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CALL NO.                 TITLE                                                                   AUTHOR                       SUBJECT
AS 06 B86 1990           Effective meetings : the complete guide                                 Burleson, Clyde W.           Meetings
AS 06 D63a 1981          The art of taking minutes                                               Dochterman, Delores          Meetings
AS 06 H645 1980          Meetings that matter                                                    Hon, David                   Meetings
AS 06 T74 1979           The essentials of committee management                                  Tropman, John E.             Committees
BD 431 F85 1988                                                                                  Fulghum, Robert.
                         All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten : uncommon thoughts on common things             Life
BD 435 T43 1983          An apology for the value of human life                                  Thomasma, David C.           Life
BD 444 D313 1981         Defining death : a report on the medical, legal and ethical issues in the determination of death     Death
BD 444 K95o 1969         On death and dying                                                      Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth.      Death
BD 444 N85 1993          How we die : reflections on life's final chapter                        Nuland, Sherwin B.           Death
BF 575 A6 F75 1982       Situational anxiety                                                     Freudenberger, Herbert J.    Anxiety
BF 575 G7 B21m 1984      Maternal bereavement : coping with the unexpected death of a child Edelstein, Linda.                 Bereavement
BF 575 G7 B64 1983       My son-- my son-- : a guide to healing after a suicide in the family Bolton, Iris.                   Suicide
BF 575 G7 L629l 1977     Learning to say good-by : when a parent dies                            LeShan, Eda J.               Bereavement
BF 575 G7 R35 1984       Grief, dying, and death : clinical interventions for caregivers         Rando, Therese A.            Bereavement
BF 575 G7 S34 1978       The bereaved parent                                                     Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff.     Bereavement
BF 637 C6 H83 1991                                                                               Huber, helping experiences
                         The twenty minute counselor : transforming brief conversations into effectiveCharles H.              Counseling
BF 637.C45 C78 2002      Crucial conversations : tools for talking when stakes are high          Patterson, Kerry             Communication
BF 637.C45 C955 2002                                                                             expectations, and
                         Crucial confrontations : tools for resolving broken promises, violated Patterson, Kerry bad behavior Communication
BF 637.S8 C68 1990                                                                               Covey, Stephen R.
                         The seven habits of highly effective people : restoring the character ethic                          Success
BF 698 K357 1984         Please understand me : character & temperament types                    Keirsey, David               Typology (Psychology)
BF 789 D4 D34 1975       Living with dying                                                       Davidson, Glen W.            Death
BF 789 D4 D44 1975       Death : the final stage of growth                                       Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth       Death
BF 789 D4 K83 1978       To live until we say good-bye                                           Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth       Death
BJ 1581.2 .C52 1992                                                                               life
                         Boundaries : when to say yes, when to say no to take control of yourCloud, Henry                     Conduct of life
BV 4501.2 .S885b 1992                                                                             overloaded lives
                         Margin : restoring emotional, physical, financial, and time reserves toSwenson, Richard A.           Time Management
HA 029 D912i 1977        Introductory biostatistics for the health sciences                      Duncan, Robert C.            Medical statistics
HA 029 P558b 1978        Basic statistics for health science students                            Phillips, David S.           Medical statistics
HD 030.28 .W595 1995     Planning and conducting needs assessments : a practical guide           Witkin, Belle Ruth           Planning
HD 031 D7734 1980        Managing in turbulent times                                             Drucker, Peter F.            Management
HD 031 M2873f 2002       First among equals: how to manage a group of professionals              McKenna, Patrick J.          Leadership
HD 031 S324 1979         Leadership : what effective managers really do ... and how they do it Sayles, Leonard R.             Leadership
HD 031 W494 1992                                                                                 Wheatley, Margaret
                         Leadership and the new science : learning about organization from an orderly universe J.             Leadership
HD 038 D439 G58 1987     The Deming guide to quality and competitive position                    Gitlow, Howard S.            Management
HD 038 D439 W35 1986     The Deming management method                                            Walton, Mary                 Management
HD 038 D68 1967          The effective executive                                                 Drucker, Peter F.            Leadership
HD 038.2 B83 1999        First, Break all the rules (also available Audio CD)                    Buckingham, Marcus           Management
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HD 057.7 .K68 1995                                                                             Kouzes, James M.
                      The leadership challenge : how to keep getting extraordinary things done in organizations                  Leadership
HD 057.7 K678 1993    Credibility : how leaders gain and lose it, why people demand it         Kouzes, James M.                  Leadership
HD 058.7 .G54 1991    Organizations : behavior, structure, processes                           Gibson, James L.                  Organizational Behavior
HD 058.7 .O7465 1988 Organizations close-up : a book of readings                               Gibson, James L.                  Organizational Behavior
HD 058.8 H356 1993    Reengineering the corporation : a manifesto for business revolution Hammer, Michael                        Organizational change
HD 058.82 L4 1995                                                                              C
                      Learning organizations : developing cultures for tomorrow's workplace hawla, Sarita                        Organizational learning
HD 058.9 A55 1981     Managing incompetence                                                    Anthony, William P.               Organizational change
HD 058.9 R93 1991                                                                              Ryan, quality, productivity, and innovation
                      Driving fear out of the workplace : how to overcome the invisible barriers to Kathleen                     Organizational change
HD 058.9 S46 1990     The fifth discipline : the art and practice of the learning organization Senge, Peter M.                   Organizational change
HD 065 T65 1990       Commit to quality                                                        Townsend, Patrick L.              Quality control
HD 066 L37 1989       Teamwork : what must go right, what can go wrong                         Larson, Carl E.                   Teams in the workplace
HD 066 S37 1988       The team handbook : how to use teams to improve quality                  Scholtes, Peter R.                Teams in the workplace
HD 070 S933h 2003     Hardwiring excellence                                                    Studer, Quint                     Quality control
HD 070 U5 D45 1986    Out of the crisis                                                        Deming, W. Edwards                Industrial management
HD 070.U5 P425 1986 A passion for excellence : the leadership difference                       Peters, Thomas J.                 Industrial management
HD 805.G3 F7233 1985 Man's search for meaning; an introduction to logotherapy                  Frankl, Viktor Emil               Life
                                                                                               Tichy, Noel M.                    Organizational change
HD 9697 A3 U575 1994 Control your destiny or someone else will : lessons in mastering change--from the principles Jack Welch is using to revolutionize GE
HD 9981.5 .A43 1990   Service America! : doing business in the new economy                     Albrecht, Karl                    Customer service
HF 5382.7 W37 1992    The hunt : complete guide to effective job finding                       Washington, Tom                   Employment
HF 5383 B56 2001                                                                               Bolles, Richard
                      What color is your parachute? A practical manual for job hunters & career changers Nelson                  Employment
HF 5383 R4715 1992    Resumes! resumes! resumes!                                                                                 Employment
HF 5386 O69 1992      Inner excellence : spiritual principles of life-driven business          Orsborn, Carol.                   Success in business
                                                                                               Keiningham, Timothy
HF 5415.335 K45 2001 Customer delight principle: exceeding customers' expectations for bottom-line success                       Customer service
HF 5415.5 Z46 1989    The service edge : 101 companies that profit from customer care          Zemke, Ron                        Customer service
HF 5548.8 B683 1981 Coping with difficult people                                               Bramson, Robert M.                Organizational Behavior
HF 5548.85 H67 1981 Work stress and social support                                             House, James S.                   Job stress
HF 5548.85 L48 1981   Preventing work stress                                                   Levi, Lennart                     Job stress
HF 5548.85 S48 1980 Blue-collar stress                                                         Shostak, Arthur B.                Job stress
HF 5548.85 W37 1979 Managing stress                                                            Warshaw, Leon J.                  Job stress
HF 5549.5 M63 B83 2001Now, discover your strengths                                             Buckingham, Marcus                Employee motivation
HM 131 A89 1984       The evolution of cooperation                                             Axelrod, Robert M.                Cooperativeness
HM 131 B435 1969      Organization development: its nature, origins, and prospects             Bennis, Warren G.                 Organizational change
HM 133 N49 1980       Games trainers play : experiential learning exercises                    Newstrom, John W.                 Small groups
HM 291 K634 1992      No contest : the case against competition                                Kohn, Alfie                       Competition (Psychology)
HN 59 N645 1976       Not of one mind                                                          Tarnowieski, Dale                 Business people
HN 59.2 N34 1982      Megatrends : ten new directions transforming our lives                   Naisbitt, John                    Social indicators
HQ 31 H716h 1980      Human sexuality : a nursing perspective                                  Hogan, Rosemarie Mihelich.        Sexual disorders
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HV 5132 .W63 2002                                                                              Woititz, Janet Geringer
                         The complete ACOA sourcebook : adult children of alcoholics at home, at work, and in love          Alcoholism
PFCC                                                                                            1
                         Advancing the practice of patient and family-centered geriatric…copyBlaylock, Barbara              Family Centered Care
PFCC                                                                                            2
                         Advancing the practice of patient and family-centered geriatric…copyBlaylock, Barbara              Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Changing the concept of families as visitors…copy 1                   Ahmann, Elizabeth            Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Changing the concept of families as visitors…copy 2                   Ahmann, Elizabeth            Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Collaborative design planning                                         Webster, Patty Devine        Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Creating and enhancing patient and family resource centers            Ahmann, Elizabeth            Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Developing and sustaining a patient and family advisory               Webster, Patty Devine        Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Essential allies: families as advisors                                Jeppson, Elizabeth           Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Families as advisors: a training guide for collaboration              Jeppson, Elizabeth           Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Hospitals moving forward with family-centered care                    Hanson, Janice               Family Centered Care
PFCC                                                                                           Johnson, Bev
                         Partnering with patients and families to design a patient and family-centered health care system   Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Privileged presence: personal stories of connections…copy 1           Crocker, Bev                 Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Privileged presence: personal stories of connections…copy 2           Crocker, Bev                 Family Centered Care
PFCC                     Words of advice: a guidebook for families serving as advisors         Thomas, Josie                Family Centered Care
PFCC-CD                  Josey King story…copy 1                                                                            Family Centered Care
PFCC-CD                  Josey King story…copy 2                                                                            Family Centered Care
PFCC-VIDEO               Designing for family centered care…34 minutes                                                      Family Centered Care
PFCC-VIDEO               Parent on rounds…19.45 minutes                                                                     Family Centered Care
PFCC-VIDEO               Partnerships with families in the NICU…enhancing quality and safety11.22 minutes                   Family Centered Care
PFCC-VIDEO               Patient and family resource centers: a visual journey…37.05 minutes                                Family Centered Care
QS online text           Anatomy atlases
QS online text           Whole brain atlas
QS 04 G784 2005          Gray's anatomy : the anatomical basis of medicine and surgery         Standing, Susan              Human anatomy
QS 04 H741t 1985         Textbook of anatomy                                                   Hollinshead, W. Henry        Human anatomy
QS 13 D35b 1980                                                                                Daly, Kathleen N.
                         Body words : a dictionary of the human body, how it works, and some of the things that affect it   Human anatomy
QS 17 A284g 1999         Grant's atlas of anatomy                                              Agur, A. M. R.               Human anatomy
QS 17 J64 1986           The Johns Hopkins atlas of human functional anatomy                                                Human anatomy
QS 17 N474a 1989         Atlas of human anatomy                                                Netter, Frank H.             Human anatomy
QS 17 S677a 1990         Sobotta atlas of human anatomy                                                                     Human anatomy
QS 517 D659a 1974        Atlas of human histology                                              Fiore, Mariano S. H. di.     Histology
QS 604 M822b 1989        Before we are born : basic embryology and birth defects               Moore, Keith L.              Embryology, Human
QS 617 M822e 1994        Color atlas of clinical embryology                                    Moore, Keith L.              Embryology, Human
QS 675 B617 1979         Birth defects compendium                                              Bergsma, Daniel              Abnormalities, Human
QS 675 J77s 2006         Smith's recognizable patterns of human malformation                   Jones, Kenneth Lyons         Abnormalities, Human
QT online text           Review of medical physiology -- 22nd ed. / 2005
QT 104 G992t 2001        Textbook of medical physiology                                        Guyton, Arthur C.            Human physiology
last updated 5/26/2013

QT 250 T398 2000         Therapeutic recreation : an introduction                             Austin, David R.         Recreation therapy
QT 250 W673 2001         Wilderness medicine                                                  Auerbach, Paul S.        Outdoor medical emergencies
QT 255 B343 1991         The new fit or fat                                                   Bailey, Covert           Exercise
QT 260 C641 1991         Clinical sports medicine                                             Grana, William           Sports medicine
QT 260 M478e 2001        Exercise physiology:energy, nutrition, and human performance         McArdle, William D.      Exercise
QT 260 O26t 1984         Treatment of injuries to athletes                                    O'Donoghue, Don H.       Sports medicine
QT 260 O77               DeLee and Drez's orthopaedic sports medicine, 2nd ed, 2003 online DeLee, Jesse                Sports medicine
QT 260 S4145 1989        Scientific foundations of sports medicine                            Teitz, Carol C.          Sports Medicine
QT 261 S7652 2000        Sports medicine in primary care                                      Johnson, Rob             Sports medicine
QU 105 F646 1992         Fluid and electrolyte balance: nursing consideration                                          Electrolytes
QU 145 M6812n 1997       Nutrition across the life span                                       Mitchell, Mary Kay       Nutrition
QU 145 P944 1997                                                                              Bendich, Adreanne
                         Preventive nutrition : the comprehensive guide for health professionals                       Nutrition
QU 145 R356 1998         High-performance bicycling nutrition                                 Rafoth, Richard          Nutrition
QU 145 S716 1980         Sourcebook on food and nutrition                                     Scarpa, Ioannis          Nutrition
QV online text           AHFS drug information, 2008
QV online text           Basic & clinical pharmacology, 10th ed., 2007
QV online text           DrugPoints system
QV 004 G6532 2002        Goodman & Gilman's the pharmacological basis of therapeutics                                  Pharmacology
QV 018.2 B879d 2000      Drug calculations : process and problems for clinical practice       Brown, Meta.             Pharmaceutical arithmetic
QV 038 D7918 2005        Drug induced diseases: prevention, detection, and management         Tisdale, James           Pharmacology
QV 200 D611 1991         Disinfection, sterilization, and preservation                        Block, Seymour           Infection control
QV 600 C335 1995         Casarett and Doull's toxicology : the basic science of poisons       Klaassen, Curtis         Toxicology
QV 600 C639 1990         Clinical management of poisoning and drug overdose                   Haddad, Lester           Toxicology
QV 601 C641 2001         Clinical toxicology                                                  Ford, Marsha D.          Toxicology
QV 766 P348 2004         PDR for herbal medicines                                                                      Herbs
QV 767 A244 1992         Adverse effects of herbal drugs                                      de Smet, P.A.G.M.        Herbs
QV 772 P575 2004         Physicians' desk reference (PDR) for nonprescription drugs                                    Drugs, Nonprescription
QV 772 P578              Physicians' desk reference: PDR (part of micromedex)                                          Pharmacology
QW 025 F692b 2002        Bailey and Scott's diagnostic microbiology                                                    Microbiology
QW 04 J41r 1998          Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology                   Brooks, Geo F.           Microbiology
QX 04 M345d 1999         Markell and Voge's Medical parasitology                              Markell, Edward K.       Medical parasitology
QY 04 C6405 2001         Clinical diagnosis and management by laboratory methods, 21st ed., 2006 online                Diagnosis, Laboratory
QY 39 P128m 2001         Mosby's manual of diagnostic and laboratory tests                    Pagana, Kathleen Deska   Diagnosis, Laboratory
QY 90 T5642 1994         Tietz textbook of clinical chemistry                                                          Diagnosis, Laboratory
QZ 017 P839 2006         Portable Pathophysiology                                                                      Pathology
QZ 04 H8903u 1999        Understanding pathophysiology                                        Huether, Sue E.          Physiology, Pathological
QZ 04 R6354 2004         Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease, 7th ed., 2005                                 Pathology
last updated 5/26/2013

QZ 050 M159m 1986    Mendelian inheritance in man (online at PubMed, OMIM)                     McKusick, Victor A.          Medical genetics
QZ 050 S613g 1992    Genetics in obstetrics & gynecology                                       Simpson, Joe Leigh           Medical genetics
QZ 050 T473g 1991    Genetics in medicine                                                      Thompson, Margaret W.        Medical genetics
QZ 050.3 S774b 1979 Basic genetics for health professionals                                    Srivastava, Probodh K.       Medical genetics
QZ 200 C21537 2005   Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology                                 DeVita, Vincent T.           Neoplasms
QZ 201 L334d 1986                                                                              Larschan, Edward J.          Neoplasms
                     The diagnosis is cancer : a psychological and legal resource handbook for cancer patients, their families, and helping professionals
QZ 23 O94 1988       Outpatient cancer centers : implementation and management                 Nathanson, Susan             Neoplasms
QZ 241 A312 1997     AJCC cancer staging manual                                                                             Neoplasms
                                                                                               American Joint Committee on Cancer
QZ 266 C64185 2004   Clinical oncology, 4th ed., 2008 online                                   Abeloff, Martin              Neoplasms
RC 537 .B87 1999     Feeling good : the new mood therapy                                       Burns, David D.              Depression
                     C                                                                          children, Bryan E.           treat them
RC 569.5.W67 R629 1998 hained to the desk : a guidebook for workaholics, their partners andRobinson,and the clinicians whoWorkaholism
T 58.6 M473 1981                                                                               Meltzer, Morton F.
                     Information, the ultimate management resource : how to find, use, and manage it                        Information management
TS 156 F44 1983      Total quality control                                                     Feigenbaum, A. V.            Quality control
TS 156 H84 1990      Total quality : an executive's guide for the 1990s                                                     Quality control
TS 156 I8313 1985    What is total quality control? The Japanese way                           Ishikawa, Kaoru              Quality control
TS 156 J85 1988      Juran on planning for quality                                             Juran, J. M.                 Quality control
TS 156 J87 1988      Juran's quality control handbook                                          Juran, J. M.                 Quality control
TS 156 S487 1988     Survival of the fittest : total quality control and management evolutionShores, A. Richard             Quality control
TS 156.6 H669s 2001  Step-by-step guide to effective root cause analysis                       Hirsch, Keneth               Quality control
TS 156.6 C76 1979    Quality is free : the art of making quality certain                       Crosby, Philip B.            Quality control
TS 156.6 C764 1985   Quality without tears : the art of hassle-free management                 Crosby, Philip B.            Quality control
TS 156.6 I56 1992    Improving quality : a guide to effective programs                         Meisenheimer, Claire G.      Quality control
TS 156.8 .P356 2002  What is six sigma?                                                        Pande, Peter S.              Quality control
W 15 C976            CPT: Current Procedural Terminology                                                                    Coding
W 15 J89s 2000       Say it in Spanish : a guide for health care professionals                 Joyce, Esperanza Villanueva. Spanish language
W 20.5 G311i 1988                                                                              Gehlbach, Stephen H.
                     Interpreting the medical literature : practical epidemiology for clinicians                            Medical literature
W 21.5 C811i 1984    Interviewing and helping skills for health professionals                  Cormier, L. Sherilyn         Communication
W 21.5 P986a 1996    Health professional and patient interaction                               Purtilo, Ruth B.             Communication
W 22 AA1 A436 1996   Allied health and rehabilitation professions education directory                                       Allied Health Personnel
W 22.1 U58d 1995     Directory of medical & dental schools worldwide                                                        Medical Schools
W 50 A5662 2000      Code of medical ethics: current opinions with annotations                                              Medical ethics
W 50 B372p 2001      Principles of biomedical ethics                                           Beauchamp, Tom L.            Medical ethics
W 50 J81c 1998                                                                                 Jonsen,
                     Clinical ethics : a practical approach to ethical decisions in clinical medicine Albert R.             Medical ethics
W 50 J81n 1990       The new medicine and the old ethics                                       Jonsen, Albert R.            Medical ethics
W 50 M734h 1998      Health care ethics : critical issues for the 21st century                 Monagle, John F.             Medical ethics
W 50 S8856 2002      Stories matter : the role of narrative in medical ethics                  Charon, Rita                 Medical ethics
W 61 C344n 1991      The nature of suffering : and the goals of medicine                       Cassell, Eric J.             Medicine
last updated 5/26/2013

W 62 B925h 1992          How to break bad news : a guide for health care professionals          Buckman, Rob             Communication
W 62 C3441t 1985         Talking with patients                                                  Cassell, Eric J.         Communication
W 84.1 T627 1999         To err is human: building a safer health system                        Kohn, Linda T.           Medical Errors
W 84.8 I24c 1995         Clinical pathways for collaborative practice                           Ignatavicius, Donna D.   Medical protocols
W 85 D631t 1985          Teaching patients with low literacy skills                             Doak, Cecilia Conrath.   Patient education
W 85 M585i 1996          Increasing patient satisfaction : a guide for nurses                   Messner, Roberta L.      Customer service
WA 022 AA1 D5 1997       Health Professions Education Directory                                                          Allied Health
WA 108 U84 1996                                                                                 current=online
                         Guide to clinical preventive services : report of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force       Medicine, Preventive
WA 300 C9515 2002        Cross-cultural medicine                                                Bigby, Judy Ann          Transcultural Medicine
WA 309 W8712 1998        Women's health : a primary care clinical guide                         Youngkin, Ellis          Women
WA 320 H68125c 1999      Child abuse and neglect: a clinician's handbook                        Hobbs, Christopher J.    Child Abuse
WA 320 H681a 1995        Physical signs of child abuse: a colour atlas                          Hobbs, Christopher J.    Child Abuse
WA 525 P849l 1995                                                                               behaviors
                         The leadership revolution in health care : altering systems, changing Porter-O'Grady, Timothy   Leadership
WA 540 AA1 C937 2001     Crossing the quality chasm: a new health system for the 21st century                            Medical Errors
WB 039 online text       5 Minute consult, 16th ed., 2008
WB 039 online text       AAFP conditions A to Z, 2008
WB 039 online text       Ferri's clinical advisor, 1st ed., 2008
WB 039 online text       Textbook of primary care medicine, 3rd ed., 2001
WB 039 online text       Textbook of family medicine, 7th ed., 2007
WB 039 online text       Family medicine, 6th ed., 2003
WB 039 online text       Practical guide to the care of the medical patient, 7th ed., 2007
WB 039 online text       Osler medical handbook, 2nd ed., 2006
WB 039 online text       Conn's current therapy, 2nd ed., 2006
WB 039 online text       Current medical diagnosis & treatment, 8th ed., 2008
WB 039 M2931 1996        Manual of clinical dietetics                                                                    Diet therapy
WB 039 P578 1995         Physician's guide to rare diseases                                     Thoene, Jess G.          Rare Diseases
WB 100 C3888 2007        Cecil medicine (formerly Cecil Textbook of Medicine)                   Goldman, Lee             Medicine.
WB 100 M555m 1999        The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy, 18th ed., 2006 online Berkow, Robert                 Diagnosis
WB 105 online text       Clinical procedures in emergency medicine, 4th ed., 2004
WB 105 online text       eMedicine online text -- Emergency medicine
WB 105 E555 1998         Emergency medicine : concepts and clinical practice                    Rosen, Peter             Emergency medicine
WB 115 H322 2001         Harrison's principles of internal medicine                                                      Medicine
WB 120 B76 1992          Intoxicated by my illness : and other writings on life and death       Broyard, Anatole         Life
WB 182 C727 1998         Coma and impaired consciousness : a clinical perspective               Young, Bryan G.          Coma
WB 182 P734d 1980        The diagnosis of stupor and coma                                       Plum, Fred               Coma
WB 205 online text       DeGowin's diagnostic examination, 8th ed., 2004
WB 205 B583b 1999        Bates' guide to physical examination and history taking.               Bickley, Lynn S.         Physical diagnosis
last updated 5/26/2013

WB 205 M894 1999         Mosby's guide to physical examination                                  Seidel, Henry M.                Physical diagnosis
WB 22.1 D598 2000        Directory of complementary & alternative medicine                      Greeley, Hugh P.                Alternative Medicine
WB 310 G636g 1984        Dying dignified : the health professional's guide to care              Gonda, Thomas Andrew            Terminal care
WB 310 L989h 1999        Handbook for mortals : guidance for people facing serious illness      Lynn, Joanne                    Death
WB 310 R38 1997                                                                                 Ray,
                         I'm here to help : a guide for caregivers, hospice workers, and volunteers M. Catherine                Terminal care
WB 400 M214k 2004        Krause's food, nutrition, and diet therapy                             Mahan, L. Kathleen              Diet therapy
WB 410 C6415 2004        Clinical nutrition : enteral and tube feeding                          Rolandelli, Rolando             Enteral feeding
WB 460 online text       Essentials of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 1st ed., 2002
WB 460 P5774 2000        Physical medicine & rehabilitation                                     Braddom, Randall L.             Rehabilitation
WB 537 D278b 1997        Beard's massage                                                        De Domenico, Giovanni           Massage therapy
WB 880 D67 1989          Recovering the soul : a scientific and spiritual search                Dossey, Larry                   Mind and body
WB 890 online text       Integrative medicine -- 2nd ed., 2007
WB 890 A465 1993         Alternative medicine : the definitive guide                            Goldberg, Burton                Holistic medicine
WB 890 A512a 2000        Alternative medicine: an objective assessment                          Fontanarosa, Phil B.            Alternative medicine
WB 890 F981 1996         Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medicine                 Micozzi, Marc S.                Alternative medicine
WC online text           Medical immunology, 10th ed., 2001
WC online text           Infectious diseases, 2nd ed., 2004
WC online text           Krugman's infectious diseases of children, 11th ed., 2004
WC online text           Principles and practice of pediatric infectious diseases, 3rd ed., 2008
WC online text           HIV InSite knowledge base
WC 100 A498r 2000                                                                               also
                         Red book: Report of the committee on infectious diseases, 27th ed, 2006 online                         Communicable diseases
WC 100 I42 1995          Infectious diseases of the fetus & newborn infant                      Remington, Jack S.              Communicable diseases
WC 100 M2713 2005        Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases                         Communicable diseases
WC 555 B615 2002                                                                                Bruno, treat "post-polio syndrome" and chronic fatigue
                         The polio paradox: uncovering the hidden history of polio to understand andRichard L.                  Poliomyelitis
WC 680 T779 1995         The travel and tropical medicine manual                                Jong, Elaine C.                 Tropical medicine
WC 680 T857 2000         Hunter's tropical medicine                                                                             Tropical medicine
WD 210 C934f 2003        Fat land: how Americans became the fattest people in the world         Crister, Greg                   Obesity
WD online text           Middleton's allergy: principles and practice, 6th ed., 2003
WD 300 A431 1997         Allergic diseases : diagnosis and management                           Patterson, Roy                  Allergy
WD 300 A432501 1997      Allergy                                                                Kaplan, Allen P.                Allergy
WE online text           Current diagnosis & treatment in orthopedics, 4th ed., 2006
WE online text           Wheeless' textbook of orthopaedics, 2005
WE 141 A545o 1999        Office orthopedics for primary care : diagnosis and treatment          Anderson, Bruce Carl            Orthopedics
WE 141 R434b 1996        Bone and joint imaging                                                 Resnick, Donald                 Bones
WE 168 C1921 1998        Campbell's operative orthopaedics, 11th ed., 2007 online               Canale, S. Terry                Orthopedics
WE 168 H798s 2003        Surgical exposures in orthopaedics : the anatomic approach             Hoppenfeld, Stanley             Orthopedics
WE 168 M191o 1997        Orthopedic physical assessment                                         Magee, David J.                 Orthopedics
last updated 5/26/2013

WE 168 T9342 1994        Turek's Orthopaedics : principles and their application           Turek, Samuel L.           Orthopedics
WE 175 online text       Skeletal trauma in children, 3rd ed., 2003
WE 175 R684 2001         Rockwood and Green's fractures in adults                          Bucholz, Robert W.         Orthopedics
WE 175 S627 1998         Skeletal trauma, 3rd ed., 2003 online                             Browner, Bruce D.          Orthopedics
WE 500 D536 2002         Myofascial pain and fibromyalgia : trigger point management       Rachlin, Edward S.         Fibromyalgia
WE 500 M997 1994         Myology : basic and clinical                                      Engel, Andrew G.           Muscles
WE 544 C435f 2000        Fibromyalgia syndrome: A practitioner's guide to treatment        Chaitow, Leon              Fibromyalgia
WE 544 T355 1997         Textbook of rheumatology                                          Kelley, William            Rheumatology
WE 750 L95665 1996       The lumbar spine                                                                             Back Pain
WE 755 B731L 2004        Low back and neck pain : comprehensive diagnosis and management   Borenstein, David G.       Back Pain
WE 810 M434s 2004        Shoulder surgery : principles and procedures                      Matsen, Frederick A. III   Shoulder
WE 810 S55861 2004       The shoulder                                                      Rockwood, Charles Jr.      Shoulder
WE 830 G815 2005         Green's operative hand surgery                                    Green, David P.            Hand
WE 830 R345 1995         Rehabilitation of the hand : surgery and therapy                  Hunter, James M.           Hand
WE 880 B619c 1998        Common foot problems in primary care                              Birrer, Richard B.         Foot Diseases
WE 880 F356a 1996        Arthroscopic surgery : the foot & the ankle                       Ferkel, Richard D.         Ankle
WE 880 S9602 1999        Surgery of the foot and ankle                                     Coughlin, Michael J.       Foot Diseases
WE 890 N43 2002          Neale's disorders of the foot: diagnosis and management           Lorimer, Donald L.         Foot Diseases
WF 011.1 A538 1994       Ancestors of allergy                                              Simons, F. Estelle R.      History of Allergy
WF 100 E278 1999         Egan's fundamentals of respiratory care                           Scanlan, Craig L.          Respiratory therapy
WF 100 H586e 2002        Essentials of mechanical ventilation                              Hess, Dean R.              Respiratory therapy
WF 100 K113e 2005        Essentials of respiratory care                                    Kacmarek, Robert M.        Respiratory therapy
WF 140 B289m 1997        Management of respiratory tract infections                        Bartlett, John G.          Respiratory infections
WF 140 C727 1995         Comprehensive respiratory care                                    Dantzker, David R.         Respiratory therapy
WF 140 O15 1995          Occupational and environmental respiratory disease                Harber, Philip             Occupational health
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last updated 5/26/2013

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last updated 5/26/2013

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                         The spirit catches you and you fall down : a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures medicine
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last updated 5/26/2013

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last updated 5/26/2013

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last updated 5/26/2013

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last updated 5/26/2013

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WX 159 L164h 2004 Suppl                                                                                                      Hospital Departments
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last updated 5/26/2013

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                         From nurse to educator : creating effective learning experiences for adults Lyla                       Staff Development
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                         Professional guide to diseases: an up-to-date encyclopedia of illnesses, disorders, and injuries and their treatments
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last updated 5/26/2013

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                         Interpersonal relationships: professional communication skills for nurses                               Communication
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WY 100.2 S128 2006       Safe patient handling and movement                                      Nelson                          Patient Safety
WY 100.4 C641 2002                                                                                                               Nursing diagnosis
                         Clinical applications of nursing diagnosis : adult, child, women's, psychiatric, gerontic, and home health considerations
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                         Strategic nursing management : power and responsibility in a new era arner, Judith F.                   Nursing services
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WY 105 N9747 1981        Nursing decentralization : the El Camino experience                                                     Nursing services
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                         Shared governance for nursing : a creative approach to professional Porter-O'Grady, Timothy             Shared governance
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                         From novice to expert : excellence and power in clinical nursing practice                               Nursing
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last updated 5/26/2013

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last updated 5/26/2013

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                         Anatomy of an illness as perceived by the patient : reflections on healing and regeneration            Life
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zAUDIO                   Creative problem solving (1978)                                                                        Organizational change
zAUDIO                   Dealing with difficult behavior (1986)                                                                 Organizational Behavior
zAUDIO                   Developing critical thinking skills in new graduate nurses (2006)                                      Nursing
zAUDIO                                                                                           Buckingham, Marcus
                         First, break all the rules : what the world's greatest managers do differently                         Management
zAUDIO                   Getting things done (1978)                                                                             Time Management
zAUDIO                   Good to great : why some companies make the leap -- and others don'     Collins, Jim                   Leadership
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zAUDIO                   Managing people (1978)                                                                                 Leadership
zAUDIO                   Uncommon leader: volume 1 (1983)                                                                       Leadership
zAUDIO                   Uncommon leader: volume 2 (1983)                                                                       Leadership
zVIDEO                   Catholic health care and physicians: who are we?: a shared statement of identity for the Catholic Health Ministry
zVIDEO                   Closing ceremony                                                                                       Excellence
zVIDEO                                                                                                                          Anticoagulants
                         Coumadin therapy and you: an informative video program to enhance coumadin patient education and commitment
zVIDEO                   Excellence a personal & collective calling                                                             Excellence
zVIDEO                   Excellence forum 2006 (PHS)                                                                            Excellence
zVIDEO                   Excellence is a tool to futher our mission, live our values, and achieve our operating principles      Excellence
zVIDEO                   Higher gound leadership at Mt. Carmel                                                                  Excellence
zVIDEO                   How to delegate work and ensure it's done right: vol 1 (1989)                                          Management
last updated 5/26/2013

zVIDEO                   How to delegate work and ensure it's done right: vol 2 (1989)              Management
zVIDEO                   Image & self projection for today's professional woman: vol 1 (1989)       Management
zVIDEO                   Image & self projection for today's professional woman: vol 2 (1989)       Management
zVIDEO                   Mastering memos (1999)                                                     Time Management
zVIDEO                   On our own terms: Moyers on dying - a death of one's own (2000)            Death
zVIDEO                   On our own terms: Moyers on dying - a different kind of care (2000)        Death
zVIDEO                   On our own terms: Moyers on dying - a time to change (2000)                Death
zVIDEO                   Providence provides : an historical reenactment play                       Excellence
zVIDEO                   Smallpox: what every clinican should know                            CDC   Smallpox
zVIDEO                   Stress management for professionals (1988)                                 Job Stress
zVIDEO                   Team building (1990)                                                       Teams in the workplace
zVIDEO                   The three marriages: work, self and other                                  Excellence
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dical emergencies

cal arithmetic
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Function Tests

ntensive care
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es in women.

gical Procedures
gical Procedures
gical Procedures
gical Procedures

eart disease.
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elated Disorders
elated Disorders

hniques, Laparoscopic
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rgans, Female
rgans, Female

ate monitoring.
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gy, Operative
gy, Operative
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gy, Pediatric

raduate Medical
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urgical nursing

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