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									06/04/2011                                    2011 Full Schedule

 2011 Full Schedule

 Thursday, May 5, 2011

                          Registration Desk
  5:00pm - 10:00pm
                          Fairmont Chateaue     Check-In/Registration

                                                Welcome Reception and Orientation

  7:00pm - 9:00pm
                          TBA                   First Nations cultural performance

                                                Gentle Vinyasa Class

 Friday, May 6, 2011

  7:00am-7:30am      TBA                 Meditation

                                         In this workshop we will explore diverse pranayama practices for
                                         different purposes (physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing),
                                         design sequences for home practice and teaching, and learn about the
                                         theory of the 5 pranas and how it relates to yoga practice. You will
                                         have the opportunity to delve into kriya and pranayama practices that
                                         help to detoxify the body and the nadis, import prana, and allow you
                                         to cultivate personal power and calm awareness. This 6-hour
                                         workshop will begin with:

                                               an integrated asana and pranayama session to tune into the
  8:00am-3:00pm                                flow of your prana.
                     Awakening Inner
                                               We will then continue on to outline the conditions for
  (Lunch Break       Power with
                                               pranayama practice, some beneficial tips to enhance your
  11:00am-           Pranayama
  12:00pm)           Yogi Vishvketu            ability to contain as well as expand your prana, and the theory
                                               of the five pranas.
                                               At the end of the morning you will learn and explore agni sara
                                               kriya (fire stoking), full uddiyana bandha (navel lock), and
                                               several forms of anuloma viloma (alternate nostril breathing).

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06/04/2011                                     2011 Full Schedule
                                                 In the afternoon we will delve into the creation of pranayama
                                                 sequences for you and/or your students, and
                                                 you will further develop your kumbhak (internal and external
                                                 breath retention) with the 3 bandhas during the practice of
                                                 kapalabhati (shining skull breath) and bhastrika (bellows

                                          The Chakra System is the structural yoke of yoga, showing how mind
                                          and body, spirit and matter interface within the architecture of the
                                          soul. It describes a profound formula for wholeness as centres of
                                          organization for the life force energy that governs our beliefs,
                                          behaviours, and health.

                                       Through our sacred centre at the core, the sushumna, the chakras
                                       connect Heaven and Earth and bring us back to wholeness once
                     Opening the Inner
                                       again, in mind, body, and spirit, both as individuals and as a culture.
                     Anodea Judith
                                       Yoga is the spiritual language in which we converse with this ancient
                                       system. Asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation are the keys that
                                       unlock the gates to the inner realm and open the splendour of shakti
                                       on her journey up the spine.

                                          Learn how to balance the archetypal elements of earth, water, fire,
                                          air, sound, light, and thought, as you wiggle your way up the spine
                                          and across the rainbow bridge.

                                          Patram puspam phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati tad
                                          aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami prayatatmanah

                                          However humble the offering, be it a leaf, a flower, fruit, or
                                          water, if it is made with love and devotion, i will accept it.
                                          excerpt from Ruth Lauer-Manetti.

                                          This workshop will be very educational for teachers and students
                                          wanting to explore Jivamukti literally means “liberation while living.”
                                          One of the nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha yoga.

                                          Bhagavad Gita, Teaching and the role of the teacher, Jivamukti
                     An Offering of       vinyasa practice, Anatomy of the head and neck , Inverted Asana,
                     Leaves               Arm balancing, meditation, chakras, pranayama, and Shat Karma
                     Tina James           Kriya’s, (kapalbhati)

                                          This Jivamukti Intensive will address Asana technique and alignment,
                                          the history of Jivamukti Yoga, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita,
                                          Chanting, injury prevention, core strength development, basic

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06/04/2011                                     2011 Full Schedule
                                          adjustments and the internal - energetic practice and simple
                                          meditation techniques.

                                          Come deepen and refine your practice, receive support and guidance
                                          in developing your personal practice. This Intensive is designed for
                                          beginners, intermediate students and teachers.

                                          Vijnana Yoga, rooted in the Krishnamacharya lineage, is a holistic
                                          form of practice for mind, body and heart. The term Vijnana –refers
                                          to understanding from the inside, intuition, discernment and clarity
                                          through experience; it is one of the 5 koshas or sheaths that comprise
                                          us. Together we will explore: Sitting Meditation, Kriyas, Mudras,
                                          Pranayama, Tensegrity Repair Series, Asanas and Yoga Philosophy.

                     Finding Balance:     Precision and flow create the balance in Leslie’s teaching. What
                     The Freedom of       weaves the whole practice together is awareness of the present
                     Discipline           moment. In meditation we will explore concentration and mindfulness,
                     Leslie Young         kriya practice will include uddiyana bandha, agnisara & nauli.
                                          Pranayama will focus on various ways to practice nadi shodana. The
                                          Tensegrity Repair Series, created by Gioia Irwin, is an excellent
                                          practice for restoring balance and maintaining a healthy core while
                                          being accessible to all levels. Our asana practice will play with
                                          balance, finding our center of gravity and keeping the mind fully
                                          engaged in our experience. Freedom is being present with “what is”
                                          without resistance.

                                          From the ancient and sacred abode of Lord Shiva at the summit of
                                          Mount Kailash in Tibet to the modern-day, playground-peaks of
                                          Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains in Canada, yoga has kissed the
                                          rocky and snowy faces of earths most natural and majestic

                                          Join Tanya and delve into practices of mindfulness and moment-to-
                                          moment awareness within the context of the unique and vibrant
                     Whistler Style: A    lifestyle of Whistler's mountain-riding yoga community. This
                     Soul-Full            workshop is adapted from Tanya's program Sports and Yoga: Eight
                     Snowboarders         Limbs to Excellence, and is a taste of the programs core teachings.
                     Guide to Bliss in    For teachers who plan to teach yoga to athletes, this will be great
                     the Mountains        guide!
                     Tanya Di Valentino
                                          We will explore 3 Points of Yoga for Mindful Riding & 5 Points of
                                          Yoga for Tuning Your Gear (by “Gear” I mean “Body” however
                                          there's something very meditative in the process of waxing your

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06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
                                          board and sharpening your edges!)

                                          This workshop is for everyone...snowboarders, skiers, slednecks,
                                          yoga teachers, yoga students and anyone looking to deepen their
                                          experience in their sport or activity is welcome!

                     Yin for Yoga
                     Teachers             Class Description coming soon.
                     Colleen Felgate

                                          We are the ones we have been waiting for ~ Hopi Elder Our
                                          collective thoughts are what have manifested the war, fear,
                     Make Peace on        separation, and violence in the world today. Everything we think, feel
                     Your Mat and         and experience takes refuge in our bodies and manifests out there in
                     Inspire Peace in     the world we live in. Practicing yoga is a catalyst for what we
                     the World            practice in our daily lives. As we strengthen our bodies, balance our
                     Kristin Campbell     minds and make peace with our spirits in this purifying Vinyasa Flow
                                          Yoga Class we will explore using our Yoga Practice as a Prayer for

                                       Sometimes what you love most about a Yoga class is when the
                                       teacher offers those deepening assists during a pose and silently you
                                       beg for them to stay a moment longer... Learn acupressure based
                                       Thai-Yoga Assists that will send the recipient on a therapeutic
                     Heart Based Thai-
                                       journey of self awareness through the body. The techniques
                     Yoga Assists
                                       presented will blend into any Yin or Restorative Yoga class, where
                     Kristin Nuttal
                                       the Yogis are able to melt a little more into their postures under your
                                       hands. Discover your ability to hold this healing space in transferring
                                       the Buddhist principle of Metta (caring, loving kindness) from one
                                       heart to another.

                                        Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, website, Vimeo, Myspace,
                                        blog, e-newsletter. Today's marketing world can seem downright
                                        confusing and complicated. In this seminar learn tips, techniques and
                                        some tricks to enhance your business easily and methodically. Like
                                        your daily yoga practice your marketing efforts should help you grow
                     Marketing for
                                        and develop your business. In this session, you will begin to create
                     Yoga Practitioners
                                        your own daily checklist. As soon as you sign-up the learning will
                     Glenn Iles
                                        begin, as I will start to send you marketing ideas and give you some
                                        practical ideas to try out before the conference begins. Similarly, the
                                        seminar will only be the beginning, as we will continue the learning
                                        after the conferences as well.

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06/04/2011                                   2011 Full Schedule

  6:00pm-8:00pm      Dinner Break

                                        In Bollywood, life’s a party and there is a dance move for every

                                        Bollywood Nights is an open level class, where students will dance
                                        and move their cares away. In this safe and supportive environment,
                                        you’ll be led through a series of moves that builds your spirit and
                                        strengthens your body. While moving to Bollywood beats, fear and
                                        inhibitions shed away and students learn to release stress, self doubt
                     Bollywood Night
  8:00pm-10:00pm                        and burden from their bodies. Class culminates in a sweaty ecstatic
                                        freestyle party. By the end of the class, you’ll love the way you feel,
                                        look and move.

                                        Caution: Known side effects include smiling, breaking into cool dance
                                        moves and feeling great!

                                        Note: Bare foot dancing. Keep hydrated with plenty of water. And
                                        wear your bindi's if you have them.

 Saturday, May 7, 2011

  7:00am-7:30am                        Meditation

                                       The Sivananda Yoga practice was inspired by the Indian saint for
                                       whom it is named and brought to the west by his student Swami
                                       Vishnudevananda in the 1950s. His aim was the promotion world
                                       peace and as such, more than 60 Centres are now thriving all over the
                                       world, from Europe to South America, from the Middle East to Viet
                                       Naam, from New Zealand to Lithuania.

                                  Though the lineage is founded on Vedanta philosophy, Swami Vishnu,
                                  as a master of Hatha Yoga, designed a yoga practice which includes
                 Classical        asanas, pranayama, and relaxation all done in a meditative atmosphere.
  8:00am-10:00am Sivananda        Kashi will offer a two hour yoga practice from this authentic tradition
                 Kashi Richardson staying true to its classical roots.

                                       There will be a short introduction presenting the Sivananda lineage and
                                       the aims of classical Hatha Yoga as a path to personal and universal
                                       peace. The practice will then start with pranayama, followed by sun
                                       salutations, asanas and finishing with deep, therapeutic relaxation.
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06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
                                         Throughout the practice mindfulness and childlike curiosity are
                                         cultivated leading to a feeling of deep peace. Bring a sitting cushion
                                         and shawl or blanket.

                                         Emotions flow through us like waves in the deep blue sea of our soul.
                                         They control the barometer of our lives if we give into them. Primarily
                                         a function of our 2nd Chakra, Sacral/Swadhisthana, this area is
                                         correlated to our hips and Uddyana Bandha. Learn effective
                     Surfing your
                                         techniques to master the waves of emotion, thus mastering your life.
                     Inner Waves to
                                         This flow based workshop focuses on fluid movements, to connect
                     Balance your
                                         with the water like quality within you. A strong emphasis on hip
                                         openers and breathing mantras to move prana/energy through you,
                                         releasing what may be limiting you- leaving you open to receive the
                                         divine blessings of peace, love, joy and fulfillment that are in store for
                                         your life. Teacher Trainees will learn variations and modifications to
                                         teach all level students.

                                         The Sanskrit word "chakra" means "wheel". A wheel rolls, turns and,
                                         by means of cyclic or circular movement, takes one on a journey.
                                         Chakras are affected most directly through sound current and
                                         vibration. Mantra is a potent yogic method for purifying the chakras
                                         and promoting the ascent of consciousness. The practice of Asanas,
                                         due to their ability to directly stimulate the endocrine glands, are in
                                         themselves a potent method used for chakra cleansing. Often one or
                                         more of these chakras will be blocked or out of balance which can
                                         negatively affect our health and well-being.

                                      This masterclass will incorporate asana, kriya, and chanting to help
                     Chakra Balancing balance and unblock any of the affected chakras. It will be quite
                     Master Class -   challenging but you will leave feeling very balanced and totally blissed
                     Jivamukti        out! Tina’s dear teacher Sharon Gannon is one of her greatest
                     Tina James       inspirations and developed this practice.

                                         “In every individual there lies unlimited potentiality. One need only to
                                         cut asunder the snare of the mind and senses and renounce the finite
                                         for the infinite. Once a person can catch a glimpse of infinite reaches of
                                         awareness, the perfect forces, the wide expanses of knowledge, and
                                         the joyous freedom of being which awaits him in the unexplored
                                         regions of his inner self-existence, there will be no turning back as he
                                         takes to the path leading to divine consciousness, for nothing will mean
                                         so much as the treasure of his own enlightened being.” —Truman
                                         Caylor Wadlington.

                                         F        t th      i j         t t    ith        b t     i lif d         t 6/15
06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
                                         For most, the yogic journey starts with asana, but yogic life does not
                                         start, nor end with your physical practice. Mantra provides the
                                         opportunity to deepen your practice and evolve to open yourself to a
                                         higher vibration and more subtle level of awareness.

                                       If you seek to live with awareness on all levels and actively engage in
                     Mantra: The Path both self-healing, as well as healing for the larger community and
                     to Healing, Light mother earth then mantra is a vital step in your yogic journey. The
                     and Peace         practices presented in this workshop are so powerful they have the
                     Shivani Howe      ability to purify and balance dis-ease and transform/refine/balance your

                                         Mantras included in this workshop are the Mahamritunjaya Mantra,
                                         Gyatri Mantra, Shanti Mantra and Shanti Path as well as some key
                                         “one liners” that can be practiced at home by the practitioner.

                                         Pranayama, one of the 8 limbs of yoga, feeds the energetic body.
                     Pranayama           Pranayama is one of Leslie’s most passionate subjects. This class is
                     (Vijnana Yoga):     designed to help people understand the mechanics of breathing, to
                     Cleansing,          bring heightened awareness to subtle aspects of the breath, understand
                     Balancing and       the bandhas and their use in khumbaka while looking at the relationship
                     Energizing          between citta and prana. We will explore natural breathing, ujjayi,
                     Leslie Young        kapala bhati, and nadi shodana. Breathe and feel the truth of flow.

                                         The chakra system is stimulated by a process of compression and
                                         expansion at the core that occurs through flexion and extension of the
                                         spine. This process is especially enhanced by the vinyasa practice of
                                         sun salutations, a series of moves that link together various postures in
                                         a continuous flow.
                     Chakra Based
                     Sun Salutations     Learn how variations within each sun salutation can focus on each
                     Anodea Judith       chakra in turn, completing seven sun salutations that move through the
                                         basic postures of a typical practice. Once this series is learned, you
                                         can add or delete poses, move quickly or slowly. Chakra based
                                         theory will be given along with the sun salutes, integrating mind and
                                         body for an enriching practice that brings both strength and flexibility
                                         as it wakes up your spine and puts you in touch with all your chakras.

                                         Awaken your spiritual power through a Bollywood Vinyasa practice,
                                         which combines vinyasa flow yoga with elements of Bollywood and
                                         Bhangra Dance gestures.

                     B ll      d
                                         Boll   ood in asa is inspired b the e berant erotic and e pressi e7/15
06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
                     Bollywood           Bollywood vinyasa is inspired by the exuberant, erotic and expressive
                     Vinyasa             moves seen in Indian films. This class infuses various vedic practices
                     Hemalayaa           such as chanting mantras combined with classical and folk Indian
                                         dances, belly dancing, and yoga.

                                         Connect your inner self with your outer body with joy and radiance
                                         flowing through you in a creativly linked series of yoga asanas and
                                         dances that ultimately culminate in bliss.

                                     There is increasing popularity of iconography and saguna kirtan
                                     chanting here in the West, and in India since the beginning of the
                                     Sectarian Age. However, a certain number of the Bhakta/tis were non-
                                     sectarian and did not worship anthropomorphic deities. Although this
                     Kabir and       form of devotion is not entirely without attributes, I call it niirguna
                     Niirguna Bhakti bhakti, or non iconic devotion. In this session we will explore the
                     Chetana Panwar thread of niirguna bhakti through yoga history, highlighting the medieval
                                     poet Kabir. The class will be organized around the radically egalitarian,
                                     non-denominational devotional poems of Kabir. We will conclude with
                                     an experience of niirguna bhakti through mantras for universal welfare,
                                     visualization and meditation.

  12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch Break

                                       In this magical exploration of life's greatest gift: LOVE, you will
                                       experience upper and mid back openers like you've never felt before.
                                       The "back" of the heart is where we store many of our earlier
                                       emotional tension from childhood, relationships and unmet
                     Sailing the Winds expectations from life. Working with asanas, breath, visualization, and
                     of Love - Journey mantras we learn to release that which is not serving you to become
                     into the Heart    more free to love and be loved, to share compassion, forgiveness,
                     Dashama           empathy and joy. Back bending emphasized in this class, as well as
                                       shoulder openers, neck stretching, breathing and self massage

                                         In this workshop we will explore sound and vibration, in particular
                                         through Brahmaree pranayama (the bumble bee sound) both with
                     Harmony with the
                                         asanas, and seated. We call this practice Hatha-Raja Yoga – it is
                     Sound of the
                                         especially good for relieving stress, insomnia, balancing the wellbeing
                                         hormones in the brain, and opening the upper chakras. The class will
                     Yogi Vishvketu
                                         culminate in a brief natural meditation. Bring a cushion.

                                         Galavasana Eka Pada Koundinyasana A & B Visvamitrasana How
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06/04/2011                                    2011 Full Schedule
                                       Galavasana, Eka Pada Koundinyasana A & B, Visvamitrasana. How
                     Angels and Arm do we teach these more "advanced" arm balances in an open level
                     Balances          class? This workshop is about creating kramas (stages) for your
                     Clara Roberts-Oss students to explore flying whether they are new to the practice or
                                       seasoned. Learn how to create a sequence where everyone in the
                                       room feels like they are participating.

                                        This meditative movement and breath has its roots in ancient China. As
                                        you understand the physical movement we will explore different ways,
                                        to relax, sink deeply and experience the universal energy field of Qi.

                     Qi Gong for        Qi Gong is the intuitive experience of opening into our subtle energy.
                     Awakening the      When we learn the alchemy of profound presence and deep relaxation,
                     Flow               we cultivate this healing power and infuse our lives with radiance and
                     Shane Perkins      lovingkindness.

                                        I have found these principles to integrate into my life quickly and
                                        powerfully everyday. May each moment revile itself as source and
                                        attune us with that universal grace.

                     Other Optional           Manduko Course
                     Activities:              Bunjee Jump
                                              Peak 2 Peak Gondola
                                              Ancient Cedars (Hike or Snowshoe)
                                              (additinal charge for these options)

                                        A bold practice of handbalancing and backbends.

                                        In this advanced practice, we will play in variations of handstand,
                                        transitions between handbalancings, standing poses, and inversions.
                                        We will build together toward dropbacks from Tadasana to Urdhva
                                        Dhanurasana (upward facing bow) and Handstand to Urdhva
                                        Dhanurasana dropovers. This class is for the fierce heart who knows it
                                        is ready to kick it up. With Anusara’s Universal Principles of
                                        Alignment™, move deeper, more fearlessly through new thresholds.
                                        Our practice will include deep hip opening to prepare us for this
                                        radical play. While it will be a moving practice, expect some
                     Fierce Grace       parenthetical teaching geared to teachers with regard to observing
  4:00pm-6:00pm      Christine Price    student’s readiness for this work, as well as public-class applicable
                     Clark              assists/partner work.

                                        A moving practice of handbalancing and backbends dropbacks and
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06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
                                         A moving practice of handbalancing and backbends, dropbacks and
                                         dropovers, to affirm your aliveness and your intrinsic thirst for greater
                                         consciousness and bolder living. Open your heart and blow your mind
                                         in this advanced asana class – a class designed to radically affirm the
                                         divinity of your humanity.

                                         **REQUIREMENTS/NOTES: Registrants should be able to kick up
                                         into handstand at the wall without assistance and perform Urdhva
                                         Dhanurasana (Upward Facing Bow Pose/Full Wheel Pose) with
                                         straight arms. They should also have no major therapeutic concerns.
                                       This workshop will focus on providing you the tools to safely and
                     Hands on Surya confidently adjust your students as they move through sun salutations
                     Namaskar          and standing series of the practice. There will also be a discussion on
                     Clara Roberts-Oss the typical misalignments we see in class and how to remedy them
                                       through verbal and physical cues. This class is for teachers.

                                         Calling all capable, confident and multi-tasking women (yes, we’re
                                         talking to you!). Come to a place that feeds your physical and spiritual
                                         self as you connect to the sacred feminine that lies within you. In
                                         Sacred Dance and Yoga, we’ll seamlessly fuse four spiritually
                     Sacred Dance        restorative elements: creative yoga, sacred dance, grounding
                     and Yoga            meditations, and rejuvenating pranayama. Playful, flowing, inspiring
                     Hemalayaa           and powerfully transformative, this session is designed to help you
                                         transcend beyond the physical and into the sacred flow of your own
                                         inner Goddess.

                                         Note: No previous experience required.

                                         With a basic knowledge of the chakra system you are now ready to
                                         learn the 3 stage Tantric meditational technique of Chakra Shuddhi.

                                         In the Chakra Shuddhi Meditation Workshop (shuddhi = purification)
                                         we cover a 3 stage meditation to start the process of Locating,
                                         Stimulating and Purifying each chakra. These are 3 of the 5 steps
                     Chakra Shuddhi
                                         needed to awaken and rise the Kundalini Shakti. The final 2 stages
                     Shivani Howe        must be practiced with a Master or Guru as the techniques are passed
                                         down only at the time the student is ready to practice them.

                                         Please note that in order to attend this workshop you must already
                                         have a basic knowledge and understanding of the chakra system as the
                                         basics of each chakra will not be covered.

  6:00pm 8:00pm      Dinner Break
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06/04/2011                                      2011 Full Schedule
  6:00pm-8:00pm      Dinner Break

                 An Evening of
  8:00pm-10:00pm Kirtan
                 Musical Guest

 Sunday, May 8, 2011

  7:00am-7:30am                             Meditation

                                            It is said that all of life is relationship between the one and the many.
                                            In the pursuit of greater intimacy, love and maturity, relationship
                 The Yoga of                becomes a sacred ground for practice. The yoga of relationships is
                 Relationship               about seeing ourselves and our partner(s) as both students and
                 Saskia Tait and            teachers. In this workshop, we will introduce practices that can
                 Shahar Rabi                support our relationships and enrich our solo and collective
                                            journeys. It will be co-facilitated by Shahar Rabi and Saskia Tait,
                                            and will be addressed to singles and couples.

                                            Presenting a special multi-sensory exploration into the fragrant and
                                            healing world of contemplative aromatherapy and aromatic soma

                                       Olfactory explorations of aromatic botanical treasures, attars, resins
                      Aromatic Alchemy
                                       and hydrosols. Discover the transformative effects of sacred scents,
                      and Soma Yoga
                                       plant quintessence and fragrant molecules on your consciousness,
                      Colleen Fraser
                                       memory, mood, health and sensuality.

                                            A deeply rejuvenating and inspiring 60 minute all level soma yoga
                                            and meditation practice infused and anointed with aromatic

                                            Manipura is the fire of transformation, that comes from the core
                                            center of your Being- your Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)- and when
                                            we ignite it through this vigorous and challenging yoga practice, you
                                            will be forever transformed. We walk right up to the edge of what
                                            you thought were limits and FLY- Soaring High into the
                      Fire of               Stratosphere and Become One with the Inner Radiant Light. This

                      Transformation -      module/workshop is designed for levels 2/3 You will leave knowing
whistleryogaconference.com/…/confer…                                                                              11/15
06/04/2011                                       2011 Full Schedule
                      Transformation -      module/workshop is designed for levels 2/3. You will leave knowing
                      Embracing your        you touched your edge, went beyond your comfort zone and having
                      Edge                  real tools and techniques to access this power in the future. For
                      Dashama               Aspiring Teachers: an emphasis on the language that inspires,
                                            motivates and moves yoga practitioners, this training will teach you
                                            to convey this transformative practice to your students of all levels,
                                            regardless of their current ability or motivation level. BE Inspiring.
                                            Be a Flame that Ignites, Be the Fire of Transformation, Illumination
                                            and Radiance.

                      Rhythm and            In this class we will explore oscillating movements, postures, mantra,
                      Repetition as         and both dynamic and integrative pranayama techniques. We will
                      Mysitcal Keys:        also work with chakra visualizations and seed sounds – the rich
                      Classical Kundalini   symbolism of the Tantra tradition. The flow of the class will be
                      Yoga                  particularly geared towards opening the door to experiences of
                      Yogi Vishvketu        expanded awareness.

                                            Through the eyes of our most beloved teachers flows the power of
                  Speaking the Bliss:
                                            abiding truth. In this dynamic session we will explore and taste this
                  A Journey from
                                            true freedom. To begin we will be dancing to connect with our own
                                            primary pulse of life. We will then lie in a sacred circle to continue
  10:30am-12:30pm through Advanced
                                            breathing and deepening into grace. Once we have opened our
                  Pranayama, and
                                            connection we will integrate with a simple and yet profound form of
                  into Satya
                                            dialog. This will empower our mind to trust the space of our heart
                  Shane Perkins
                                            and enter the true essence of love.

                                            Make it real and keep it real in the seat of the teacher, while sharing
                                            the lessons of the ancient and the everyday.

                                            “No experience is so separate it can’t be shared”- Douglas Brooks

                                         We learn and grow from each other and from the shared knowledge
                                         of our experiences and our visions. In the seat of the teacher, we
                                         have the opportunity to nurture in our students the understanding of
                                         yoga as means for greater self-knowledge, clearer inner vision and
                                         most significantly enhanced relationships from the inside out- to
                                         effectively reveal the teachings as relevant and applicable to our
                                         living in a busy, demanding world. Any personal inspiration- a
                                         poem, a pose, a verse from a sacred text, a yama or niyama- can be
                      Reverent, Relevant a gateway for any student’s profound transformation in just one
                      and Resonant       public class. It can also be the very thing that keeps the practice
                      Christine Price    from landing. In this workshop, learn how to theme and build a
                      Clark              class, starting from the most accessible teacher you have- you.

                                            Make an everyday experience or ancient teaching meaningful and
whistleryogaconference.com/…/confer…                                                                            12/15
06/04/2011                                       2011
                                            Make anFull Schedule
                                                      everyday experience or ancient teaching meaningful and
                                            applicable to the very class you teach, from start to finish; through
                                            heart, mind and body. Learn the tools to take an excerpt from the
                                            Gita, a verse from the Yoga Sutras, or a memorable conversation
                                            with a stranger on the street and weave it into meaning AND
                                            throughout movement. Through discussion, lecture, light journaling
                                            and some practical group-work, reveal your ability to hold the seat
                                            of the teacher by communicating and embodying your theme with
                                            reverence and relevance.

                                            Theming techniques to make authentic, relevant, and sustainable
                                            connections between the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

                                         Lets turn our worlds upside down with this fun, dynamic and hands-
                                         on exploration of inversions. Learn some key alignment principles to
                      Inversion Party!   enhance your own experience and learn to catch some common
                      Get Down with your misalignments that will help your students balance upside down with
                      Upside             more ease and confidence. This workshop will also explore some
                      Tanya Di Valentino fun and challenging transitions into and out of inversions through the
                                         avenues of arm balances, floating and pressing.

                                            Join me on a journey off the mat, through the chakras and out into
                                            your world.

                                            We dedicate our energy to our practice on the mat and often talk
                                            about how our pracitce transforms our whole life, but how does
                                            yoga really become a lifestyle? What tangible techniques can we
                      Taking Your Yoga      take into our world to bridge the gap between our down dogs and
                      off Your Mat and      our daily life?
                      into Your World
                      Shivani Howe          Through an understanding and exploration of the Chakras, Koshas,
                                            the Jnanendriyas (senses) and Karmendriyas (actions) we can
                                            understand how these aspects of Yoga influence us every moment.
                                            Explore how your chakras form your personality and how they
                                            effect your daily interactions with people. Learn techques to raise
                                            your core vibration and transform the world around you by
                                            transforming yourself.

                                            Grounding forms the foundation of our lives, not only in our
                                            postures, but in the dynamic connection of life force energy to the
                                            planet itself. Grounding forms the beginning of the liberating current
                                            that rises through the chakras and grounding is the final resting place
                                            necessary for manifesting our dreams into reality.
                      Grounding and         This workshop will combine yoga asanas with bioenergetic
whistleryogaconference.com/…/confer…                                                                            13/15
06/04/2011                                  This2011 Full Schedule
                                                 workshop will combine yoga asanas with bioenergetic
                      Grounding and
                      Manifesting           exercises for grounding and opening the first chakra, which is
                      Anodea Judith         oriented to the element earth, and everything having to do with your
                                            foundation in life. This is the necessary weight of the manifesting
                                            current that draws energy into manifestation. The chakras become
                                            the condensing chambers of consciousness into its seven levels of
                                            existence. This is the path for bringing your dreams into reality.

  Lunch Break

                                        Have you ever wondered why some yoga practitioners just keep
                                        appearing younger and more radiant as the years pass by? Discover
                                        the secrets to everlasting youth and longevity. Detoxification of the
                      Detox Yoga Flow -
                                        internal organs, as well as the largest organ on the body: your Skin.
                      Discover the
                                        In this challenging Detox Yoga Vinyasa Flow, we will explore the 3
  1:30pm-3:30pm       Fountain of Youth
                                        stages of physical body detoxification, ending in a healing/cleansing
                      Through Yoga
                                        meditation. We will also discuss the essentials of dietary
                                        detoxification and how to integrate it into your monthly schedule to
                                        reverse disease, maintain health and maximize your inner and outer
                                        radiant beauty. You will never be the same after this workshop.

                                         Why is it that we fall in love and then out of love in such a
                                         predictable, serial manner? Inspired by teachings from the great
                      The Three Stations wisdom traditions in this workshop we will explore the three stations
                      of Love            of love: submission, separation and sweetness. We hope that
                      Saskia Tait and    participants will leave this workshop with practical insights and deep
                      Shahar Rabi        realizations regarding their personal spiritual journey and
                                         relationships. This workshop will be co-facilitated by Shahar Rabi
                                         and Saskia Tait, and will be addressed to singles and couples.

                                            Colleen’s creation which includes incorporating Pilates breath within
                                            a Vinyasa Style, a pilates segment focusing on increasing core
                      Yoga Pilates Flow     strength, as well as the use of traditional ujjayi breathing while
                      Colleen Felgate       postures are held and moments of reflection are attained. Learn and
                                            use the principles of pilates and how they can expand your yoga

                                            This workshop aims to shed light on the wonderful therapeutic
                                            benefits of deep relaxation. In addition Savasana is presented as an

                                            introduction to meditation, which can provide experience of the
whistleryogaconference.com/…/confer…                                                                          14/15
06/04/2011                                        2011 Full Schedule
                                             introduction to meditation, which can provide experience of the
                                             energetic, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.
                      Savasana: The
                      Most Difficult Pose Combines theory, discussion and practice
                      Kashi Richardson    * Theory - an in-depth look at stress and the role of therapeutic
                                          relaxation in the promotion of health, well-being and inner peace.
                                          * Discussion – an opportunity for personal inquiry and sharing.
                                          * Practice – balancing sun (active) and moon (reflective) with the
                                          practice of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and Yoga Nidra (deep

                      Other Optional                Manduko Course
                      Activities:                   Bunjee Jump
                                                    Peak 2 Peak Gondola
                                                    Ancient Cedars (Hike or Snowshoe)
                                                    (additinal charge for these options)

                      Jai Ma! Mother's
                      Day Yoga Outreach
                      for Sea to Sky Safe
                                           Sending reverance, peace, health and happiness to mother's
  4:00pm-6:00pm       Houses
                                           everywhere including Gaia ~ Mother Earth.
                      Yoga Jam with
                      several teachers and
                      live music.

 *please note that the schedule is subject modifications or change.

whistleryogaconference.com/…/confer…                                                                           15/15

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