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									                               Is Computing Truly Global

This presentation was created and presented to you by:
     Jonathan Norman
     Ricky Dawson
     DIlshad Abdulla

The aim of this presentation is to answer the question: “Is computing truly Global?”. Please hold any
questions until the end of the presentation where we will try our best to answer them.

This presentation begins with a brief history of computers and why computing was not global in the
beginning computing. Topics covered include how computers have developed over time with
relation to their price and size as well has how economies have been affecting by the introduction of

How has the economy affected computers and there development and have they effected if they are
What affect dose the internet has on global computing Internet and how does it differ from country
to country.
How do Mobile phones affect global computing and what are they used for and where.

Mobile phones have conquered the globe by providing communications in remote areas and areas
without land line access. It is not economical for a land line provider to spend a large amount of
money to connect few people where as a wireless operator just needs to erect a communications
mast which can cover a large area.

South Korea has the fastest internet in the world due to their investment in fibre optics and is also a
test bed for mobile phone companies. Samsung and LG are both South Korea companies.

Conclusion: Computing is Truly Global.

Thank you for watching our Presentation and we will try and answer any questions you may have.

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