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									                       Planning and Budgeting for a Wedding

Wedding costs continue to rise and your dream wedding may cost more than you
anticipate. You will be investigating the costs of a wedding and preparing a photo
story or power point presentation which will present your “dream wedding”.
There is one minor difficulty! You will only have $8,000 to spend. Therefore, you
will need to be a wise consumer and perhaps lay aside some nonessentials. A list
of the responsibilities of the bride and her family & a list of the responsibilities of
the groom and his family is below.

      Bride                                                 Groom

Invitations                                          Engagement ring

Wedding gown & veil                                  Marriage license

Accessories (jewelry, lingerie)                      Groom’s attire

Bridesmaids gifts                                    Groomsmen’s gifts

Reception arrangements & cost                        Bride’s wedding ring

Groom’s wedding ring                                 Honeymoon

Floral arrangements & bouquets                       Rehearsal dinner

Organist/soloist                                     Clergyperson’s fee

Think about each responsibility. There may be hidden costs such as renting a
facility, ring bearer or flower girl expenses, flowers for the parents, candles, etc.

Your photo story or power point should include pictures of your final choices and
the cost of each component or responsibility. You will also prepare a budget that
itemizes your costs which will be your last slides in your presentation. is the primary website to use for information.
However, you may also explore other sites.

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