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					                    The Impacts of 9/11 attack
    Formerly, when passing airport security gates in the USA, people can

have their shoes tied, carry a bag and don’t need to show the government IDs.

After the assaults of terrorist attacks, especially the attack on 9/11, the whole

security system has gone through lots of overhauls. The attack on 9/11,

caused by loose security levels, complicated the airport security procedures

and made the USA more aggressive on anti-terrorism activities.

    Before the regulations were reformed, security vulnerabilities let terrorists

had chances to wage their attacks. In the past, airport security checks were

used to be provided by several private nongovernmental companies. Which

means there was no a same standard of level when doing security checks,

different security teams had a variety of ways and modes to do their jobs

(Three major). And here comes the problems: First, the guards were not

formally trained by the nation, so their qualities were not guaranteed; they may

have been lazy while doing their jobs. Second, each team had a different

definition of the term “dangerous”. Some teams even let passengers bring

knives onboard. These negligence were the factors that caused the 9/11 attack


    After the terrible attack on 9/11 happened, airport security inspection
passed a series of change. The government quickly created the Transportation

Security Administration (TSA), which has overseen every single airport

security system around the United States (How). The job of TSA, not to

mention, is to prevent this kind of terrorist attack from happening again, so they

have introduced new technology into security checking equipment. Also, lots of

complex new rules were added. Infrared scanners were placed in every single

gate in airports to make sure that no one baggage is containing objects that

can harm people. In addition, occasional pat-down is also required nowadays,

which just made people’s travels more troubled (Three major).

    Another effect is that the 9/11 attack trigged the United States being

aggressive on anti-terrorism activities. Not long after the 9/11 attack, soldiers

were sent into Afghanistan in order to whip out the Taliban government. The

wars that are ignited in the Middle East have lasted for more than a decade,

and lots of soldiers came back to their home land with injuries. One of the most

significant event that happened in the anti-terrorism activities, is the bin Laden

assassination. This is a really important progress on counter-terrorism

activities in American history (Osama). But on the other hand, it made the

people of Middle East in rage, which may make terrorists’ move more often.

    The attack on 9/11 did affect a lot of things in the USA; the effects
mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether the effects improved

the USA or not, there is one thing that we can tell; this kind of attack is really

terrible to the whole society, people should remember the lessons and try to

prevent these things from happening again and again. And our world will surely

be better!
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