FREE Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

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					  Additional community support
  Other agencies offering assistance to
  sexual assault victims:
  n   Listening Ear
      Offers free sexual assault counseling
      24- hour Crisis Line: 517.337.1717
      Business Line: 517.337.1728
  n   MSU Sexual Assault Program
      24-hour Hot Line: 517.372.6666
      Business Line: 517.355.3551
  n   Angel House for Children
  n   Women’s Center of Greater Lansing
  n   Eve Inc. (domestic violence)
         24-hour Crisis Line: 517.372.5572
  n   RAVE
      Clinton and Shiawassee Counties
      24-hour Crisis Line: 1.887.952.7283
      Montcalm and Ionia Counties
      24-hour Crisis Line: 1.800.720.7233
  n   SIREN
      Eaton County
                                                     Sexual Assault
      24-hour Crisis Line: 517.543.4915
                                                 Nurse Examiner Program
  Online resources:
  n   National Sexual Violence Resource Center
  n   National Sexual Assault Hotline

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program
            1215 E. Michigan Avenue
                  PO Box 30480
             Lansing, MI 48909-7980

Have you been sexually assaulted?
Sexual assault can include touch, force or
coercion by an aquaintance, someone you
know or by a stranger.
It can happen at home, at school, at a friends
house, on the job, in a car, day or night,
anywhere, anytime. Sexual assault is a crime
and should be reported to the police. Patients
who have experienced sexual assault are in
need of specialized care.

Help is here
The sexual assault examination is explained
to you, to enable you to make an informed                       FREE help is available.
choice and provide consent for care.                          Access Sparrow’s SANE program through
SANEs provide prompt, compassionate care                       the Sparrow Emergency Department.
in a safe environment and resources patients
need to begin healing.                                                          Questions?
Services provided 24 hours-a-day through the                              Please call the Sparrow
Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department.
                                                                       Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner,
Our SANE exams are done in a private setting.                                  517.364.3641

SANEs can provide some or all of the

      A medical forensic exam
                                                               If you were sexually assaulted you

                                                               may be feeling:

 —    Emergency contraception

                                                                       Fear, anxiety

      Preventative treatment for sexually                              Shock, disbelief
      transmitted infections
                                                                       Helplessness, depression

      Crisis intervention
                                                                       Shame, embarrassment

The Sparrow Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program is
supported by the Crime Victim Assistance Grant Award
#20578-11V05; awarded to Sparrow Hospital by the
                                                                  ——   Self-blame, guilt

Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission. The grant
award of $122,350 comes from the Federal Crime Victims
fund established by the Victims of Crime Act of 1984
administered by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of
Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Sparrow
Hospital provides the required 20 percent match of $24,470.