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Uniondale NY has a population of a little over 24,000. This suburb of New York City is located on Long
Island, and is a hamlet within Hempstead. It has a diverse population made up of people from nearby
Roosevelt, Freeport, and Hempstead. Part of the diversity of Uniondale is due to its location, near New
York City.

For a small hamlet, Uniondale is big into sports. The NHL New York Islanders, and the Long Island Rough
Riders are located here, along with the Long Island Lizards. The Rough Riders are a soccer team, and the
Lizards are a Major League Lacrosse team. The teams play in the Nassau Veterans memorial Coliseum
and in the Mitchel Athletic Complex. Uniondale also hosts WWE events such as the SummerSlam and
Great American Bash, as well as the Fatal 4-Way.

Music is also significant in Uniondale culture. Leaders of the New School, tied to Public Enemy, got its
start here. Busta Rhymes launched his solo career from New School. The Vans opened their Warped
Tour from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

In addition, The Godfather filmed 2 scenes at Mitchel Field. Mitchel Field is in the Uniondale School
District. In addition, the documentary, “My Block: Strong Island” is based in Uniondale.

There are a number of residents of Uniondale who has made a name for themselves. Andrew Quarless
graduated from Uniondale High School, and went on to play for the Green Bay Packers. The Broadway
singer and actress, Sheryl Lee Ralph, also grew up here. The accomplished pathologist and professor
Edward Goljan, M.D. is from Uniondale, as is John Moschitta, Jr. Moschitta made his name as the fast
talking actor in the FedEx commercials, and has gained a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records
as the fastest talking man, at 586 words a minute.

Uniondale has a lot to offer its residents, with a small town atmosphere and ready access to the amazing
offerings in New York City. Its location is perfect for those who want quick, affordable access to the
urban environment without having to spend big money to live there.

With such a diverse population, people of Uniondale also share a strong commitment to helping the less
fortunate. There are many charitable organizations in and around Uniondale, including The Salvation
Army, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. Residents also donate cars for Heritage
for the Blind. This helps people of all ages who are diagnosed with visual impairment and certain other
disabilities. People with vision problems can learn about their eye disorders, find rehab sites, and get
support that helps them to be independent. Heritage for the Blind accepts car donations on their
website. Each of these vehicle donations for the blind provides funding for many services. Heritage for
the Blind offers services not available from any other organizations.

Uniondale has a plenty to offer residents and visitors. Everyone enjoys the diversity, lifestyle, and fast
pace that flourish in Uniondale.

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