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									             Program is Free.              This class is designed to help the
                                           citizens prepare for disasters that may     Thomasville Fire
Class 1 Program Registration
        Introduction to the Fire
        Department & Firefighter’s         Courses will cover nine weeks of
        Equipment                          instruction.

Class 2 Introduction to 911Center          Minimum Age: 16
        Disaster Threats in the Piedmont
        Family & Personal Preparedness

Class 3 EDITH/ Smoke Detectors
        Kitchen Fire Safety
        CO Detectors

Class 4 Electrical Safety/Generators
        Portable Fire Extinguishers                                                           Presents
Class 5 Adult CPR

Class 6 Basic First Aid                                                               Citizens Fire Academy
Class 7 Fire Code information
        Emergency Vehicle Laws
        Household Haz-mat
                                                                                       Starting Spring 2006
                                           Classes will involve some physical            Thursday Nights
Class 8 American Red Cross                 activity including lifting up to 20 lbs.
        Operation Lifesaver                                                           Reserve Your Spot Now
                                           Call to reserve position quickly due to
Class 9 Graduation / Program Evaluation    limited seating available.
                                                                                      “A break from the ordinary.”
Classes will be from 6:30 to 9:00 PM
                                           Classes will be open to 25 participants.
Classes will be held at:
Station 2                                         To reserve a spot call:
Hwy 109 South                                    Dolly Hulin - Coordinator                  712 E. Main Street
Thomasville, NC                                        (336) 475-5545                    Thomasville, NC 27360
                                                                                            (336) 475-5545
Classes will cover such topics as:     Basic First Aid and Adult CPR:**   *Depending of the number of
                                         1. What to do in case            responses that are received, childcare
How to properly use the “911”            someone stops breathing.         services may be available. Please call
emergency service.                       2. How to treat cuts and         to confirm.
     1. What you need to know?           broken bones.
     2. What you need to tell them?      3. What to do if someone has
                                         a heart attack.

Emergency Vehicle Laws:
     1. Who has the right of way?
     2. What should you do?            Disaster Preparedness:             **Basic First Aid and Adult CPR
                                          1. What would you do in the     Certifications and recertification are
                                          event of a train wreck?         free to Citizens Fire Academy Class
                                          2. What to do in the event of   Members.
                                          as Tornado.
                                          3. What should you do in the    We will be having an advanced
                                          event of a house fire?          academy later in the year that will
Household Hazardous Materials:            4. What should you do in a      offer the following:
     1. What you should know about        flood?                          1. Child and Infant CPR
        household products.                                               2. AED training.
     2. Where should they be stored?                                      3. Weather Spotter certification.
                                                                          4. 911 Center visit.
                                                                          5. And much more.

                                                                          Don’t miss this opportunity to
                                                                          learn important safety

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