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									Unit 4    Sharing

   A     Letter Home
Remote market
Jungle highway
valley 1
valley 2
Cultural show warriors
Boys drumming
Hunting kids
Village people
Village people
village people
Spirit house
Look at the photos and answer the questions
Photos 1 to 3
1.What was Jo’s job in PNG?
2.What kind of students were in her class?
3.Describe the classrooms.
Photos 4 to 10
1.Jo took many photos of a visit to a student’s
  village.What can you say about the village?
2.What can you say about life in the village?
Photos 1 to 3
1. What was Jo’s job in PNG?
    Jo was a teacher in PNG.
2.What kind of students were in her class?
   Teenage boys, as young as we are.
3.Describe the classrooms.
   The classroom are made with wooden
   poles and have bamboo walls and grass
Photos 4 to 10
1.Jo took many photos of a visit to astudent’s
village.What can you say about the village?
  The village is very small, and it is a place
  full of natural beauties. There are many
  trees and bamboos
2.What can you say about life in the village?
    People in the village live a simple life.
Fast reading
Read the letter and divide it into four parts,
 and summarize what each part is about.
Part 1(Para 1) Opening of the letter and in-
-troduction to what will be talked about in
the passage.
Part 2(Para 2-3) The school where Jo work-
 -ed and Jo’s work at the school.
Part 3(Para4-7) Jo and Jenny visited Tom-
-be’s home in the village.
Part4(Para 8) Closing of the letter.
Careful reading Read the passage careful-
-ly and complete all the exercises
1.Discuss the life in the village
1)Type of houses
   Small, round, made of bamboo, grass roofs
   men’s huts have grass sticking out of the
   roof, no windows, small doorway
2)Family relationships
   Everyone seemed to be a relative of each
3)Cooking methods
   Heat stones first, then put them in an emp-
   -ty oil drum with vegetables, and cover
   them with banana leaves and leave them
   to steam
4)Sleeping arrangements
A new sleeping platform for the guests in the
father’s room, the mother usually sleeps in
her own hut
 Sweet potato, corn, greens and peanuts
A few tin plates and cups, a couple of pots
Tools are very basic; grow kau kau, corn ,
 greens and peanuts.
They believe there are evil spirits that are
usually attracted by leftover food
2.Find the reasons for these facts
1)The boys jumped out of the windows in the
   science lesson
Because they were frightened, they had ne-
-ver seen anything like this before
2)Jo wondered how relevant chemistry was
   to the boys
Because most of them would live all their
lives as farmers
3)Tombe’s mother cried “ieeee ieeee” when
   she saw Jo
It was her way to welcome visitors to the vi-
-llage ( greeting way )
4)There were no windows in Mukap’s hut
Because it was a man’s house.
5)The tin can was standing upside down on
   the grill
The tin can was used to dry out the leftover
food, which might attract evil spirits, so the
tin was thrown out of the hut.
3.Find out the positive and negative things
   about living in a village in Papua New
Positive aspects
1)Boys value education
2)Everyone would know each other
3)The village does not have to rely on outside
  sources for food
4)People can live without many possessions
Negative aspects
1)No running water or electricity
2)The village might be cut off from the out-
  -side world.
3)The village might not have a school
4)There might not be any medical services
  close by
Would you like to work as a volunteer in a
 poor area?
I think I will be a volunteer in a poor area.
Whenever I saw the poor living state of the
poor in the western areas and mountainous
areas, I was eager to do something for them.
All men are created equal. But they can’t get
what we can enjoy. What a pity! If possible,
I will try to help.

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