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									     Over 35 Years of Romance at the CN Tower
Love is in the air at the CN Tower and 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, where romantic marriage
proposals reach new heights every year at the top of the world. The CN Tower has been the location of
some memorable proposals ranging from the creative to the sublime, providing inspiration for all
romantics. The CN Tower is the scene for dozens of proposals each year and probably many more that
staff do not know about. Although Valentines Day (always a sold out occasion at 360 Restaurant) is a
popular occasion, romantics enjoy the ambiance of 360 year round and also come back for weddings,
anniversaries, and even to renew their vows.

“The CN Tower holds a long and distinguished record of achievement - and one of our proudest
achievements is playing a part in creating memories,” said Jack Robinson, CN Tower Chief Operating

Memorable Proposals
At Canada’s famous iconic landmark and Toronto’s Most Romantic Restaurant*, each year we honour
Valentines Day, one of the restaurant’s busiest occasions, by sharing some of the most Memorable
Marriage Proposal stories. Here’s a list of some other memorable proposals at the CN Tower:

# 10 Carats for Dessert
This prospective groom arranged for a special topping on dessert. This time the oohs and ahhs when the
decadent Chocolate Tower was presented were for the sparkling engagement ring on top!

#9      A Very Special Vintage
A pre-arranged tour of the award winning “Cellar in the Sky” at the 360 produced more than a fine
vintage wine. One man had attached the engagement ring to the bottle pre-selected by the cellar master.

# 8 Corporate Christmas Party… for Two?
He told her she was going to a staff Christmas Party. She arrived at 360 with gifts for colleagues and sure
enough even the menus at each place setting were customized with a company logo and welcome
message. When she realized no one else was there, she became suspicious. Instead of a menu, a letter on
a silver platter was presented with the proposal, followed by a ring on a platter. She happily accepted!

#7      Undercover Lovers
        Your Knight in Shining Armour
        There was a hush throughout the entire restaurant when a knight arrived in a full suit of shining
        armour. He strode deliberately to his girlfriend’s table, bent down onto one knee and lifted his
        mask to propose to a shocked and delighted bride-to-be.
        A Little Help from the King
        First Elvis Presley stopped by the table in full Vegas attire to sing one of the bride-to-be’s
        favourite songs, I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Then the groom-to-be capitalized on the
        magical moment with a bended knee proposal.

        The Gorilla of Your Dreams.
        Dressed in a gorilla suit, this groom-to-be strolled around the CN Tower’s observation level
        handing out red roses to all the ladies, including his unsuspecting girlfriend. He then led his girl
        to the window and before removing his disguise, he pointed to banner on the ground that read
        Marry Me.

# 6 Life’s Memorable Ups & Downs
After a romantic dinner at 360, the prospective groom proposed to his girlfriend during the 58 second
elevator ride to the ground. Our elevator operator later confirmed that the proposal was indeed accepted!

#5      Sleepless in Toronto
In a romantic version of life imitating art, the groom-to-be arranged for a teddy bear to be planted on the
Sky Pod reminiscent of the bride-to-be’s favourite movie, Sleepless in Seattle. When the pair arrived,
she immediately picked up bear and cried out in delight at the proposal pinned to the bear.

#4       High on Love at the CN Tower
After a romantic dinner at 360 this couple made their way up to the SkyPod – the highest observation
level of them all. The violin and cello duo (arranged in advance) were playing in the SkyPod when they
arrived. Since it was the end of the evening – they were the only visitors there. As she was enjoying the
music and the view, a silver tray with cover was presented. On bended knee, this prospective groom
lifted the cover to reveal a ring lying on a bed of rose petals.

#3      The Flyby Proposal
While enjoying a delicious dinner in 360 overlooking the spectacular sights of Toronto, a plane flew by
with the message: “Marry Me Sarah”.

# 2 The Flyby Proposal…with a twist
While enjoying a delicious dinner in 360 overlooking the spectacular sights of Toronto, a plane flew by
with the message “Marry Me Karen”. Imagine the look on the prospective groom’s face when a second
plane flying the message “No Way Jose” flew by! He had been out proposed by a bride-to-be with a great
sense of humour – who eventually said YES!

# 1 A Modern Day Dowry
This lady came very prepared to propose to her man. She arranged for a beautiful ring to be served along
with a special dessert platter with “Will You Marry Me” written in chocolate across the top. When SHE
got down on bended knee, he happily accepted. Then came her real surprise - when the champagne
arrived they toasted her announcement that she’d just won over 1 million dollars in the lottery!

About 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower
360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, one of Toronto’s finest restaurants, features unforgettable food
combined with an outstanding revolving view of Toronto more than 1,000 feet below. Executive Chef
Peter George and his staff offer market-fresh cuisine, featuring regional ingredients to ensure an
incomparable culinary experience. 360 also features an award-winning wine selection of over 550
international and Canadian wines from its “cellar in the sky”.
360 is the recipient of numerous awards for its cuisine, wine and ambiance including the DiRoNA
(Distinguished Restaurants of North America) award and the prestigious Wine Spectator Best of Award
of Excellence and WHERE Magazine’s Most Romantic Restaurant. 360 is a highly sought after
location for celebrations including birthdays, anniversaries and marriage proposals that have inspired a
“Top Ten List” of unique and romantic proposals. 360 hosts over 300 memorable events each year for 20
to 2000 for receptions, dinners, themed events, product and press launches.

360 is open daily.
Reservations recommended: (416) 362-5411 or via website at www.cntower.ca

Media inquiries: Irene Knight, Manager of Public Relations
416-601-4729 or iknight@cntower.ca

* as Voted by WHERE Toronto Magazine Readers

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