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									SEED Food Nasty!

  Kendall Gilreath
           Table Of Contents
•   Advocacy Topic
•   Objective
•   Audience
•   Calls To Action
•   Mission
•   Reflection
• My mission is to get the staff’s attention
  that the students of the SEED PCS wants
  better food. My mission is to let them know
  how important this is and we need new
         Advocacy Objective
• My objective is to get better food.
• My audience is the director of the Food
  here Mr. Botang and the students here at
  the SEED school. I’m creating this
  advocacy project on behalf of my peers
  and myself.
            Calls To Action
• My Calls To Action is steps we could take
  to get better food. Steps I believe will
  might work are to get students opinion on
  the food, talk to the people in charge of the
  food, and prove to the staff here that we
  are ready for better food and it’s time.
• Creating this project it made me really
  want good food here because were here
  all week with this nasty jail food. This
  project was long but if we get better food it
  was worth it. Now I want to create a
  website about myself.

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