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SAFPC Minutes 11-17-10

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					                                             San Antonio Food Policy Council
                                                    Meeting Minutes
                                                  November 17, 2010

Attending: (to be updated)
Absent: (to be updated)

Announcements, Calendar: Announcements per agenda; next meeting Wed Dec 8th; in 2011: 3rd Wed every month.

Who’s at the table, who’s not, and who else needs to be?:
       (to be updated- missing from notes: listing of “who’s here” representation)

Possible members for FPC, or resources for ad hoc input (highlighted are priority considerations)
School district
University administrator
Community colleges

Big chain grocery (Walmart, HEB, Fiesta, Target)
Mom & Pop grocery
Ethnic Grocery

Water conservation (SAWS—San Antonio Water System)
Suppliers (Sysco, Labatt, Sodexo)

Restaurants (Restaurant association)
Faith based (Interfaith—Muslim, Jewish, other)

City Council—government policy maker

Agricultural producer (small farmers)

Food safety
Environmental health (here food is tested)

Red Cross
Food Pantries

Citizen reps
San Antonio Foodshed (Culture and community)

Headstart, early childhood, coalition—Voices for Children
Maternal health
Minority, especially African-American community
People experiencing hunger and/or obesity
     Ensure that every individual in the greater San Antonio area has equal access to safe, healthy,
        affordable food. (118 characters)

Mission: (next steps: Leslie will draft and share with Pamela, who will edit -please use revisions mode!- and
share with Dawn)
    Combat nutrition-related illnesses/issues (hunger and obesity) by… ensuring
    Rebuilding local food economy

Core Values: (some ideas- still to be finalized)
    Sustainable/consistent
    Local comes first
    Access/availability-
    culturally appropriate
    social justice
    advocacy
    community-based,
    tested programs and strategies,
    prevent chronic disease,
    help Americans live a healthier life
    Positive sustainable health change
    Advancing policy, systems and environmental change
    Strategic focus on obesity prevention
    Strategic focus on hunger
    Across the lifespan
    Connection to Healthy People 2010/2020 goals
Brainstorm: Where will we go in the next 12 months?
Low-hanging Fruit opportunities for quick wins on recommendations in the food system
     Farmers markets initiatives- collaborate with CPPW
     Ordinance on criteria for farmers markets
     Ordinance on permitting
     Implementation of SNAP at farmers markets- machine availability in 2 wks
     Farmers market- laboratory for produce- can determine from samples or from patient whether disease bacteria
        fingerprints came from.- What will happen next- an ordinance going to city council that restaurants and growers
        will have to test periodically- a fee for the testing will be recommended quarterly. Will impact small growers.
        Could potentially cause political tensions.

Opportunity to establish a local Sustainable Foods Center in San Antonio. Worksite wellness farm to work program.

Announcement that SAFPC exists- what we do and individuals are encouraged to provide input.
501c3- why?
    Linkages
    Breaking down silos
    Consider funding needs

Policy recommendations?

Council membership and commitment?

Sustainability plan? Fundraising…
     Will we be fundraising?
     Development, fundraising and grant writing
     Are there any ‘model organizations- Charlotte NC
     Mark Winney- keep the options open”
     Budget likely to be small
     Will affect council structure- consider building relationships for fundraising-
     Look at SA and TX to id potential funding sources- what bills and legislation might impact funding streams
     Being careful not to position org as an adversary to other local orgs
            o Founder of Rackspace- Graham Weston

Committees and Council Structure?

Next steps: As noted on agenda. Jennifer and team will continue to sketch a roadmap for future agendas,
based on input from the group and strategic planning ideas. Please feel free to make suggestions for what
should be included in the agendas, as this will guide the direction of the group.

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