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									Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference 2009
Program at a Glance

Time    Tuesday            Wednesday                              Thursday                           Friday             Saturday
 0845                                                             Kate Lundy
 0900                                                              Raul Vera
                                                                                              Sessions      Tutorials
 0915                      Chair Welcome                        Lightning Talks
                           Richard Marles                        Paul Ramsey
                          Warwick Watkins
                            Andy Pitman
 1000                         Raj Singh                    Break + Demo Theatre                Break + Demo Theatre
 1015                                                         (poster session)                    (poster session)
 1100                                                                              Academic
                                                     Sessions      Tutorials                  Sessions      Tutorials
 1115                                                                              Sessions
 1215                 Lunch + Exhibition Open +
          Lunch                                            Lunch + Demo Theatre               Lunch + Demo Theatre
 1230                      Demo Theatre                                                                                 Code Sprint
 1330                                                                              Academic
                      Sessions           Tutorials   Sessions      Tutorials                        Sessions
 1345                                                                              Sessions

        Workshops       Break + Demo Theatre               Break + Demo Theatre                Break + Demo Theatre
                                                                                                  WMS Shootout
 1530                                                                              Academic        CCIP Panel
                      Sessions           Tutorials   Sessions      Tutorials
 1545                                                                              Sessions
                                                                                               Conference Close and
                                                                                                  Sol Katz Award
        InstallFest         OSGeo AGM                           Birds of Feather
                            Ignite Spatial
 1915   Welcome
 1930   Reception
 1945                                                           FOSS4G Dinner
Tuesday 20 October 2009
Detailed Workshop Program

Tuesday 20 October 2009
                   Parkside G01               Parkside G02               Parkside G03             Parkside G04                Parkside G07
                                                                                               Introduction to the
                                                                                                                           Geospatial BI with
                                          Making maps fast -          Getting started with      Open GeoStack:
              Introduction to PostGIS                                                                                    FOSS: an introduction
                                        performance tuning and             MapServer          PostGIS, GeoServer,
                                                                                                                          to GeoMondrian and
                                              tile caching                                    GeoWebCache, and
0900 - 1200      Mark Leslie, Paul                                                                                            Spatialytics
                                                                        Jeff McKenna,              OpenLayers
                  Ramsey and
                                             Arne Kepp and             Tyler Mitchell and
                 Mike Pumphrey                                                                                             Thierry Badard and
                                              Jim Groffen             Pericles Nacionales    Justin Deoliveira, Andrea
                                                                                                                             Etienne Dubé
                                                                                              Aime and Tim Schaub
1200 - 1300                                                                 Break
                   Parkside G01              Parkside G02                Parkside G03                Parkside G04             Parkside G07
              Practical introduction to                                                            Organizing your
               MapFish, the web 2.0 Practical introduction to    OpenLayers - your                geospatial data and
                mapping application      GRASS and related     foundation for browser               services using       Working with GeoServer
                     framework          software for beginners    based mapping                      GeoNetwork
1300 - 1600
                                                                                                      opensource           Justin Deoliveira and
                 Claude Philipona,      Paolo Zatelli, Marco Ciolli     Tim Schaub and                                         Andrea Aime
                 Cédric Moullet and        and Clara Tattoni              Roald de Wit            Jeroen Ticheler and
                   Eric Lemoine                                                                    François Prunayre
1600 - 1630
                                                                                                     Parkside G04
1630 - 1730
1730 - 1830

1830 - 2100                                                            Welcome Reception
                                                                 Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel
Wednesday 21 October 2009
Detailed Conference Program

Wednesday 21 October 2009
                                                                                     Parkside Auditorium
0900 - 0910                                                                    Chair Welcome - Cameron Shorter
0910 - 0920                                                                             Richard Marles
0920 - 0940                                                                            Warwick Watkins
0940 - 1010                                                                              Paul Ramsey
1010 - 1030                                                                                Raj Singh
1030 - 1100                                                                                 Break
                  Parkside Auditorium                Parkside 110A                       Parkside G02                    Parkside G03                    Parkside G04
                                                                                                                                                      Open web processing
                                                A review of international
                                                                                                                                                      services for improving
                An open architecture for       developments in policy and        Orfeo Toolbox: from satellite
                                                                                                                                                 accuracy of GPS tracks using
                RESTful Geospatial web        legal frameworks for sharing          images to geographic           The time series Toolbox
                                                                                                                                                  filtering and map-matching
1100 - 1130            services                       of spatial data                    information
                                                                                                                         Thomas Bleier
                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Xianfeng Song,
                      Geoff Zeiss                 Neale Hooper & Anne                Emmanuel Christophe
                                                                                                                                                   Venkatesh Raghavan and
                                                                                                                                                       Daisuke Yoshida

                                                Maximising reuse of water        Validation of satellite image   Implementation OGC sensor
                                                                                                                                                 Portable wiki map server and
                                              information through Creative       with ground sensor network      web enablement supporting
               Introducing FDO Toolbox                                                                                                             real time enivornmental
                                                  Commons Licensing              based on OGC web services        local participation in water
1130 - 1200                                                                                                                                           MySQL GIS server
                                                                                          framework                 resource management
                       Jackie Ng
                                                   Brendan Moran and
                                                                                                                                                         Gary Jeffress
                                                    Baden Appleyard                   Sarawut Ninsawat               Chaipat Nengcomma

1200 - 1300              Break                       Demo Theatre                                                  Break & Exhibition Open
                  Parkside Auditorium                Parkside 110A                      Parkside G02                    Parkside G03                     Parkside G04

                                                Behind the buzz of cloud                                                                          The use of open Geospatial
               OSGeo - globally powering       computing- 52°North Open     Shortest path search for real                                        software in SOPAC for digital
                         SDIs                    Source Geoprocessing      road networks with pgRouting                                               archiving of marine
1300 - 1330
                                              Software in the Google cloud                                                                                information
                      Arnulf Christl                                              Anton Patrushev
                                                   Bastian Schaeffer                                                                                    Keleni Raqisia

               Spatial data infrastructure                                                                                                         Anatomy of a digital field
                                               Using cloud computing for
                components as building                                           SoilNet SensorNetwork goes Making maps pretty with Style           mapping with BeeGIS
                                               high-availability large scale
                blocks for early warning                                                     web                  Layer Descriptor
1330 - 1400                                     webmapping applications
                        systems                                                                                                                       Andrea Antonello,
                                                                                          Till Adams             Andrea Aime and Jim Groffen         Silvia Franceschi and
                                                    Claude Philipona
                     Hanko Rubach                                                                                                                      Mauro Dedonatis

                                           Partner Management with                   Building Custom GIS
              A hybrid GIS solution to                                                                                                           goGPS: a navigation software
                                          Geography and Open Source                Applications using Open-
            manage the French gas utility                                                                                                         to enhance the accuracy of
                                                   Software                        Source Toolkits - A Case
1400 - 1430           network                                                                                                                       low cost GPS receivers
                                               Laurent Pierre and François
                   Dr. Nicolas Bozon                                                                                                                    Eugenio Realini
                                                     Van Der Biest                    Dr. Daniel B. Koch

1430 - 1500              Break                       Demo Theatre                                                           Break
                  Parkside Auditorium                Parkside 110A                      Parkside G02                     Parkside G03                    Parkside G04

                                                   SCENZ-Grid, the               Using open source geospatial
                   Flood mapping and                                                                                                              gvSIG Mini. OSM for almost
                                              implementation of a science           technology in a national
                monitoring service build                                                                                                                 every phone
                                                   collaboration and               environmental regulatory
1500 - 1530   entirely with FLOSS software
                                               computation environment                     program
                                                                                                                                                 Javi Carrasco, Alberto Romeu
                   Vasile Crăciunescu                                                                                                               and Miguel Montesinos
                                                     Niels Hoffmann                     Jon Soderberg

                                                                                                                                                      From Geodata to
                                                                                Using open source to the
                                              Integration of grid service and                                                                     Geoinformation-52° North
                 Geodata and CouchDB                                          Ministry of Housing and urban            Making maps fast
                                                  web processing service                                                                          Web Processing Service
1530 - 1600                                                                       development - CHILE
                                                                                                                                                   (WPS) and SEXTANTE
                     Volker Mische                                                                                Arne Kepp and Jim Groffen
                                                        Gao Ang
                                                                                        César Medina
                                                                                                                                                       Bastian Schaeffer

                                                                                   Zonae Cogito - a decision
              Case study: pollutant release    ZOO project: an open WPS
                                                                                  support system for the real                                      Sensor services in gvSIG
                 and transfer registry                 platform
1600 - 1630                                                                                 world
                                                                                                                                                        Javier Carrasco
                      Arnulf Christl                  Gerald Fenoy
                                                                                        Matthew Watts

                                                                                        OSGeo AGM
1630 - 1730
                                                                                     Parkside Auditorium
                                                                                      Ignite Spatial
1730 - 2230                                                    Please visit to check ticket availability
                                                                             Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel
Thursday 22 October 2009
Detailed Conference Program

Thursday 22 October 2009
                                                                                       Parkside Auditorium
0830 - 0840                                                                                Kate Lundy
0840 - 0900                                                                                 Raul Vera
0900 - 0925                                                                              Lightning Talks
0925 - 1000                                                                               Andy Pitman
1000 - 1030              Break                        Demo Theatre                            Break and poster discussions with poster authors (Parkside Foyer)
                  Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                       Parkside G02                  Parkside G03                   Parkside G04

              Building human sensor webs
                   with 52°North SWE          OpenLayers: vector mayhem                                                                              Two-dimensional dam break
1030 - 1100         implementations                                                                                                                   flooding simulation: a GIS
                                                        Tim Schaub                                                                                       embedded approach
                      Simon Jirka

                                                                                                                                                    Media mapping: using
                                                                                                                                                  georeferenced images and
                                                                                                                                                 audio to provide supporting
                                                                                                                                                information for the analysis of
                   The value of spatial                                                                           A friendly hands-on survey of     Environmental Sensor
                                                There is no alternative to          Working with GRASS-GIS                                                 Datasets
              information to the Australian                                                                        popular Geospatial services
                                                    OpenLayers...?                  vectors and Ddatabases
1100 - 1130             economy
                                                                                                                     Jody Garnett, Mark Leslie
                                                        Till Adams                       Richard Chirgwin
                       Alan Smart                                                                                      and Andrea Antonello              Wetland ecosystem
                                                                                                                                                     computational model sharing
                                                                                                                                                       and integration based on
                                                                                                                                                           Open Standards

                                                 Comparing apples and
              MapTiler: map publishing a la     oranges: uncovering the
                                                                                                                                                    A data system for visualizing 4-
                     Google Maps                 mystery of component
1130 - 1200                                                                                                                                          D atmospheric CO2 models
                                              selection in WebGIS projects
                                                                                                                                                               and data
                   Klokan Petr Pridal
                                                       Marc Jansen

1200 - 1300              Break                        Demo Theatre                                                               Break
                  Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                       Parkside G02                        Parkside G03                    Parkside G04

                                              Live demonstration of DEWS
                  The state of PostGIS
                                                                                                                                                     User-friendly interactive WPS
1300 - 1330
                                                  Matthias Lendholt and                                                                                      programming
                      Paul Ramsey
                                                   Martin Hammitzsch

                                                                                                                                                       Use of cloud computing in
                                                                                                                                                     impact assessment of climate
                                                                                                                       Getting started with                      change
              Rearranging the landscape of    BioSIRT - A national system Leveraging OGC services with               MapWindow: an easy-to-
               spatial database technology    using Open GIS components              GeoExt                        install, easy-to-use free GIS
1330 - 1400
                                                                                                                            for Windows
                      Andrew Ross                        Ian Miller                      Andreas Hocevar
                                                                                                                              Ted Dunsford
                                                                                                                                                     Geoprocessing in the clouds

                                                                                                                                                      NICAMS: a spatially enabled
                                               Improving community safety                                                                               image analysis tool for
               PostGIS and Oracle Spatial     though wildfire mitigation - an                                                                            photographic transect
1400 - 1430                                      open source case study                                                                                        surveys.
                     Simon Greener
                                                        Alistair Hart                                                                                  Brent Wood (non academic
                                                                                                                                                       replacement presentation)
1430 - 1500              Break                        Demo Theatre                                                               Break
                  Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                       Parkside G02                        Parkside G03                    Parkside G04

                                               FLEX/Mapserver application
              Summary of MapServer OGC          for the Brazilian industrial
                                                                                                                                                    MapWindow 6.0: an extensible
                   web services                 fishing vessels monitoring
1500 - 1530                                                                                                                                         architecture for cartographic
                     Jeff McKenna
                                                  Rafael Medeiros Sperb

                                                                                                                                                     Development of Track Log &
                                                                                                                                                      POI management system
                                                                                                                                                     using free and open source
                                                A robust, low cost, GIS                                                                                       software
              Proj4js - coordinate system                                             Delivering data using        Using ILWIS with its PostGIS
                                                enabled data capture &
                transformations in the                                                published application          plug-in for raster-vector
                                                management system for
1530 - 1600              browser                                                            schemas                        applications
                                              commercial/research vessels
                      Michael Adair                                                        Rob Atkinson                    Rob Lemmens
                                                        Brent Wood                                                                                  Images analysis improvement
                                                                                                                                                    by variational segmentation in
                                                                                                                                                              GRASS GIS

                 Yukon Planning Atlas -
                                                 CityGML extension for
              building regional capacity for
                                             Building Information Modelling                                                                            MapWindow modeler - a
                    land and resource
1600 - 1630                                           (BIM) and IFC                                                                                    modular spatial modeling
                                                                                                                                                         environment for GIS
                                                      Léon van Berlo
                       Jeff Hamm

                                                                                    Birds of a Feather
1630 - 1900
                       BoF sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self organise to discuss topics of interest. All session rooms will be available for this.

                                                                               FOSS4G Conference Dinner Cruise
1840 - 2200                                                             Boarding Time: 1840 (with prompt departure at 1900)
                                                                          Captain Cook Cruises, Jetty 9, King St Wharf
Friday 23 October 2009
Detailed Conference Program

Friday 23 October 2009
                   Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                     Parkside G02                    Parkside G03                    Parkside G04

                                                Enviro: a WebGIS interface to                                                                     Engaging NGOs in geospatial
                 Building a SDI massively         evaluate and manage the                                                                         initiatives using FOSS4G for
                      based on OWS              impact of climate change at                                                                      improved development work at
0830 - 0900
                                                        regional scale                                                                                     various scales
                      David Jonglez
                                                      Riccardo De Filippi                                                                              Marc M. Delgado

                                                 GeoServer, GeoTools and            Sensor web enablement -
                    Using open source                                                                            Protecting OGC web services
                                                   GeoBatch: supporting            bringing sensors into SDIs                                    Mapping interviews with open
                 technologies to spatially                                                                        with the 52°North Security
                                                operational meteorology and                                                                          source technologies
0900 - 0930            enable Aceh                                                                                          System
                                                       oceanography                   Arne Broering, Simon
                                                                                     Jirka, Chirstoph Stasch                                            Chris McDowall
                   Maurits van der Vlugt                                                                                  Jan Drewnak
                                                     Simone Giannecchini              and Thomas Everding

                                                  The use of open source in                                                                           Building community
                  ebRIM interface for
                                                  Canada's National Forest                                                                         information systems with
                GeoNetwork OpenSource
0930 - 1000                                          Information system                                                                             Drupal and OpenLayers
                     Heikki Doeleman
                                                          Brian Low                                                                                   Dr. Charles Burnett

1000 - 1030               Break                        Demo Theatre                           Break and poster discussions with poster authors (Parkside Foyer)
                   Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                     Parkside G02                   Parkside G03                   Parkside G04

                                                   GeoPrisma: an access
              GeoServer: past, present, and                                                                                                       GeoKettle: a powerful open
                                                  controlled map generator
                         future                                                                                                                    source spatial ETL tool
1030 - 1100
                                                  Julien-Samuel Lacroix and
                     Justin Deoliveira                                                                                                                 Dr. Thierry Badard
                                                    Stéphane Guillemette

                                                                                                                 How to Cope with GeoSpatial -
                 MapServer project status
                                                 Beyond press Ctrl-P in web         Introduction to deegree       introduction to GeoTools for Using OGC standards to link BI
                                                       map printing                      iGeoDesktop                   the Java developer              and spatial
1100 - 1130
                   Daniel Morissette and
                                                      Jan De Moerloose                   Hanko Rubach                  Jody Garnett and                  Andy Meehan
                      Jeff McKenna
                                                                                                                       Michael Bedward

                                                  Styling with SLD, or how I                                                                         Maps and BI for large
               GISVM, the ultimate tool for
                                                learned to stop worrying and                                                                            organizations
                   teaching FOSS4G
1130 - 1200                                               love XML
                                                                                                                                                     Michèle Laflamme and
              Ricardo Miguel Moreira de Pinho
                                                       Mike Pumphrey                                                                                   Philippe Grégoire

1200 - 1300               Break                        Demo Theatre                                                         Break
                   Parkside Auditorium                 Parkside 110A                     Parkside G02                    Parkside G03                    Parkside G04

                                                OCEAN Toolkit: incorporating                                     GeoShield: a server side user      How to create a web 2.0
                Extension to Geoserver for                                         JGrass, present and future
                                                 local knowledge into marine                                     permissions management to           mapping with MapFish
                 reading ESRI Mapcaches
1300 - 1330                                             spatial planning                                               OGC services                 development framework
                                                                                    Andrea Antonello, Silvia
              Pär Jonsson and Mauritz Bomark                                     Franceschi and Riccardo Rigon
                                                          Tim Welch                                                   Massimiliano Cannata               Cédric Moullet

                                                 MarineMap: participatory                                           Shared Land Information
            GeoServer application schema                                     JGrass-uDig's sense of climate                                         Building a web mapping
                                                marine protected area design                                         Platform (SLIP) Enabler:
            support: complex features for                                                 change                                                    application with GeoExt
                                                  using a web-based open                                            leveraging public/private
1330 - 1400          the masses
                                                        source tool                                                        partnerships
                                                                                Silvia Franceschi, Andrea                                            Andreas Hocevar and
                   Ben Caradoc-Davies                                         Antonello and Riccardo Rigon                                              Cédric Moullet
                                                         Chad Burt                                                      Kylie Armstrong

                                                                             Challenges and possibilities of       The use of free and open
                                                Visualising animal movements                                                                      Web GIS: from Javascript to
                 GeoServer in production                                     Mobile GIS: perspective from a       source software for spatial
                                                       in 'near' real time                                                                                   GWT
1400 - 1430                                                                        developing country              data catalog in Indonesia
                         Andrea Aime
                                                          Ben Madin                                                                                     Pieter De Graef
                                                                                       Nimalika Fernando             Dr. Dewayani Sutrisno

1430 - 1500                 Break                       Demo Theatre                                                         Break

                                                                                        WMS Shootout
1500 - 1530
                                                                                      Parkside Auditorium

                                                                                          CCIP Panel
1530 - 1600
                                                                                      Parkside Auditorium

                                                                              Conference Close and Sol Katz Award
1600 - 1630
                                                                                      Parkside Auditorium
Demo Theatre
Detailed Program

   Time                     Wednesday                                 Thursday                                    Friday
                                                              Morning Tea

                                                         BIRT with Australian Business Atlas    AuScope portal w/ application schema
1005 - 1015                  CLOSED
                                                              Roderick Ross (InterGeo)              Ben Caradoc-Davies (CSIRO)

                                                                 BIMserver CityGML                         Hands on INSPIRE
1015 - 1025                  CLOSED
                                                            Léon van Berlo (                   Rob Atkinson

                                                              Noon Break

              Leveraging OGC capabilities of ArcGIS
1205 - 1215                 server                                                                               Live DVD
                                                          Michael Adair (DM Solutions Group)
                   Simon Hope (ESRI Australia)

                                                          Geoportal application of Rhineland
1215 - 1225                                                           Palatinate                                 Live DVD
                      Brad Spencer (NuMaps)
                                                             Arnulf Christl (WhereGroup)
                                                        Hobedata - WebGIS based hydrological
                       QGIS/Grass/Python                  data platform based on pure open
1225 - 1235                                                                                                      Live DVD
                       Bishwarup Banerjee                                source
                                                         Till Adams (terresris GmbH & Co KG)

              DOHA with Cognos BI and GeoServer          CCIP deegree interoperability demo
1235 - 1245                                                                                                      Live DVD
                   Andy Meehan(InterGeo)                       Hanko Rubach (lat-lon)

                       Mobile OSM upload                GeoJSON interleave with MapnikRobert
1245 - 1255                                                                                                      Live DVD
                      Terry Collins (Mokbee)                           Coup

                        Orfeo Toolbox                           MapFish Applications
1255 - 1305                                                                                                      Live DVD
              Emmanuel Christophe (           Cedric (CampToCamp)

                                                             Afternoon Tea

              Integration of OGC SWE Data in ArcGIS
                                                               Introducing GeoScript                             GRASS
1435 - 1445                (52North/ESRI)
                                                               Tim Schaub (OpenGeo)            Clara Tattoni(Università degli studi di Trento
                     Bastian Schäffer (52North)

                                                           Drupal Open Layers PostGIS for
               TERENO sensor data with OS Stack                                                             OpenGeo Suite
1445 - 1455                                                    indigenous communities
               Till Adams (terresris GmbH & Co KG)                                                     Mike Pumphrey (OpenGeo)
                                                         Charles Burnett (

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