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					Zappo FIFA Gold System

This guide is going to make you millions of gold coins in just a few short months. I’m going
to tell you the strategy so you NEVER HAVE TO SPEND REAL MONEY AGAIN...

The results from this have been phenomenal. People who blew hundreds of real dollars on
Gold Packs have learned the real path.

Here’s a fact: EA Sports wants you to spend real money!

It’s obvious, right? But it’s also the reason why you never get anything good from Gold
Packs. You never get TOTY Messi! You’ve gotta buy him. And many people who get that
amount of gold coins will have spent a fortune on gold packs.

Only a few of the very best traders have actually made all their money from the markets.

What do I mean by ‘the markets’?

I mean guys who have figured out how to profit from buying and selling players so they
become very rich. Like the FUT version of a stock trader.

EA don’t put lots of TOTY Messis or Ronaldos into Gold Packs because that would stop
people spending and hoping. Today you can forget about hope. Today I show you the way
to make gold coins from FUT without ever spending real cash...

I am going to give you a method that will work on FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and beyond.

You may think that’s crazy. I mean, how could I know?!

But I know because the principles remain the same. What I’m gonna teach you is basic
trading principles. You will take advantage of the market to make lots of profit on players.

So, let’s get you thinking about a trading strategy...

What sort of trader do you want to be:

A premium trader who deals with selling Messi or Ronaldo cards, or a cheap trader who
deals with selling cheap players?

Think about it.

Answer now in your head.


Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
Most people say the same. Before I tell you the way I’ve made over 20 million in gold
coins, I need to tell you a real-life story about real gold.

You NEED to understand this for the principles of making a lot of gold coins in FIFA.


The year was 1848. It was a January in California, USA.

William Marshall discovered nuggets of gold. He first found a 3 inch nugget. It was worth
more than two months pay.

Marshall tried to keep his discovery a secret. He wanted to make as much money as
possible. But soon enough everyone heard about it.

Within 12 months, 300,000 people joined in. It was the gold rush.

People from everywhere deserted their homes for the glimpse of gold.

Breakfast in California was 10 times more expensive than in New York. So a meal that
could cost me £10 today, would cost £100. That’s an incredible difference.

However, only around one in 100 people actually found any gold at all.

Everyone was looking. Searching. Hoping to strike it rich.

Some people did make a fortune. But not many.

You know who made the real money?

The people who sold breakfast. The people who sold picks and shovels.

The real money was made from the people smart enough to sell the essentials to find the

Sure, some people struck gold. But it was only 1%.

Everyone selling shovels struck gold without ever looking for it. They sold the essentials.
And they ALL became very rich.

(There weren’t enough shovels to meet the demand!)


Before I reveal the full secret of what makes the Zappo FIFA Gold System so powerful I’m
going to tell you something else.

This is something very similar to FUT. It’s the real stock market, where real stocks in
companies are traded every day.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
Who would you like to buy stock in if you had a choice?



EA Sports? ;-)

People always go for the big brands. The biggest companies in the world. Like Apple. Or
Exxon. Or some huge company like Coca-Cola.

But that’s silly. Here’s why...

Let’s take Google. Say for arguments sake it’s worth $825 per share. Some people may
think that’s a good investment. And, it could be.


If you had 10 shares in Google and the price fell to $325, you’ve just lost $5,000.

Some people came up with a solution. Buy penny stocks. If a stock that costs 1p goes up,
you make double if it just goes up 1p. You you make twice as much if it goes up just 1p
more. If it goes up to 10p, you’re laughing.

And if you buy it for 1p or 2p, it can’t really fall. It has nowhere to fall to!

Back to FUT...


Google is your Messi, your Xavi or your Ronaldo.

BIG, expensive players. But you can use them when you have money. You shouldn’t buy
them to make money.

What you need instead is to invest in many low-risk penny stocks. Or, if you remember
the gold analogy, to buy good players (shovels) that most people can afford.

To make money you’re going to be a shovel man. Selling good but inexpensive players to
the masses.

With your profits you can buy the best players. But your best players don’t make you your
profit. The cheap but good players do!

Here’s why this works.

Sometimes people just want to free up some cash. So they want to quickly sell some
players. They don’t really know how much they’re being sold for. They don’t really care.
They need money, so they sell some players off.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                             
When this happens they can sell players at under their value. You need to snap up these
players and sell them for a profit.

Think about it.

Everyone knows how much TOTY Messi is worth. But what about some bronze players
who everyone gets when they’re building their team?

Messi is worth over 3,000,000.

You’ll never get 6,000,000 for Messi. But if you buy an undervalued player at 5,000. You
could sell him for 10,000.

The principle is that you make lots of profitable trades. Not a few big ones.

You need scale. You need to sell as many players as possible - all for a profit.

And this guide will show you how...

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
Systems already out there

So how do I do it in such a short amount of time?
How did I raise 5 Million Trading 30 minutes a day in 3 months?

No big deal! Once you understand the system, you can use it to make over 100k a day if
you dedicate less than 2 hours or so a day to it.

Although I’ve used many methods I read on the web because I like to try new things, I
ended up developing my own because it just works much better than the others
theoretically and in practice.

A very important thing to understand is that other methods rely a lot on being lucky to find
underpriced players, but yeah are you every going to find Ronaldo at discard price? These
deals come up once in a lifetime and you’ve probably never seen a very

expensive player sell for under 50% of their market price.

Our system on the other hand has little to do about being lucky, it’s mainly being smart,
skillful at trading and spotting and being quick, so luck is really not involved... and this a
golden rule of the good traders, whether in FIFA or any other market... they

might get lucky at times, but they don’t rely on it at all.

Am I the single person using it?

Probably not, but compared to people who use other more popular (and boring) methods
like the 59th min, there’s far, far less using it.

Does it pull as much money as the autobuying scripts on the web? Again, probably not,
but I’ll tell you something:

EA are really, really trigger happy on accounts and will ban your account if they suspect
Autobuying scripts are illegal, so you don’t really want to jeopardize your account, and
most importantly... you don’t need to!

In the buildup to revealing my Method, in the next section we will be reviewing the most
Common Trading Methods, analyze them and see where they fail and succeed.

The 59TH minute

If you haven’t heard of this one, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but I’ll explain it
summarily. It’s all about scrolling the trade window all the way up to page 1000 or so, so
you can browse through the players that are being placed in the market with 1 hour
expiration time. So experienced traders would hawk the 59minutes:59 seconds page
scrolling up and down until a good underpriced player hits the market.

Most big money traders I know use this method along with custom price intervals. So for
instance, they’ll look for players in the 20-30k interval, maybe focus on getting IFs and hit
Buy Now on the ones that are priced below the others in the Market Place, after checking
the price on existing market players on a website that can monitor the market in Real Time

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                         
Why this method has worked in the past

A lot of people don’t bother looking the price of the players in the market before putting
them up for sale. Others just want a quick sale because they need money. You can find
some pretty good underpriced gems due to that.

So during peak hours of the platform like prime time UK or Happy Hours, you could usually
get people to list their IFs for lower prices because they just didn’t know how much they
were worth.

Another great method is to focus in the Silver and Bronze overpowered players. People
usually know Messi is worth a few hundred thousand coins, but a lot of people don’t play
with Silvers and don’t know there are players like Maikon Leite or

El Sharaawy (FIFA12) there are worth far more than 99% of the Gold players.
So you might pick up a few if you try to find Silver and Bronze players in the 59th minute.

Why this method isn’t working so well now

While you can still make a lot of money because each week there are more players and
more in forms getting released, people are also getting more and more clued up about
auction prices and therefore are far less prone to make mistakes.

There are probably more people waiting around in the 59th minute right now at every
instant, than people actually making mistakes and listing the players cheaper than their
market value.

This makes it increasingly difficult.

What I personally think of it

I think it’s boring as hell!

Plus if you’re going to buy IF players, you need a big starting capital. Taking the time to
scroll up to the 59thminute with just 20k or so to spend makes absolutely ZERO sense...
you’re just wasting your time.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be buying cheaper but still useful and popular Gold
players, think

again... there are people using auto buying programs right now, configured to buy those
players almost instantly as they hit the market.

I’m sure it has happened to you... you mess up a player’s price and put it on the market
somewhat cheaper than the usual price and it is bought in seconds. Yes, chances are
that’s not a human buying your player, but a Bot.

Of course, they are definitely jeopardizing their accounts, but there’s not much you can do
as a human to compete with a machine, sorry!

While I have made some money using this method, due to the sheer amount of people
(and bots) hawking the 59th minute at all times, it’s really not as good as it once was, and
downright impossible at peak hours (8pm-0am GMT).

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
Another reason why I don’t dig it it’s because it relies too much on luck and on people
being dumb and undervaluing their players.

I mean, for every player that you pick up 5k cheaper, there has to be someone dumb
enough to put it on the market at that price.

The method just got too popular, and once a method with limited offer (needs mistakes
from people) gets too common it stops being so effective.

One last thing you should take note is how much you’ll be making on each player.

Banking 5k on a player is cool, but not that cool, when you’re investing almost 100k on
that player, and this is the type of trades I’m seeing right now. Just... don’t.

Trading Unpopular/Older In Form Players

Now we’re talking! This one is a true hidden gem.

The method is simple: gather a List of In Form players (especially outside the big 3
leagues) and check their prices. Avoid the three most popular leagues, as most people
trade them and are aware of the IF prices.

So the trading would be: if the price of the lowest for sale is LESS than the 2nd lowest
player for sale + taxes, then buy it and relist it.

You can actually just use the Ultimatedb.NL for this. It’s actually quicker than looking for
players inside the game.


In Fifa 12, Toni Kroos IF 83 CAM from Bayern Munchen in the Bundesliga was one I made
good money with more than once.

So for example if Toni Kroos 2nd lowest card is for sale at 30k and you spot one for sale at
25k, you would buy it and list 29k. So when you finally sold it, you’d make 29000-1450(5%
tax)-25k, therefore 2550 coins.

Not too bad, but obviously not amazing either. You’re basically making a 10% profit on the
money invested.
Don’t forget the 5% tax!!!! If you do, you may be losing coins, instead of making coins!
STAY AWAY from recently released players. Their prices fluctuate too much and they can
lose enormous value in HOURS.

Price Fixing

Not for the weak hearted! This can be a GREAT way to make money, but definitely not for
everyone and not for every budget AT ALL!

The idea is basically to buy all cards of a single version of a player in the market and relist
them all at a higher price, so that anyone who wants that player has no choice but to pay
your price.

First of all you need a lot of money, depending on the player you’re trying to fix.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                        
Secondly, if you’re going to fix, you’ll need to fix smart. I see people trying to fix common
cheap players of rare formations like 4-1-2-1-2, because they don’t have enough money
and that ALWAYS fails.

Obviously they can make some quick coins, but sooner or later, as the player is too
common, the market will be flooded of players at the usual price and the price fixer now
either keeps buying those players that come up and relist them, or just

gives up and is left with a bunch of cards that he’ll have to sell below his expected price.

The smart way to do this is obviously to do it with the rarest In Form players of the game,
maybe MOTM cards.

On XBOX right now there are a couple of players who are permanently price fixed and
they are among the rarest like MOTM cards for players who got no other IFs released.

A good example of this in Fifa 12 was Neuer 88 MOTM card. As you should know, MOTM
cards are only released for a couple of hours after a match and therefore, they are the

So that Neuer card was not only rare as hell, but also the best Bundesliga and Germany
GK by far.

The MOTM version was only marginally better than his Normal version (87), one costs 10k
and the other costs 500k.

You may wonder why anyone would pay that much for a small upgrade. Well, for the same
reason that people buy Special Edition Ferraris. Rich people that want the best are willing
to pay for it and so do rich players.

So the strategy is actually simple... finding the right player and having the coins to take the
risk, on the other hand, is not.
If you fail, you can lose a lot of coins, but if you succeed you can make over 100k with just
one player.


I don’t use it, but if you do and can make money with it, I tip my hat off to you and salute
you for your gigantic pair of testicles.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                       
My Method

I call it the Scrub Method, because we’re going to dedicate our time buying scrubs.
These players are very common, very cheap, but still good enough to have large demand
from people building entry level


Most people wouldn’t even imagine the amount of money that can be made exclusively
trading them.

For the sake of simplicity and understanding of each market, I’ll advise you to focus for
now on the most popular leagues: BBVA, BPL, Serie A and Bundesliga.

While a lot of money can be made in each one of them, my bread and butter for coin
making was the Spanish BBVA league in FIFA12, and it seems like it will be the Serie A in
FIFA 13 at least in the first months. The method is simple and doesn’t require deep
understanding of the market, but you’ll need to know which players are commonly used in
that particular league.

So for instance looking at the BPL as it’s the most popular league in the game. A player
like Tiote while cheap, is still very good and one of the most popular Defensive Midfielders
in the BPL.

This means there’s not only A LOT of Tiote cards in the Market but there’s also very
STRONG demand for Tiote every day from gamers building new teams.

So the method consists in buying large quantities of these very cheap players like Tiote
within a tight range in the most popular leagues.

I usually focus in the 700 to 4000 coin range on XBOX and it should be more like 700 to
6000/7000 on PS3 and PC Hundreds of decent players fit this range. The prices however
should be slightly higher on other platforms which means that maybe

you need to try a slightly higher range.

In Fifa 13, especially in the beginning, the player prices will be higher so you’re probably
going to have to change the range a bit in order to find these cheap players.

The players I trade are usually 80+ rated or high pace, and priced very close to the discard
price due to being so common, but as they are great value for the money, two things

1 – The people selling these players don’t bother checking their prices and just put them
on minimum Bid all the time.

2 – The people that buy them don’t bother waiting for the bid to expire because they are
only saving a few hundred coins, and ALMOST ALWAYS use BUY NOW to buy them.

So this is what’s normally called a market inefficiency, and therefore something we can
and will exploit to make large amounts of money.

What we do is basically fill in the gap between those people that don’t care, and how much
others are ready to pay at Buy Now, to buy these players when they need them.
Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                       
And we buy A LOT of these players.

Just for the Record: This is not just Buying Low and Selling High, although in Trading,
everything is Buying Low and Selling High in some sense.

It’s MASS Buying Very Low, and Taking 50-100%+ Profit on Every Player, which would be
downright impossible if we were trading more expensive players.

Imagine if we have 50k to trade:

This means with this method, instead of buying one player for 50k to sell him for 60k like
MOST people do, taking 10k profits minus taxes....

what we are doing is using those 50k in something like:
Buying 25 players x 2k (50k) and selling them 25 x 3k (75k) which would mean 25k profit.
Of course it would be even better and more profitable if you could buy even more players
and cheaper.
And this is why, once you understand if fully, with this method, you’ll be able to do insane
things like doubling your gold

coins every day, if you have the time to trade for it.

Spanish BBVA



Joao Pereira



Alexis Sanchez


Diego Lopez








Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      

Diego Alves






English Premier League


Aaron Lennon


David Luiz



Darren Bent





Jose Enrique

Glen Johnson



Demba Ba




Kolo Toure

Zappo Fifa Gold System!



Ben Arfa




Javi Garcia







Ashley Young









Julio Cesar





Zappo Fifa Gold System!

Serie A


Alvaro Pereira













De Rossi










Zappo Fifa Gold System!














Van der Vaart













Zappo Fifa Gold System!
Felipe Santana



Be aware that not all these players I listed will be within the price ranges discussed during
the first month or two after FIFA13 release.

This happens because there is more Demand than Offer during release.
Unless you are experienced with this method, you should stick to the Players in the
Weekly Private Report.
As players buy more packs, these players will be more and more common and their price
will drop, allowing us to have more

players within our price range.

Personally I’m trading in FIFA13 with a Trade Range of 700-4000 right now in the SERIE
A and making more money than I did in FIFA 12.

(WARNING: This Range should be higher like 700-6000, on PS3/PC as Players sell for
more in these platforms)
If you’re just starting out with the Method, I recommend starting with the normal at
700-3000 or 4000, even if this means

missing out on a few trades, so you can just get a feel for the market prices first, and avoid

After a few days of successful trading, you can alter the Range a bit... but remember the
point is not to buy more expensive players, but to buy the largest amount of players from
which we can take a profit of 50% or higher.

As the Market Demand for these cheap players is huge during release, I recommend you
try to trade outside the rush hour which is 5pm-0am UK TIME. You should be able to find
loads of players with not so much competition after 1-2am UK

(after the people listed their players and went to bed).

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
Buying Players

Thinking about at what price you should buy them?

I recommend you starting to Look for these players with a very, very tight range of prices in
the filter such as 700 min. – 4000 max. (at first) and Filtered by League. Then increase the
range slightly if you can’t find enough players.

That way you’ll be much less likely to buy players out of price range. Yes you’ll miss you
out on some good deals, but starting out, it’s much easier to make money without doing
too many mistakes.

Obviously, don’t buy anything at Buy Now. Stay within the first 5 minutes of Remaining
Auction Time for each Market, and bid every player that fits the description where you can
make some money.

Obviously in the beginning you won’t know how much they’re selling for, so use the website to check it in Real Time.

I actually recommend you to start trading in the Webapp and open in another
tab so you can check prices instantly.

Don’t get frustrated if you go through a few pages without finding anything you can make
money with, eventually you’ll find one of those players go cheap, and you’ll win the Bid.

Don’t get into massive bidding wars, they’re not worth your time at all. The key to this
method is buying a lot of these players, and if you’re wasting time in bidding wars, you’ll
take 3 or 4 times longer.

I usually just go through all the pages until the remaining auction time is over 4 or 5
minutes, and then I’ll switch to the Watch List. Rebid some players if I get Outbid and
they’re still worth buying.

I’ll then quickly switch to another Market like the BPL and do the same, and afterwards go
through the Serie A, then back to La Liga again. So I always keep moving and don’t waste
much time at all looking at the Watch List.

During the first one or two months, the competition on the BBVA and BPL will be fierce
though so trade outside of regular hours or focus on Serie A and Bundesliga.

Formations to Bid

This is one of the most important factors in buying these players.

You should ALWAYS be looking to buy players with tactics WITH 4 (FOUR) defenders. It’s
just because any of

these tactics are 10x more popular than the other formations with 3 and 5 defenders. For
formations with 3 or 5 defenders, you should pay at least 30% less than normal.

41212 are by far the most expensive formation, then 433, 442, 4321... then 451, 4411, and
the rest.
(the ranges in the private report also follow this logic: i.e.: 3000-4500, or less popular
formations - more popular formations)
Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                       
Try to learn a bit about formations before you go trading. I see lots of players doing newbie
mistakes like buying LFs for tactics that have no wingers like 4231. Go into your active
squad and play around with formations and look at the spots.

So buying a cheap Lavezzi LF probably isn’t a great deal if he’s 442 or 4231, because no
one is going to buy him off you! Do not buy the cheapest players in bad formations, just
don’t, as they will be harder to sell.

Positions to Bid

Another thing you’ll get to know is the difference in price between players in their original
position and converted. So even though someone like Vidal from Juventus, can sell just for
his discard price at CDM, if he’s converted to CM (and A LOT of people do this), he’ll be
worth at least 3k on Xbox, and even more on other platforms, because position cards are
just so damn expensive.

Even more expensive is a conversion of a CAM to a CM on a player such as Vidal that a
lot of people like to use as a CM. His CM card can go up to 3 or 4x his original price.
So, what is awesome is that A LOT of people don’t remember this and list them at the
normal price.

So, you can make money just trading these mistakes of others. There are a lot of people
listing LM or RM, converted wingers, at their winger price... which means you can pickup
these players usually at 1k-2k and relist them at 4k-5k for a whooping 300% profit.

What You Need to Know About the Players You’re Buying

If you’re planning doing this in other leagues, and it’s very possible because there are
great cheap players in the French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Brazilian league, just to
mention a few, you need to know some fundamentals about the

players you should be buying in ANY LEAGUE:

Pace is important in FIFA, the more pace the better. Don’t buy defenders with under 60
pace and wingers with under 80 pace, unless you have checked they’re worth it.

Buy shiny cards only. Non rare players are generally worthless and even have lower
discard price.

There are some decent non-shiny cards in FIFA13 like Verthongen, but unless you know
what you’re doing, you should not touch those, as the cost of a mistake will be higher.
They quick sell for 300 coins, not 600.

Expect to make some bad trades. You need to learn by mistake which players are popular
and which aren’t.

Don’t just buy any player. Check around to see how much is being paid for that player and
wait for an opportunity to jump in at a lower price.

Learn your updated players. If a player has received a big update, you probably shouldn’t
expect both cards to be priced at similar values, so check it out.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                      
How to Relist Them
The first time you’re selling, I recommend you checking the price for the LOWEST BUY
NOW for that particular formation

live on the platform or in
After a couple of trades of that player, you’ll get a feel for how much he’s worth and won’t
need to.

If your players are not selling the issue, is that you’re not listing them at the lowest buy
now... because think about it... if you’re selling a popular player in a popular formation at a
lowest price... HE HAS TO SELL.

As a general rule of thumb I try to sell them at 80%-100% profit. So for one of my most
common trades, if I pick up a Handanovic 433 for 1000, I’ll usually price it at 1800 Buy now
or 2000 Buy Now if he has over 15 contracts left.

If they don’t sell, lower the price 100 coins or 200 coins and put them on for another 6 to
12 hours.

Try to have the auctions end at 6pm-0am GMT (English time), as much more people are
trading at those hours and therefore, there’s a better chance of getting your players sold.

These for instance could be picked up these up at 700-2000 and sold for 2000-4000.
Even if there's one or two I couldn't sell, I wouldn't lose much, as they can be quick sold for

Remember to stay away from the more expensive players as the profit % is much smaller.

And you need to re-invest all the money you make, right away. It might seem you're not
making money, but your trade pile will be growing a lot every day.

Once you get the trade pile up to 30 players at all times and you've got money left, open
another trading account and fill it as well.

Keey buying and listing...

The key point to making the big bucks is scaling your operation.

If you are buying one player at 1000 and selling him at buy now for 2000 it doesn’t look
like much, but think about it: there are literally thousands of these players being sold every
hour with Bid instead of Buy Now, which means they are most likely

being sold below their common Buy Now market value.

While selling one player doesn’t seem like much, If you pick up 10 of these players (and
you can do this in under 10 minutes of trading), guess what, you’ll be doubling the 10k

Now tell me something is it easy to double your money buying In Forms and other
expensive players? Obviously not!

Usually it’s so hard to find deals that if you can find a player to take a 10-20% profit you’re
usually a happy camper.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                        
Now think about something, what about filling your whole trade pile with these players?

Right on, you can do it, and with

around 30k investment, you should be able to double your money in a 24 hours space,
which is usually the time needed to sell all those cards if the players are popular and the
pricing is correct.

That is 30k profit in 24 hours for 30-45 mins. work.

The goal is to have at least 3 accounts filled with players (that's 90 players). If you can do
that, and price those players right, you can't not be making close to the 100k gold a day

You'll have time to buy all those players you want, just focus on making money right now,
while you also wait for their prices to drop.

Some of you may know, but some might now know, that although you can only have a
trade pile with 30 slots per account, we are not limited to one account!

If you create another club with a little trick, and transfer some money into it, you’ll be left
with another 30 spots in your trade pile to fill up at all times.

How to do it?

Just create another FREE XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT, PSN or PC and enter Fifa. Even
though, you’ll not be able to play the game, in Xbox’s case due to Live Gold not being
activated, you are free to trade away! It’s the same in PS3 with PSN.

If you want to make 100k a day, you need more than one account, there’s no other way
around it.

How to transfer money into that account?

Just put up one of your bronze players for 10k-30k on that account or so and then go on
your main account and buy it. You’ll pay 500-1500 gold taxes, but you’ll be left with enough
money to kick start your new operation.

To this for every account and quickly you may have yourself hundreds of players on sale
daily ready to double your money and a multimillion gold coin empire.

Zappo Fifa Gold System!                                          

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