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 (模块七 ·高二下学期)

           Grammar and usage

             Verb-ed and verb-ing

Unit 4

    Read the following passage and
  identify of function of verb-ing.
 Cars are the leading ( 定语 adj. )
causes of air pollution in the world
 Realizing( 状语 adv. ) how serious the
problem has become, the government
has been encouraging people to walk,
cycle or make better use of the
underground system.
         v-ing like an adjective

1.   She sat beside the window, watching
     the falling leaves floating in the air.

 2. It is an exciting match.

 Conclusion: it usually expresses an
  action that is going on, or what
  something is like.
 Part one   a v-ed or a v-ing like an adjective

1.The police found the stolen car.
                   express passive meaning
2. There was a thick layer of fallen leaves
  on the ground. refer to a finished action

3. Many excited people wanted to travel
  on the underground. tell how we feel about
Have you read the book
_________ to him? (relate)
It is a book ________
by J.K. Rowling. It’s
an____________ book
most teenagers like.
  (write, interest)
Will you feel ________ if
Harry Porter is your
teacher? (excite)
Part two   a v-ed or a v-ing like an adverb.

1. Realizing he would have to take
two different trains, he decided to
take a taxi instead.
2. Encouraged by the success of
the Metropolitan Railway Company,
Metropolitan District Railway opened
another line in 1868. express reason
                       or cause
             refer to time

3. Traveling through the tunnel, the man
  felt uncomfortable because of the noise.

4. When asked how old the underground
  system was, she made no reply.
      express manner

5. The train headed for London,
  puffing and rattling.

6. He walked down the hill, singing
  softly to himself.
        express condition

7. Turning to the left at the
  crossroads, you will see the railway
  station on your right.

8. Given another chance, I’ll do it
  much better.
   Please rewrite the following sentences with
   proper conjunctions.
   1. Being ill, he didn’t go to school.
  _________ he was ill, he didn’t go to school.

    2. Walking in the street, I met a friend.
    _______ I walked in the street, I met a friend.

     3. He watched TV , drinking beer.
      He watched TV_______ drank beer.

4. If I were given more time, I would finish work on time.
      4. Given more time, I would finish the the work on time.
________so many          Seeing
                         ______ the picture, I feel
things, the cat felt     very funny. (see)
very tired. (carry)
                       The cat carried many things,

                          ______ more
                          money, I would buy
                          more presents for
                          my wife. (give)
Part three passive and perfect forms of v-ing
1. The underground system being built in the
  city will be open next year.
2. Having seen the situation, a wealthy
  American businessman, Charles Yerkes
  tried to improve the system.
3. Having been developed over many years,
  the underground system is now able to
  transport millions of people effectively.
   被动进行式               being + done
   主动完成式              haivng + done
   被动完成式           having been + done
  Please rewrite the following sentences.
It is said that the second line of Nanjing
                 is being built and it will Qun.
Underground being built will reach Mareach Ma

After the government has realized how serious
Having realized how serious the financial
the financial crisis is, it has been taking many
crisis is, the government has been taking
measures to help help people difficulty.
many measures topeople out ofout of difficulty.

Having been revised many times, the times,
After the plan had been revised many plan it
was carried out last month.
  ________ the differences between
 London Underground and Nanjing
 Underground, our government took
 some measures to improve the
 underground system.
A. Having compared
B. Compared
C. Having been compared
D. being compared
   Part four the subject of v-ing or v-ed clause
The understood subject of v-ing or v-ed clause
is the same as the subject of the main clause.
      Having been trapped in traffic,
      he was late for work.
  Do you think we can rewrite the previous
sentence in this way?
 Having compared the differences between
London Underground and Nanjing underground,
some measures were taken by our government
to improve the undergroud system.
珍惜资源,爱好地球 ________ this public
                service advertisement,
                we think … (see)
                 ________ on internet
                or other media, the
                public service
                advertisement can call
                on more people to…
Sometimes commercial advertisements
can be useful. mislead, know, guide, read
Not knowing what to buy, consumers may
turn to ads for information. That is to say,
readingads, you will get a better
understanding of each product. However,
some consumers may also be cheated by
misleading advertisements. _________ by
__________                     Guided
these ads, they are likely to make wrong
So what attitude will you take to ads?
Please finish the exercise A,
B on page 57.

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