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					Tech Valley Business Hall of Fame – Past Inductees

1996                                  George M. Low
                                      (1926-1984)                        Neil M. Golub
Dr. Roland Schmitt                    President                          President & CEO
President Emeritus                    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute   Golub Corporation
RPI                                   -                                  -
Senior Vice President                 Carl E. Touhey                     Thomas D. O’Connor, Sr.
General Electric                      President                          (1930-2004)
-                                     Touhey Associates                  Chairman
J. Spencer Standish                                                      Mohawk Paper Mills
Chairman & CEO (retired)
Albany International                  2002                               2007

1997                                  Salvatore R. Beltrone              George R. Hearst
                                      (1924-2000)                        VP, Assoc Publisher & GM
Robert W. Freihofer                   CEO                                Times Union
(1919-1991)                           Beltrone Construction Co.          -
President                             -                                  Herbert K. Liebich
Charles Freihofer Baking Co.          Alan P. Goldberg                   (1908-2000)
-                                     President                          Co-founder
Lewis Golub                           First Albany Corporation           Sysco Corporation
Chairman & CEO                        -                                  -
Golub Corporation                     Michael D. Marvin                  Fr. Kevin E. Mackin
                                      Founder & Chairman Emeritus        President
1998                                  MapInfo                            Siena College

Joseph L. Bruno                       2003                               2008
NYS Senate                            Morris Massry                      Thomas E. D’Ambra, Ph.D.
-                                     Principal                          Chairman & CEO
Kenneth T. Lally                      Massry Realty Partners             AMRI
Entrepreneur & Investor               -                                  -
-                                     James W. Michaels                  Thomas J. Marusak
Sister Ellen Lawlor                   (1929-1992)                        Co-founder & President
(1924-1994)                           President & Chairman               Comfortex Corporation
President & CEO                       The Michaels Group                 -
Mercycare Corporation & St. Peter’s   -                                  Melvin H. Osterman, Esq.
Hospital                              Walter L. Robb                     (1935-2005)
                                      President                          Co-founder
1999                                  Vantage Management Inc.            Whiteman Osterman & Hanna

John C. Egan                          2004                               2009
Chief Executive Officer
Albany International Airport          Karen R. Hitchcock, Ph.D.          Steven P. Boyle
-                                     President                          President & CEO
Robert J. Higgins                     University at Albany               St. Peter’s Health Care Services
Chairman & CEO                        -                                  -
Trans World Entertainment             Carl H. Rosner                     Joseph J. Bulmer, Ph.D.
-                                     President & CEO                    (1929-2006)
W. Howard Wright                      CardioMag Imaging                  Retired President
(1875-1959)                           &                                  Hudson Valley Community College
Founder & President                   Chairman Emeritus                  -
&                                     Intermagnetic General Corp.        Robert M. Curley
Henry D. Wright                       -                                  Chairman
(1908-1995)                           Thomas M. Whalen, III              Citizens Bank
President & CEO                       (1934-2002)
Schenectady International             Former Mayor                       2010
                                      City of Albany
2000                                                                     Kevin G. Langan
                                      2005                               (1935-2009)
Carol L. Constantino                                                     President
President                             John J. Nigro                      Langan Auto Group
The Noteworthy Company                President                          -
-                                     Nigro Companies                    Angelo M. Mazzone
James E. Conway                       -                                  President
(1933-1999)                           Morris “Marty” Silverman           Mazzone Management Group, Inc.
Senior Partner                        Philanthropist                     -
Conway Lavelle & Finn, LLP            -                                  David W. Oliker
-                                     Michael H. Urbach, CPA             President & CEO
John R. Strachan                      (1943-2004)                        MVP Health Care
Former Chairman                       Former Shareholder & EVP
Pepsi-Cola Allied Bottlers, Inc.      Urbach Kahn & Werlin

2001                                  2006

Harry Apkarian                        John C. Cavalier
Chairman & CEO                        Chairman
TransTech Systems, Inc.               MapInfo Corporation

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