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C3a - Example Junior Development Plan


…..Below is an example development plan of a club focusing up junior recruitment, retention and volunteer education.

Vision Statement
Increase opportunities for all to participate in golf regardless of age, gender or background in a welcoming environment that encourages friendship personal development
and enjoyment.

Objective           Area              Scheme name       Actions                                                                   Target         Who                   When
                                      and or additional                                                                           Figures        Junior organiser      To include
                                      grant to support                                                                                           to list who is        a time-
                                                                                                                                                 responsible for       frame for
                                      scheme                                                                                                     the planning and      planning,
                                                                                                                                                 delivery of each      delivering
                                                                                                                                                 section of the plan   and
To increase the     RECRUITMENT       Run a GDW Starter         Apply to be a Dragon Golf Starter Centre through Golf            4 Dragon
number of                             Centre                     Development Wales                                                Golf Clubs
juniors playing                                                 Recruit along with the Dragon Sport Officer, volunteers from     in 4 Schools
and provide an                        Run Dragon Golf            club to help with the Dragon Tri – Golf Clubs in summer term.
exit route for                        Club                      Run a Dragon Golf Training Course at the club                    Recruit 10
Dragon Tri –                                                    Run 6 week Dragon Golf Clubs in 4 local schools                  Club
Golf Clubs                                                      Use some of the Starter Centre hours to provide free real golf   Volunteers
                                                                 coaching to children participating in the Dragon Tri –Golf
                                                                 Clubs                                                            40 Children
                                                                Run affordable continuation lessons for beginners on             in beginner
                                                                 completion of the funded lessons                                 coaching
                                                                Encourage children to join the club

To increase the     RECRUITMENT        Run the GDW              Apply for GDW Girls Scheme and wait for approval                 20
number of girls                        Girls Free               Contact Sports Development Officer to get access to local        participants
participating in                       Coaching Scheme           schools and help with promotion in local facilities              5 new
golf and increase                                               Visit St Josephs Comp - volunteers/professional to deliver       members
the number of                                                    taster session’s in P.E lessons
girl members                                                    Provide girls with a flyer advertising free lessons at club
                                                                Run 6 x 1 hr lessons for 2 groups at club
                                                                Ladies and Juniors to introduce girls to the golf course
                                                                Encourage girls to become members of the junior section
Provide a pre       RECRUITMENT     Run the Junior Golf      Run additional structured coaching for non – members,                40 new
membership club                     Passport                  working towards the Junior Golf Passport                             participant
                                                             Promote in taster sessions through existing members, posters         (50% girls)
                                                              in community, press release
                                                             Run fun rules and etiquette sessions, introducing them to club
                                                             Provide fun competitions and introduce participants to the
CONT….                                                        course
                                                             Introduce participants to exiting junior members through a
                                                              combined fun golf competition and social evening
                                                             Provide parents with information on club membership

Increase            RECRUITMENT     Work with                Contact community first officer (if applicable) and disability       10 new
participation                       Community First           officer                                                              particpants
opportunities for                   Officer to develop       Provide organised lessons for local community groups and
groups                              scheme                    disability groups
vulnerable to
social exclusion                    Work with
                                    Disability Officer to
                                    develop scheme
Recruit more        RECRUITMENT     Recruitment/ Open           Apply for a community chest grant
juniors/ adults /                   day for all                 Run an open day at the club consisting of fun golf activities
families from the                   subsidised by a             and a tour of the club organised and delivered by existing
local community                     Community Chest             members and professional
                                    Grant                      Offer additional group lessons subsided by a grant
                                                                (alternatively participants could contribute)
                                                               Offer a trial membership period of 1,2 or 3 months, where
                                                                existing members introduce the participants gradually to the
                                                                course e.g. playing 1, 2, 3 holes (see Golf Development
                                                                Officer for additional ideas)
                                                               Offer participants a full membership packaged based on a pro
                                                                rata basis.
Retain Junior       RETENTION and   GUW Girls                  Apply funding through the Junior Area Organiser for group
existing Girl       IMPROVING       Coaching Scheme             lessons for existing girl members
members             STANDARDS       (work with local           Provide lessons through out the year
                                    clubs to create a          Organise a calendar of events throughout the year for the
                                    club cluster to             junior section as a whole to include social events
                                    provide coaching           Arrange friendly away and home visits to local neighbouring
                                    for local girls)            clubs ( as a club cluster) and work together on retaining junior
                                                                girl membership
                                    Club Cluster Girls         Link to organisations such as your local county and South
                                    Events – (Organise          Wales Girls Association and encourage existing girls to attend
                                     fun girls comps. for        the fixtures and county coaching
                                     local clubs)           (see retention section on the CD rom for further ideas)

Retain Junior        RETENTION       ‘’Keep members          Organise a calendar of junior and social events through the
Members              IMPROVING       active’’                 year to include the winter months. Discussion to take place in
                     STANDARDS                                a Junior Committee meeting
                                                             Organise structure coaching through out the year working
                                                              towards the junior golf passport
                                                             Link to the local golf County by feeding players into the
                                                              coaching and events
                                                             Enter a junior team into the local league
                                                             Promote the local junior open’s to juniors
                                                             Run both a junior handicap system and a CONGU handicap
                                                             (see retention section on the CD rom for further ideas)

Develop              IMPROVING                                 Attend a local golf forum (if available)
partnerships and     STANDARDS,                                Work with other clubs
with various         RETENTION                                 Work with local authority
organisations to                                               Work with local county to feed golfers into county coaching
strengthen the                                                  for both boys and girls
development of
golf within the
 Develop Coaches     COACH/          Community Chest        Apply for Community Chest grant to put Volunteers on the
 and volunteers      VOLUNTEER       Grant                  following courses:
 to an appropriate   EDUCATION                               Tri Golf Activators Course
 level                                                       Junior Leader Workshop
                                                             PGA Level 1
                                                             SCUK Good Practice and Child Protection

Encourage            IMPROVING                              PGA professional to attend
Professional to      STANDARDS and                           First aid
keep                 COACH                                   Safeguarding and protection children
qualification and    EDUATION                                PGA update courses
knowledge up to                                             Contact Coach Education Manager for golf for further information
date                                                        and dates
Recruit more      VOLUNTEER      Invite parents and some exiting members to a meeting and ask
volunteers and    RECRUITMENT     for their help
parents to help
with juniors
Recruit a Club    VOLUTEER       Recruit a child welfare officer
Child Welfare     RECRUITMENT    All those helping with the Junior Section to be CRB checked
Officer                          Write a child protection policy for the club (utilising the
and                               ‘Children in Golf Resource pack) and communicate this to
Develop and                       parents and other members of the club
Implement a                      Encourage JO Child Welfare Officer and others to attend the
Child Welfare                     Safe Guarding and Protecting Children Workshop
To introduce a    RETENTION      Discuss with junior committee to produce a proposal for
graded                            management committee
membership                       Advertise to community
system for                       Press release in local paper
Juniors and

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