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    Market Forces       Customer Demands       Partner Investments

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Microsoft Stack Integration
Eligibility                                                  Requirements

 Partners: Members of MPN
 • Compensate referring partners for new leads                 • Partners must agree to terms of Referral
 • Increase lead opportunities for Solution-selling
 Products: AX, NAV, CRM                                          Agreement **
   Dynamics Partners                                           • Opportunity shelf life of 12 months
 Programs: BRL, VL (except for SPLA)
                                                               • Referrals must be submitted prior to
 Regions: Worldwide                                              transaction taking place
 Leads: Only new opportunities                                 • Transaction must be completed prior to
                                                               • First referral received & accepted gets priority
• 5% of billed revenue*            Transaction    Referral
                                          Size        Fee    Lead Submission
  on initial transaction
                                        $1,000        $50
                                       $10,000       $500
                                                              • Via online tool, including access to lead(s)
• Capped at $20k                       $20,000     $1,000       status & reporting
                                       $50,000     $2,500    * If lead results in transaction. Fee % applied to full value of deferred payments &
• Cannot receive SPA                 $200,000     $10,000    paid upfront. Paid on initial License and “Maintenance” transaction only.
  Discount or CSA Fee &              $400,000     $20,000    Subsequent renewals or transactions not included.
                                                             ** One-time signature required (12-month term with auto-renewal†). Partner
  Referral Fee for same             $1,000,000    $20,000    remain active in MPN.
  transaction                                                - Microsoft reserves the right to distribute leads to Managed SPA/CSA partners at
                                                             its sole discretion.
                            Rapidly innovate and grow
                                  your business

              Build                                       Buy

Development       Development     Application          Packaged
   Tools          Frameworks       Platform           Applications

                                Lower total cost of
                                 ownership (TCO)
       Value Adding               Independent                    System
                                                                                  Service provider
          Reseller              Software Vendor                Integrator

                                     Reuse platform                                      Become
         Enroll in CSA or                                         Enroll in CSA
                                      and focus on                                       business
          SPA Program                                               Program
                                        own IP                                       solution provider

           Specialize to                                            Include            Specialize to
                                        Drive xRM
         drive repeatable                                         Dynamics in        drive repeatable
             solutions                                              Volume               solutions

                                    Leverage Royalty               Drive xRM
                                      as an engine                opportunity

                        •   Get MBS Certified
Dynamic Partner         •   Specialize and profile your repeatable IP

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