UD-B330System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and by yantingting


									Finding the right balance
 Devices and
 Applications& Experiences
                             Controlled access
                             to data with
 Users Want
 data across                 seamless
 devices, anywhere           authentication
               Devices & Platforms

Single admin
Configurations for MDM:                               Features
• Windows Intune standalone                           •    Over the air device enrollment*
• ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 + Windows                        •    User-targeted available app deployment
  Intune Subscription                                 •    User and device settings management*
                                                      •    Device inventory*
New Platforms                                         •    Remote device retirement*
•    Windows RT                                       •    Remote device wipe*
•    Windows Phone 8
•    iOS (5.x, 6.x)
•    Android (2.1 and later)

*Android features managed by-proxy through the Exchange Connector
•   Admin has not configured mobile device management
•   Admin has not enabled enrollment for specific device types
•   User is trying to enroll several devices at the same time or has more than 20
    mobile devices in the system
•   User is not provisioned by their IT admin
•   Windows Phone 8 Only: WP8 code signing certificate not configured properly
•   iOS only: Apple Push Notification Service certificate is not configured or
    expired. Or device is not running iOS 5.0 +
• Hardware properties for mobile devices are collected through Device
  Management as well as Exchange ActiveSync
• App inventory for apps installed via MDM. For privacy reasons, we
  do not collect app inventory for apps installed through other means
  on the device
• Inventory is not extensible for mobile devices
• Settings can be be applied to devices managed in Windows Intune and
  devices managed through the Exchange Server Connector
• Single security policy template is used to manage settings on all managed
  mobile devices. System figures out applicability to each platform.
• Reporting available on each setting (applicable, conformant or error)
• If a device is receiving policy from more than 1 authority, the most secure
  value for a setting is applied.
Setting name                                                 Exchange     WinRT/ WinPh8   iOS
Require a password to unlock mobile devices                      √             √          √
Required password type                                           √             √          √
Minimum password length                                          √             √          √
Allow simple passwords                                           √             √          √
Number of repeated sign-in failures before device is wiped       √             √          √
Minutes of inactivity before device screen is locked             √             √          √

Password expiration (days)                                       √             √          √

Remember password history                                        √             √          √
Allow convenience logon (Windows RT only)                                      √
Setting name                                                                  EAS (Activesync)   WinRT/ WinPh8       iOS

Allow camera                                                                         √                           √

Allow web browser                                                                    √                           √

Allow backup to iCloud (iOS only)                                                                                √

Allow documents sync to iCloud (iOS only)                                                                        √

Allow photostream sync to iCloud (iOS only)                                                                      √

Maximum size of e-mail attachments                                                   √

E-mail synchronization for last (days)                                               √

Allow mobile devices that don’t fully support these settings to synchronize          √
with Exchange
Require encryption on mobile device                                                  √

Require encryption on storage cards                                                  √
• User or Admin initiated
• Removes the record of the device from the system
• Disables further MDM app installation and settings management on the device
   • MDM installed apps are removed on Windows Phone
   • Sideloading key removed on Windows RT disabling sideloaded apps

•   iOS and WP8: Complete wipe and reset to factory defaults
•   Android: EAS mailbox removal only
•   Windows RT and Windows 8: Only EAS mailbox removal if managed through EAS
•   Windows 7 and below: No wipe
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