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Name December Exam—Word Problem Practice Algebra I Together by tangshuming


December Exam—Word Problem Practice
Algebra I

   1. Together, Sarah and Juliana saved $10.00. Sarah saved D dollars. Write an expression for
      the amount Juliana saved.

   2. Let A be Jen’s age now. Write an expression for her age five years from now.

   3. A survey found that 60 out of every 85 people in a city take public transportation to work.
      Out of 595 people, how many take public transportation to work?
4. A car leaves Sacramento for Los Angeles traveling 54 mi/hr. A half hour later another
   car leaves Sacramento for Los Angeles traveling 64 mi/hr. How long after the second car
   leaves will it pass the first car?

5. As of 2007 the New York Yankees had won more Major League Baseball World Series
   than any other team. In fact The Yankees had won 1 fewer than 3 times the number of
   World Series won by the Oakland A's. The sum of the two teams' World Series
   championships is 35. How many times has each team won the World Series?

6. Three inches on a map represent 100 miles. The distance on the map between two cities
   is 7.5 inches. What is the actual distance between the cities?
7. At Max’s Restaurant the cost of a child’s dinner is $3.00 less than the cost of an adult
   dinner. You bought four children’s dinners and paid $18.00. Find the cost of an adult

8. Over Thanksgiving, I rented a car for $35.00 a day and $0.45 a mile. I had the car for two
   days and paid $166.75. How many miles did I drive?

9. It took a boat 5 hours to travel upstream and back. The current was 3 mi/h and the return
   trip took 1 hour. Find the speed of the boat in still water.
10. Robert’s bakery produces 152 loaves of bread each day. These are 38% of the total loaves
    produced. How many loaves does the bakery produce each day?

11. The sum of four consecutive integers is 210. What are the integers?

12. The sum of Gino’s weight and Larry’s weight is 287. Gino weighs 17 pounds less than
    Larry. How much does Gino weigh? How much does Larry weigh?
13. A collection of quarters and dimes is worth $16.00. There are 34 more dimes than
    quarters. How many of each are there?

14. The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 94 m. The length is 13m more than the width.
    Find the length and the width.

15. During a lemonade sale, only 56 cups of lemonade were sold. This was 70% of what
    they wanted to sell. How much total lemonade did they want to sell??
16. There was 15.6 liters of water in a bucket. Over a couple of weeks, 27% of the water
    evaporated. How much water was left?

17. A five-year old is in a forest. He is three feet tall, and his shadow is two feet long. There
    is a giant tree next to him whose shadow is 27 feet long. How tall is the tree?

18. Tickets to a movie cost $7.25 for adults and $5.50 for students. A group of friends
    purchased 8 tickets for $52.75. How many students and how many adults were in the

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