YVR-March12-minutes.doc - Yampa Valley Sustainability Council by yaofenjin


                               Yampa Valley Recycles
                                  March 1, 2012

Present: Catherine Carson, Nancy Stahoviak, Craig Schifter, Steve Hoots, Steve
Johnson, Sarah Jones, Garrett Smith, Benji Berg, Jo Lockhart, David Epstein, Carol
Lacy, Nancy Schwanke, Candace Noriega, and Emilie Rogers

   I.     Introductions: Carol Lacey with YVSC Zero Waste was introduced to the
   II.    Approval of February minutes: The minutes were approved.
   III.   Financial Report:
          A. Current Budget: Catherine presented the current budget. There were
             no questions or comments.
   IV.    Updates:
          A. Green Bags: The movement is spreading to ban plastic bags in
             Washington and Europe. No update on happenings in Steamboat.
          B. Bulb Crusher: The Bulb Eater has been very successful. Residents
             have been kind to make a donation when they have dropped off their
             bulbs. Catherine will contact Nancy about having the Bulb Eater for an
             Earth HR event.
          C. Green Machine/Paper Machine: There was no overflow at the Safeway
             GM’s in Feb.
          D. Downtown Recycling – Leadership Team – Garrett: Things are moving
             along with the city – Garrett will meet with the city on March 14th to
             determine the details of the downtown merchants interested in
             “donating” funds for a unit. Garrett is working on a press release to
             invite all DTN merchants to participate. DTN Steamboat is happy with
             the plan. Signs on the units will be universal which means no logos. The
             hope is to purchase the units by May 1st. Catherine has spoken with
             YVCF to be sure YVR is not charged for the extra $ in our account
             since it will be there temporarily.
          E. Condo/Townhome Survey: The CMC Sustainability Group has
             completed most of their interviews. There are 2 that the group is
             still working on.
          F. RREO Grant Opportunities: YVR applied for a grant thru Coke for
             recycling bins to be used at the Routt County Fair. YVR will not hear
             back until mid April. If granted, the hope is for the Fairgrounds to use
             the units year round. A YVR representative will work with the Rt Cty
             Fair Board and 4-HR’s with the education process.

   V.     New Business:
          A. 2012 YVR Recycling Brochure: YVR is looking into options to either
             print a folded or flyer type brochure to place in the Pilot as an insert.
             More details will be provided at the April meeting.
          B. Open Discussion: Craig shared information regarding a yard rail car
             lease in Hayden that might be available to transport glass to
             Denver. Craig will give the information to Steve @ WM.
          C. Next Meeting: April 5, 2012 Centennial Hall Rm. 113 12-1.

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