Doylestown, PA Headache Doctor, Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast by AndrwKar69


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									Doylestown, PA Headache Doctor, Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast

Doylestown, PA, 25-MAY-2013 - Azzatori Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Doylestown
chiropractor, are pleased to announce safe and effective measures which enable local residents to obtain
relief from the various types of headache pain. Head pain is due to many different causes, and is a
common ailment in today's world. In fact, headache pain can result in reduced performance at work,
missed work days and general reduction of life enjoyment.

Headache pain can be caused by allergies, environmental issues, spinal misalignments, or stress issues.
It is the focus of the chiropractor to determine the underlying cause of the pain and then to design a
program which will address any of the causes and help in alleviating or removing the causes.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Dr. McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, "At Azzatori
Chiropractic, our intent is to provide a welcoming and affordable office visit with concern for your
overall health. We know that headache pain means you cannot participate fully in the enjoyable
activities of life."

When a first consultation with the chiropractor is arranged, a comprehensive physical examination is
conducted. It may be supplemented with a full medical history and digital imaging studies if needed.
This information is compiled and used to develop a therapy plan in discussion with the patient. It is
understood that a knowledgeable and invested patient is likely to show more rapid improvement and to
sustain the wellness over time.

The underlying cause of the headache is addressed in the therapeutic actions. These techniques include
natural and safe means. No invasive measures or pharmaceuticals are used.

Learn more about headache pain alleviation techniques using the up-to-the-minute methods that are
available through the Doylestown chiropractor skills and actions by checking out the web pages at now. Members of the press and individuals who have further
questions about the content included in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Jeff McQuaite,
Doylestown chiropractor, at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeff McQuaite, D. C.
Company Name: Azzatori Chiropractic Center
Address: 295 Logan Street, Doylestown, PA 18901
Contact Telephone Number: (267) 247-7000

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