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Q. When is the project due again?
A. WEDNESDAY, October 23rd, at the beginning of YOUR class period.

Q. How should I write my questions and paper?
A. You should ask your questions and write your paper as if your mom is a regular lady. Use
3rd person, just like the story about the women from the other countries.

Q. Can I do a Venn diagram instead of the comparison paper?
A. NO, you can do that as part of your visual aid, but the 2 page paper is required.

Q. How should my interview questions and answers be typed?
A. Just like this, questions in bold type /answers not in bold type, double space between
sets of Q’s & A’s.

Q. What is the order to turn in things?
A. Rubric handed to me when you walk through the door Wednesday, October 23rd,
questions/answers interview and 2-page correctly-formatted (double-spacing, font,
etc.) paper handed to me.

Q. What about the 2-page paper?
A. The 2-page paper is to be double-spaced, 12 pt. size, Times New Roman font. Two pages
are the front sides only of 2 different pieces of paper. (about 500 words)

Q. How long does the presentation have to be?
A. 1 ½ to 2 minutes

Q. What exactly are we presenting?
A. The visual aid, along with interesting facts about the article (even something you really
liked or seriously disliked). I do not want you to get up and read the interview and/or the 2-
page paper. I will grade that part at a different time.

Q. How do I type my interview questions?
A. Just like you see here in this example.

Q. May I just copy the article interview questions and ask those to my female
A. Absolutely NOT. The woman in the article has a different life than your relative does. You
may ask a question like, "How would you feel if this happened to you?" referencing
something the woman in the article experienced. Please come up with your own original
questions for the interview. You want to make comparisons, but also contrast, the lives of
the women and your mom (or aunt/grandmother)

Q. I forgot what lady I am supposed to be reading about. How can I find out?
A. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the document - WOW assigned
countries by class. Find your class period and your name. If you changed class periods and
can't find your name, check your old class period.

Q. I lost my assigned reading for Women of the World. Where can I get another
A. Under the Textbook and Homework link.
Q. What is a visual aid?
A. It can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it is relevant to the article, the woman's
life, comparing/contrasting with your mom (as in the example poster), etc. Make it

Q. Will I read from my interview or paper?
A. No, those will both be turned in to me. You only have to talk about your visual aid, (and
something interesting from the article if you need to fill time to make 2 minutes).

Q. Do I have to type it?
A. Yes.
Q. What if I get stuck over the weekend on what to do ?
A. Email me.

Q. What if I don't finish by the due date?
A. YOU MUST!! You will be zapped (and that is a test grades!!) for turning it in after the
beginning of class. If you waited until the last weekend to start it, you did not follow
directions. SEE HANDOUT!

Q. My printer broke. Can you print it for me?
A. If it is BEFORE 10/23/12, you bet I can if you email it to me. If it is on the due date, no.
You did not follow directions.

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