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									I chose                         kutztown
  J e r e M I a h G o l d b e r G Social Work program
 “The Social Work Department offered a program          Their dedication helped to facilitate the learning
  that was flexible enough to compliment my personal    process in a way that was motivational, personable,
  schedule. The faculty were responsive and genuinely   and collaborative.”
  interested in helping me achieve my goals.
          Master oF socIal worK

          students experience peer support, collaboration and individualized faculty
          oversight and advisement.

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Kutztown                    ties in their foundation year of study. The advanced year provides
University focuses on the needs of the family in its social environ-   a concentration, developing depth, breadth and specificity in
ment. MSW students are actively engaged with faculty experts           knowledge on the family in its social environment. Students de-
in both exploring and enhancing their knowledge as it is related       velop further specialization through elective course offerings
to the strengths and needs of the family. Students, faculty and        and an agency-based practicum experience. This specialized
human service providers collaborate to assist families and change      program of study is achieved through each student’s choice of
the social environment to support the families of today and            six, one-credit elective courses from a broad range of topics, from
tomorrow.                                                              therapeutic interventions to agency administration and policy
   Students develop a clear understanding to practice social work      development.
with individuals, groups, families, organizations and communi-

proGraM oF study
I. FoundatIon courses                                                  III. one-credIt electIVe courses
  • SWK 400: Foundations in Human Behavior in the Social                 • SWK 501: Treatment Modalities for Social Work with Families
    Environment                                                          • SWK 502: Social Work Crisis Intervention with Families
  • SWK 450: Foundations in Social Work Practice with Indivi-            • SWK 503: Social Work with Family Groups
    duals                                                                • SWK 504: Short-Term Treatment Models in Social Work with
  • SWK 455: Foundations of Social Welfare Policies                        Families
  • SWK 460: Foundations in Social Work Research Methods                 • SWK 505: Psychopharmacology for Social Workers
  • SWK 465: Foundations of Social Work with Groups &                    • SWK 507: Differential Assessment Techniques for Social Work
    Families                                                             • SWK 508: Maltreatment in the Family: Social Work Practice
  • SWK 480: Foundations of Social Work Practice, Organiza-              • SWK 516: Social Work in Healthcare
    tions & Communities                                                  • SWK 520: Community Social Needs Assessment
  • SWK 481, 483: Foundation Internship I, II                            • SWK 524: Program Evaluation & Social Work
  • SWK 482, 484: Integrated Generalist Social Work Practice             • SWK 525, 526: Information Technology & Social Work Prac-
    Seminar I, II                                                          tice I, II
                                                                         • SWK 536: Skills for Working with the New Immigrant Family
II. adVanced courses                                                     • SWK 538, 539, 540: Practice of Family Group Decision
  • SWK 500: Families in the Social Environment                            Making I, II, III
  • SWK 555: Applied Family Policy & Family Service Programs             • SWK 545: Child Permanence and the Family-in-Environment
  • SWK 560: Applied Methods of Social Work Research                     • SWK 559: Social Work Intervention with Substance-Abusing
  • SWK 581, 583: Advanced Internship I, II                                Populations
  • SWK 582, 584: Advanced Theory in Family-Centered General-            • SWK 561: Motivational Interviewing Strategies for Gender,
    ist Social Work Practice                                               Addictions
  • SWK 595: Capstone Experience: Social Work & the Family-              • SWK 573: Publishing & Professional Presentation in Social
    In-Environment                                                         Work
                                                                         • SWK 575: Clinical Supervision in Social Work
                                                                         • SWK 576: Family Mediation
For students with an undergraduate degree in Social Work:             For students without an undergraduate degree in Social Work:
• Graduate application ( Apply)              • Please submit all items outlined above, including your GRE
• $35 application fee                                                    scores

• Official transcripts from previously attended colleges or univer-
                                                                      Students accepted into the program must complete all require-
                                                                      ments within six calendar years.
• Social Issues and Personal essays
• Three letters of recommendation

a d Va n c e d s ta n d I n G p r o G r a M
Advanced standing status may be granted to students who have          adVanced standInG courses (summer
earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from a Council on Social       before advanced year)
Work-accredited program. Advanced standing status allows full-           • SWK 491: Internship for Advanced Standing I
time students to complete the Master of Social Work (MSW) pro-           • SWK 492: Advanced Generalist Social Work Theory &
gram in one calendar year with courses beginning in the summer.            Practice I
Advanced standing students engage in a practicum and seminar             • SWK 493: Internship for Advanced Standing II
experience which allows them to step into their advanced year of         • SWK 494: Advanced Generalist Social Work Theory &
study. The entire Advanced Standing Program may be taken full-             Practice II
or part-time. Advanced standing seminars meet Saturdays, 8 –
10:50 a.m. and noon – 3 p.m.

schedulInG optIons
All of the Master of Social Work programs can fit into the tradi-
tional weekday schedule or weekend executive schedule.

tradItIonal schedule
  • Classes meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
    Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.

weeKend executIVe schedule
  • Classes meet on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. and on
    Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Master of Social Work Program at Kutztown University is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Graduates of accredited
social work programs are eligible to take the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Work Examiners license exam.
F a c u lt y
The Social Work curriculum is taught by faculty members who are dedicated full-time to the Department of Social Work and have com-
pleted graduate degrees from accredited schools of social work. They are recognized academicians, professional practitioners and
researchers who bring a broad range of experiences to the classroom which include work in public welfare, grant writing, aging, youth and
family services, addictions, vocational rehabilitation, program administration, child welfare, program evaluation, disabilities, and mental

John Conahan, Ph.D.                                                      Staci M. Perlman, Ph.D.
Marywood University, Ph.D.; Marywood University, MSW;                    University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.; University of Pennsylvania,
Belknap College, BS                                                      MSW; University of Rhode Island, BA/BS

Janice A. Gasker, DSW, LCSW, ACSW                                        Yasoda Sharma, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania, DSW; Marywood University, MSW;               University of Texas at Arlington, Ph.D.; Banarus Hindu
Cedar Crest College, BA                                                  University, MSW; Bangalore University, BA

Edward P. Hanna, DSW                                                     John Vafeas, LSW, DSW, Chairperson
University of Pennsylvania, DSW; University of Pennsylvania,             University of Pennsylvania, DSW; University of Pennsylvania,
MSW; Colby College, BS                                                   MSW; Winthrop University, BA; KATEE, Heraklion Crete,
                                                                         Greece, Social Work Diploma
Charles Howard, LSW
Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. (candidate); The                  Mary Rita Weller, D.Ed.
Ohio State University, MA; The Ohio State University, MSW;               Widener University, D.Ed.; Temple University, MSW; State
Houghton College, BA                                                     University College of New York, BA

Sharon C. Lyter, LCSW, Ph.D.                                             Barth Yeboah, LSW, DSW
Rutgers University, Ph.D.; Temple University, MSW; East                  University of Pennsylvania, DSW; University of Delhi, India,
Stroudsburg University, BA                                               MSW; Jamia Millia Islamia, India, BSW

Varsha Pandya, Ph.D., ACSW
Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D.; University of Bombay,
India, MSW; University of Bombay, India, BS

                                        “Our faculty are student-centered and interested in students’ learning,
                                         not only in the classroom but in the field as well. They challenge students
                                         to utilize the professional and physical resources available at KU, and to
                                         see themselves as developing leaders in the field of social work.”

                                                                                                      John Vafeas, LSW, DSW

                                                      Office of Graduate Admissions
                                                      Boxwood House, P.O. Box 730
                                                           Kutztown, PA 19530
                                                             P: 610-683-4200
                                                             F: 610-683-1393
                                                                                                      08 / 2012

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