Aside from the dangers of war, the vaccines currently being
given to the troops a potential health hazard as well. Please Google the documentary entitled Beyond Treason for a look at the dark side of
the U.S. Military.

Research Hemp: Little known to most people, the Hemp plant has been an economic staple of America since its inception and was used in
first U.S: flag, U.S. Constitution, U.S. Bill of rights, and was even used for Colonial money. Hemp has over 50,000 uses ranging from food,
medicine, supplements, clothing, energy, housing, plastics, explosives, and essential oils. This plant grows on roughly 90% of the Earth’s
surface and is the only real “green” option, being 100% recyclable, 100% renewable, and 100% environmentally friendly.

Support & Use Public Transportation: The biggest tool for control that the Globalists have, aside from the television, over the American
people is their beloved automobiles. While cars serve their purpose, so does reliable public transportation such as high speed rail (Maglev),
trains, trams, and electric busses. The bottom line cost to Americans: 1) Billions of U.S. dollars exported via gasoline sales to shadowy
countries in the Middle East, 2) Hundreds of millions given to Globalist insurance companies for bloated policies, 3) Cars that lose value
quickly and cost a lot of money to maintain, 4) Ticket/Citation fees and licenses are eliminated, as well as the need to carry identification 5)
Millions of Americans have died in auto accidents with millions more suffering from debilitating injuries. End the madness.

Never Self-Censor: Above all, you must not censor yourself or anybody else at any time or at any place. As Martin Luther King Jr. once
said, “Silence is Betrayal.” The Globalists are counting on you NOT to talk about the Truth to others. Once people have their suspicions
confirmed publicly, they are more likely to vocalize their feelings to others, and thus the dominoes begin to fall. Lastly, if people are not
open to the truth, move on and begin to surround yourself with likeminded people that care about Truth, Love, and Humanity.
Protest 24/7: Whether it’s on the street or on Facebook, make your voice heard. Chances are millions, if not hundreds of millions, of
people on the planet feel the same way you do. Vocalize your anger frustration every chance you get. If you don’t use your 1 st Amendment
right to Free Speech, you just might lose it. One look at the current legislation being proposed in Congress and you’ll realize that the time
to speak up is now! Check for local protests and groups to join, and remember that protesting is one of the most invigoration
and uplifting things you can do in your lifetime.

Save The Internet: By all means possible, the Internet, as it currently exists, must be saved and maintained. If We The People are going to
bring about positive change we must work together to maintain the Internet status quo. Humanity must rise to the occasion and keep the
Internet free and clear of ANY government or corporate hands that want to meddle or stop Humanity’s Awakening.

Love One Another: The greatest thing you can do for yourself and for Humanity is to show love and compassion to your friends, family
and loved ones, but most importantly to strangers who happen to be a different color, religion, or creed. Love is impossible to defend,
disarm, or defeat. Each one of us has endless love, and the sooner we start using it the better.

Conclusion: We are ALL One. Any person, religion, or government that tells you different is working for the Dark Side. The only way
that The Powers that Be can stay in power is by humanity fighting with each other instead of coming together for the common good.