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					   Headquarters U.S. Air Force
   Integrity - Service - Excellence

Overview of Air Force Enhanced
  Use Lease (EUL) Program
                                                  EUL Overview
   10 USC § 2667 provides Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) authority
   An EUL is a lease… by the Government
        Of non-excess real or personal property
            Not anticipated to be needed for the duration of the lease,
             but which the Air Force may need at some future date or
             needs to retain ownership for a mission-related reason
        Under the control of the Government
        To a public or private sector Lessee
        In exchange for fair market value rental payments (cash or
         in-kind consideration)

    AFRPA has been charged by SAF with acquiring, managing and disposing
              of all Air Force-controlled real property worldwide

                     Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                             EUL Objective

   An Enhanced Use Lease allows the Installation to leverage real
    property assets to:
      Provide solutions for validated, unfunded installation
       requirements through cash or in-kind consideration proceeds
      Enhance mission capabilities by encouraging innovation
       through commercial, market-based projects
      Gain value while managing encroachment
      Foster engines for economic growth in local communities

               Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                     The Power of EUL
                                            EUL projects unlock asset
                                            value, create funding for
                                            installations, and help meet
                                            asset management goals

Benefits:      Maximize asset value
               Update/retrofit infrastructure and facilities
               Create resources for installation use
               Long-term, proactive asset management
               Manage development with minimum mission impact
               In-kind consideration to meet unfunded needs and create
                renewable energy sources

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         EUL Lifecycle
                                                                                                                                    PHASE II                                                                                          PHASE III
  PHASE 0                                                                          PHASE I                                                                                                                                                                                           PHASE IV                PHASE V
                                                                                                                                    Project                                                                                           Lease
  Business                                                                         Project                                                                                                                                                                                           Project                 Project
                                                                                                                                    Definition &                                                                                      Negotiation &
  Development                                                                      Identification                                                                                                                                                                                    Management              Closeout
                                                                                                                                    Acquisition                                                                                       Closing
Desktop Analysis                                                                Project kickoff and                               Release Statement of                                                                                Develop Business &                             Oversight of             Returns property to
identifies                                                                      Site Orientation Visit                            Need (SON)                                                                                          Leasing Plans                                  development and in-      original condition.
opportunities                                                                   (SOV)                                             Hold Industry Day                                                                                   Agree to financial and                         kind properties

                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Steering Group Review; SAF/IEI Source Selection Approval
Installation /                                                                  Prepare Feasibility                               Prepare and Release                                                                                 lease terms                                    Lease Compliance
Community Visit                                                                 Study                                             Request for                                                                                         Execute lease                                  Management of funds
refines opportunities                                                           Determine Highest                                 Qualifications (RFQ)
                             Installation, MAJCOM, AFRPA Sign Project Charter

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Reporting and metrics
Coordination with Air                                                           and Best Use                                      Select Highest
Force and                                                                       Prepare Statement of                              Ranked Offeror
Community                                                                       Need (SON)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SAF/IEI Signs Lease
                                                                                                               AFRPA/DR Approve

Sign Project Charter                                                            advancement to
                                                                                Phase II
Criteria for Opportunity:                                                       Criteria for Identification:                      Criteria for Acquisition:
Apparent market demand                                                          Strong market demand or                           Qualifications of developer
Developable parcels with                                                        Installation identification                       Compatibility with Air Force
minimal constraints                                                             No planned Installation                           mission
Preliminary indications of                                                      need for duration of lease,                       A7C (Civil Engineer)
financial viability                                                             but required long-term so                         approval of in-kind
                                                                                not excess                                        consideration
                                                                                A8 verifies mission bed-                          Development timetable
                                                                                down requirements are

                                                                                                    180 Business Days                                                                                                                                                                  +/- 50 Years
                                                                                                                          Informal & Formal Congressional Notification                                                                                                               OSD Reporting

                                                                                             Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                      Success Stories
 6 executed transactions
 Managing nearly 35 projects in the EUL inventory
 Adapted to market conditions with focus on energy projects
 Increased due diligence and established pipeline of projects

           Eglin AFB, FL:               Hill AFB, UT:                 Nellis AFB, NV:
    Funding for much needed      New office spaces to replace   Construction of an installation
    facilities maintenance and   antiquated World War II-era           fitness facility
              upgrades                   warehouses

                       Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                              Success Stories
Wright-Patterson AFB:                        Edwards AFB:
 Unlocked value through EUL of non-excess  Largest energy EUL project in DoD
  hyperbaric facilities                       Nearly 3,300 acres
    Avoided annual maintenance expense       Photovoltaic solar

    Created AF training opportunities        Potential to generate up to 440 MW

    Lease terms provide flexibility through  Signed Agreement to Lease with
      additional option periods                Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
                                               (Jan 2010)
    First EUL of existing facilities
                                              Construction to begin early 2014
 Lease execution timeline under one year
      Lease signed 1 Oct 2011

                                                          Edwards AFB, CA

                 Integrity - Service - Excellence
                        Current EUL Opportunities

           Park City

Travis       Hill
                                                                    JB McGuire/

 Edwards                Holloman

Clear                                               Eglin-Emerald Breeze;


                                   Phase I EUL   Phase II/III EUL   Other VBT
                    Integrity - Service - Excellence
                  Project Overview
                              98 acres
                              Utilities available
                              Adjacent to Univ.
                               of FL Research &
                               Education Facility
                              Potential
                               connection to
                               high-speed Florida
                              Envision mixed-
                               use research and
                               technology park

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                    Keys to Success

The Air Force will                             Stay informed
compete source                                  
selection. To give your                         
proposal the best
                                               Competition is the norm
chance at success,
follow these tips…                             Non-FAR transaction
                                               Risk and Qualifications
                                                 Strategic approach
 To be considered highly qualified, your
                                                 Organizational capability
 proposal must meet the stated minimum
 requirements in a way that is beneficial        Financial ability
 to the Government.
                                                   Past performance

                     Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                               Contact Info

   Project Manager – Kathy Bustos, 210-395-9518,
   Real Estate Support Services Consultant (Jones Lang LaSalle) –
    Bryan Thomas,
   Technical Advisor – Matt Long, mlong@smith
   Eglin EUL Program Manager – Glenn Wagner,
   Websites:

                Integrity - Service - Excellence

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