The RCFL National Program Office Presents A Free Webinar by weep00p


									   The RCFL National Program Office Presents
     A Free Webinar for Law Enforcement—

Managing Digital Evidence in the 21st Century: What Every
                Peace Officer Must Know

                      June 6, 2007
The FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) National
Program Office (NPO) sponsors a sophisticated network of 14 digital
evidence laboratories known as RCFLs.

RCFLs are secure, full-service digital evidence laboratories and
training centers that provide expert assistance to law enforcement
agencies within their designated service area—at no cost to those

The RCFL NPO committed to educating first responders about digital
evidence—often referred to as the 21st century’s “DNA.”

The RCFL NPO is offering basic digital evidence recovery training
course directly to first responders—via the Internet.

This is a Webinar—a live seminar that takes place in real-time on the

 What Participants Will Learn

The Webinar instructors will teach participants
what digital evidence is and how to—

– Recognize
– Seize
– Document
– Preserve
– Transport
What Participants Will Learn…

The Webinar will also teach participants how to
avoid improperly accessing a computer in the
field, which can lead to—

– Possible destructive program activation
– Inadvertent encryption of evidence
– Accusations of evidence tampering

                After the Webinar
  For those who can’t participate in the live event, these options are
  available to them:

  Podcast – Is being posted to the RCFL NPO’s Web site, however,
  participants must register to access it.

  Archive – With a click of a mouse, registered visitors can view the
  presentation, complete with synchronized audio.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion from the
                  RCFL National Program Office.

             About the Webinar
Costs: None—the RCFL Webinar is free of charge.

Who: Registration is open to law enforcement personnel only.

Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2007.

Time:        10:00am-11:30am (EST) – Live Presentation
             11:30am-12:00pm (EST) – Questions and Answers

             2:00pm-3:30pm (EST) – Live Presentation
             3:30pm-4:00pm (EST) - Questions and Answers

                The Presenters
Jim Watkins – Has over 20 years of law enforcement experience,
and joined the San Diego RCFL after retiring from the San Diego
Police Department and reaching the rank of Detective. Examiner
Watkins has conducted hundreds of digital forensics examinations
and regularly testifies in court as a computer forensics expert. He is
a founding member of the San Diego RCFL and currently serves as
the Operations Manager.

                The Presenters
SSA Jason G. Weiss - Is a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) with
the FBI and is currently assigned to the Los Angeles Field Office,
where he oversees the Computer Forensics Squad. As a Computer
Analysis Response Team certified Examiner, he has conducted
hundreds of computer forensics examinations and testified as an
expert witness in many court hearings. SSA Weiss has trained
thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement officials in the
proper techniques for the proper identification, seizure and storage
of digital evidence and has created and taught digital seizure and
computer forensic courses for several different units within the FBI.

                     Register Online
It takes just 60 seconds to register for this free Webinar—go to:

               The Webinar is being offered at the NJRCFL
                    Technology Complex Auditorium
                   1200 Negron Drive, Hamilton, NJ

                 Cell Phone Forensics and Legal Issues:
                            Noon – 1:15PM
    Sign up at: New Jersey Attorney General's Advocacy Institute -
                           Seminar Application

Call the RCFL NPO: 703-985-3677

    E-Mail: NPO@RCFL.GOV


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