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					        Revised: 5/26/13
        Current Vacancy; Eligible for Reappointment, Will become Vacant

                                               Electrical Code Board of Appeals

 (Journeyman Electrician)                             (h)
 VACANCY - Beebe                                      (w) 843.9211        03/03/09 – 03/31/12 Second
                                                                          (03/28/06 – 03/31/09 First)
                                                                          (12/27/05 – 03/31/06 rplcd Shepherd)
 (Fire Dept. Rep)                                     (h)
 Chris King                                           (w)                 03/09/10 – 03/31/13 First
 Law-DGCO Fire/Medical Dept.                                              (rplcd Brickell)
 P.O. Box 708, 66044
 Email: cking@lawrenceks.org
 (At-large rep)
 Eric Hethcoat                                        913.481.3256        04/12/11 – 03/31/13
 4601 Trail Rd., 66049                                                    (rplcd Kaufman)
 Email: ehethcoat@lsapa.com

 (Electrical Contractor)                              (h)
 Mel Lisher                                           (w) 766.3319        03/29/11 – 03/31/14 First
 498 N. 900 Rd., 66047                                (f)                 (06/03/08 – 03/31/11 Rplcd Oliver)
 Email: n/a
 (At-large rep)
 Robert Heacock                                       843.8243            06/05/12 – 03/31/14
 3007 Trail Rd., 66049                                                    (rplcd Herr)
 Email: rheacock@sunflower.com

 (Journeyman Electrician)                                                 01/10/12 – 03/31/14
 Kyle Windisch                                        913.208.8958        (Rplcd Cox)
 3005 Yellowstone Dr., 66047
 Email: k.windisch@ecahq.com
 (Electrical Contractor)                              (h) 843.7535
 Verlon Myers                                         (m) 691.9908        01/17/12 – 03/31/15 Second
 3012 Winston Drive, 66049                            (f)                 (03/03/09 – 03/31/12 First)
 Email: vrmyers@sunflower.com                                             (rplcd Frost)

CITY LIAISON:               Phillip Burke, Electrical Inspector. Phone: 832.3105
                            Email: pburke@ci.lawrence.ks.us

TERMS:    Two consecutive three year terms. Terms expire March 31 of corresponding year.
MEMBERS:  Seven; two currently licensed electrical contractors; two currently licensed master,
          journeyman, or residential electricians; one member of the Lawrence-Douglas County
          Fire and Medical Prevention Division; and two members of the public that work or reside
          within the City of Lawrence and have an interest in serving.
MEETINGS: First Wednesday of each month; 6:00 p.m. City Commission Room.

The Board’s work includes acting as an appeals board for persons aggrieved by a decision of the
enforcing authority, and acting as a code committee to the governing body, and recommending
changes necessary for the adoption of the technical codes and ordinances.

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