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									ReThinking Home Investment Choices
Hopefully, the recent knock to our economy has taught us to not only be more fiscally responsible but will also remind us that
wise investments can provide both personal and global rewards. In this economy, buying a new home may not be the best
investment. After real estate commissions, legal fees, land transfer taxes and moving expenses, are we really getting the value we
had hoped for? Instead, many of us are opting to stay put, but we still need to maximize the look, performance and resale value
of our existing home. The home improvement choices we make need to not only beautify but offer long-term durability and a
return on investment through reduced maintenance costs , energy bills or insurance premiums.

Finding Value through Environmental Design
Roofing products have undergone a great deal of change in the last 15 years. The catalysts that led to the development of new
composite materials were a frustration over roofs that wore out before their stated lifetime, maintenance costs and the
inability of traditional products to withstand what Mother Nature dished out. Rising concern about the use of combustible
roofing materials and the ban of cedar shakes and shingles as roofing materials in some regions also hastened this change.

An Investment That Will Last A Lifetime
Enviroshake® is a composite shake that replicates the beauty of
naturally weathered, hand-sawn cedar shakes. Performance engineered
from 95% post-industrial recycled material, it is guaranteed to last a
lifetime. And the best part – its installed cost is less than that of
cedar. It is the least expensive installed premium roofing product on
the market, especially after you subtract the maintenance and repair
costs that you would otherwise incur with cedar and other roofing

Enviroshake ROI Fast Facts
   • Lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty
   • Severe weather, hail, fire resistant
   • Won’t cup , crack or rot
   • Wind resistant to 140km/hr (89 mph)
   • Maintenance free – no clean, treating, moss removal
   • Helps maintain/ improve the value of your home
   • Residential property owners may be able to obtain a significant reduction (up
       to 20%) in their residential insurance premium based on use of impact-resistant
       roofing products.
   • Recycled content provides global rewards

If It Withstands a Hurricane , Consider How Durable It Will Be On Your
Even a category 1 hurricane can’t shake Enviroshake. After hurricane Tomas tore through the island of St Lucia, almost all roofs
were in need of repair if not complete re-roofing, except those with Enviroshake. Monetary losses related to Tomas have been
estimated at over US$572 million, mainly in St. Lucia.

Audience Engagement
Audience Engagement

If investing their money wisely is at the top of your audience’s list of interests, Enviroshake would like to work with you to help
viewers understand home improvement options are available that offer a lifetime of personal and global rewards.

In consideration for integration opportunities, we can reduce Enviroshake is offering:
      product,
      installation,
      technical expertise,
      visually entertaining demonstrations – “Dare you to tell the difference” side-by-side comparisons, fire retardant and
         impact resistant demonstrations
      consumer roofing tips/ web content
      access to “knowledge insiders” who are shaping today’s green economy through advances in agricultural waste and
         reclaimed plastics technology,
      behind the scenes “how do they make that” video
      and trained media spokespeople.

To discuss possible integration with your show, contact:

Ashley Hewko
Enviroshake Inc.

About Enviroshake Inc.
Founded in 1998, Enviroshake Inc. develops superior composite blends and formulations that are used to create durable,
attractive and premium-quality roofing products. The company’s signature product, Enviroshake®, is a long-lasting and
sustainable alternative to natural cedar shakes and other roofing materials.

The product has been used in high profile new construction and renovation projects such as the Henry David Thorough home
and featured on numerous television shows. Enviroshake is available across Canada and the U.S. and can be purchased
exclusively through Certified Installers to maintain the highest level of installation quality.

Enviroshake® is a registered trademark of Enviroshake Inc.

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