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Paproth Interview.doc


									                                                    Amanda Crocker
                                            Due: February 11, 2008
                                                   ENG1102: MWF4-5
                                                  Sampler Track #3
An Interview with Dr. Matt Paproth
    Through dialogue with Dr. Matt Paproth, one can easily

discover he is not simply a Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow

choosing to teach English at a predominantly technological-based

university such as Georgia Tech.   He is
                                          “Trash is
a worldly thinker full of experience
                                          just shit
and profound discoveries.
                                          that other
     When speaking about his 8-month
                                          people have
visit to Ireland, he spoke about the
                                          to clean
differences living there had with American life. Much of his
vacation was simply observing how life is lived; they did

relatively little traveling around the country.   He, and his

now-fiancé, did stay in Dublin for a month, as well as London,

England for a week.   He learned a lot from the classiness of

Ireland and especially enjoyed drinking tea every afternoon like

the native Irish people. Dr. Paproth also developed a deep

appreciation and understanding for recycling.   “Trash is just

shit that other people have to clean up,” Matt said with a

chuckle when speaking on the topic.
    Just last October, Dr. Matt Paproth proposed to his

                     girlfriend of two and a half years, Jennifer.
“We were
both                 After much deliberation, he decided on a

excited              method of proposal for her, though he is much

and all              more of a sucker for cutesy romantic things

that                 compared to Jennifer.   While she was sick

with a cold, he   snuck her engagement ring into her bottle of

Airborne.   “We were both excited and all that crap.”

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