The Milestone Project by yaofenji


									                         The Milestone Project
                     An NYSC MDG Based Community Development Project
                    by Okichie Ogechukwu

January 29 2013

The Head of Cooperate
Communication, lafarage
Cement Wapco Nigeria plc
Elephant cement house, Assbifi
Alausa Ikeja Lagos.

Dear Sir,

Lafarage is a great brand and an asset to Nigeria. Lafarages’s Vision, Mission, Brand driver and
Human Capital are compelling propositions boldly setting standards of excellence in the West
African Cement industry. Lafarage has the capacity to influence the Nigerian business
community, by adopting a HIGH IMPACT employee volunteer project like Project Milestone.

Project Milestone is an NYSC community development initiative by Corps members with the
vision to achieve the Millennium development goals. Project Milestone is currently partnering
with cooperate organizations like the federal ministry of women affair and social development,
starkey foundation, UNICEF, media houses such as (Nigerian info, Eko fm, Radio Nigeria),
Silverbird TV, NTA and GSK, UAC foods.

The objective of Project Milestone is to reach out to persons with disability in Lagos and to set a
vocational training rehabilitation programme for youth’s within the ages of (10-20year).

Project Milestone Support Request from Lafarage
   1. Donation of Composite cement for the renovation of classroom germane floors
   2. Provision of other listed building materials.

We strongly believe that your partnership will deepen and strengthen your Consumer’s bond.
Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response, kindly find attached the project scope and
Objective for the good of many.

Yours Sincerely
Okiche Vivian Ogechi
Project Milestone Coordinator
S/no        Renovation Project                   Scope                         Objective

1      Reconstruction of broken       This is to help the student    - Structural sustainability
       germane floors                 leave in a less dust free      - Infrastructural
                                      environment                      maintenance

2      Replacement of worn out        This will help to hold the     - To prevent collapse of
       rods                           roofs better                     building

3      Reconstruction of school       This will ensure easy flow     - To prevent flooding
       covet branded with             of water and it will provide   - To ensure safety of
       Lafarsge’s trademark           a better road network            automobile users
                                                                     - Promotion of Lafarage as a
4      Replacement of roofing sheet   This involves providing a      - To stop the leakage of
                                      suitable environment for         water
                                      learning.                      - To provide necessary
                                                                       measure to safeguard
                                                                       student properties

5      Tightening of loosened frame   This is a needed measure       - To prevent collapse of
       works of the building          to ensure structural             building
    Client proposed budget: N188,700.00
    The day: August 27, 2010
    Lagos State
    Location: Agege local government Lagos

S/N Items                                    Unit Price        Quantity Total

1   Iron rods                                       2500.00       12        30,000.00
2   Lafarage Composite Cement                       4,750.00      20        71,250.00
3   Fine sand                                         700.00     25b        17,500.00
4   Gravel                                          1,200.00       6         7,200.00
5   Binding rod                                       350.00       5         1,750.00
6    Cover wood                                       600.00      10         6,000.00
7   Logistics                                      55,000.00       1        55 ,000.00

    Grand total                                                             188,700.00

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