GRENADA by tangshuming


									   Independent country since 1974
   Located in the Eastern Caribbean
   Capital is St. George’s
   Population is 103,000
   Size is 344 km sq
   Major language is ENGLISH and French patois
   Currency is East Caribbean dollar (EC )
   Temperatures range from 24C/ 75F to 30C/
   Life expectancy s 71 years
   GDP Per Capita is US$5,000
   Independent country and member of
   Grenada is governed under a parliamentary
    system based on the British model
   Political and legal traditions closely follow
    those of the UK
   Has a Governor General which represents Her
   a Prime Minister and a Cabinet
   Constitutional safeguards include freedom of
    speech, press, worship, movement, and
   Main contributors to the economy is Tourism
    and Agriculture followed by Construction and

   Major agricultural exports are nutmeg and
    cocoa and fish is emerging

   Diversification of the Agriculture industry has
    not progressed at a rate that would allow for
    an assured future for this industry.
“The Current Status and
 Experiences gained with the
 Identification and
 Documentation of Living
 Modified Organisms” in
- Depends on the information stated on the
 labels of prepackaged goods in accordance
 with the Labelling standards GDS 1: Part 4:
 1992: Specification for the Labelling of
 Commodities – Labelling of Prepackaged

 Documentation
- Depends on the notification obtained from
   Grenada does not have any experiences
    documented to date as it relates to the
    identification of LMOs and the use of existing
    documentation systems to fulfil requirements
    for the identifiaction of shipments of LMOs
    for imports
   Lack of the technical expertise required in the
    identification and documentation of LMOs
   Lack of legislative support for monitoring and
   Lack of trained personnel in the area
   Lack of public awareness
   Lack of public participation
   Lack of the required tools to conduct the
    necessary investigation
   Technical expertise
   Training and capacity building for personnel
    in the identification and documentation of
   Assistance in the identification of the entire
   Assistance in building and strengthening of
    negotiation ability
   Strengthening of the inspection and
    monitoring of imports and exports of
   Modernisation and strengthening of the
    legislative framework
   PCR (Poly Chain Reaction)
   Instrument for identification of LMOs
    (laboratory facilities and trained personnel)
   Legislative strengthening
   Assistance in enforcement
   Infrastructure
   Human resource development
   Improvement in the communication channels
    between agencies
   Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on
    BIOSAFETY (since the main focus of this
    protocol is the transboundary movement of
   More awareness angagement of the public on
    the issues as it relates to the subject area.
   The importance of the Biosafety Protocol
    must be stressed for developing countries
   Grenada is waiting for guidance on the entire
    issue of GMOs and LMOs from CARICOM
   GRENADA needs to acquire the tools and the
    facilities required to deal with modern
   Grenada is at a stage where the acquisition of
    the tools, skills, knowledge and expertise
    required to improve the documentation and
    identification of LMOs is of paramount
    importance for positioning itself on the World
    map and market.

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