WRITTEN PROCEDURES OUTLINE
                                             TEXAS 2009

     1. Uniform Cover Page to include:
            a. Name of Test Center
            b. Center ID #
            c. Center Address
                     i. Testing Address
                    ii. Mailing Address
            d. Name of Chief GED Examiner
            e. Name(s) of GED Examiners
            f. Title “2009” Written Procedures

     2. Table of Contents (Include page numbers or numbers of tabs)
           a. Annual Contract                           Tab #1
           b. List of Addendum Contracts (if applicable)Tab #1A
           c. Ordering Materials                        Tab #2
           d. Receipt of Secure GED Test Materials Tab #3
           e. Return of Secure GED Test Materials Tab #4
           f. Testing Facility                          Tab #5
           g. Registration                              Tab #6
           h. Pre-Registration/Orientation              Tab #7
           i. Pre-Test Session Procedures               Tab #8
           j. Test Session Procedures                   Tab #9
           k. Exam Completion Procedures                Tab #10
           l. Answer Sheet Transmittal                  Tab #11
           m. Receiving GED Scores                      Tab #12
           n. Scores Dissemination                      Tab #13
           o. Special Accommodations                    Tab #14
           p. Outreach                                  Tab #15
           q. Marketing                                 Tab #16
           r. Written Emergency Plan                    Tab #17
           s. GED Test Security                         Tab #18

               **Items in Red are not necessary in TEA procedures. However, these should be
               included in your office procedures.**

     3. Annual Contract
           a. GED Annual Contract – Signed
           b. Test Security Memorandum – Initialed, Printed Names, and Signed
           c. Texas GED Order Form – Signed
           d. Test Center Profile Form - Signed
           e. Written Procedures
           f. Emergency Plan
           g. Test Center Document Sheet
           h. Addendum Sites (Testing Agreement and Testing Plan) – Signed

     4. Ordering Materials
           a. Orders for testing booklets are made at contract time
           b. Order sufficient test materials to cover volume of testing
           c. Orders for Purchase Materials are made directly to UT Scoring Center

     5. Receipt of Secure GED Test Materials
           a. GEDTS E-mails test center GED Chief Examiner
           b. GEDTS notifies State Administrator

Written Procedures Outline Texas 2009          page 1
               c. Chief Examiner creates and implements a written receiving plan for secure
                  testing materials and trains all Official GED Testing Center staff members to
                  follow the plan.
                         i. The plan must inform staff members how to receive and store secure
                            materials if the GED Chief Examiner or GED Examiner is not present
                            when they arrive
               d. Chief Examiner notifies mail room to look for shipment
               e. Upon receipt of shipment the inventory process should begin within 24 hours
                         i. GED Chief Examiner must conduct the inventory
                        ii. GED Examiner(s) can assist with the inventory
                       iii. Use the Receive Plan Checklist for Receipt of Secure Materials. Section
                            3.4-2 of the GED Examiner’s Manual
               f. Any discrepancies should be reported to GEDTS and the State Administrator
                  within 24 hours of their receipt

     6. Return of Secure GED Testing Materials
           a. Return of old testing material to GEDTS should be done within 30 days after the
                expiration of the contract year or when State Administrator advises you of return
           b. The Material Picking Plan and Inventory Return Sheet form must be used when
                returning secure test materials to insure proper credit.
           c. Use the Return Plan Checklist for Return of Secure Materials.
           d. Section 3.5-1 of the GED Examiner’s Manual

     7. Testing Facility
           a. This section should describe your testing center facility and include samples
                      i. Location of building and testing room
                     ii. Layout of testing room
                    iii. Testing room description
                   iv. Samples of Information Bulletins including availability of special
                         accommodations testing
                     v. Testing and Registration Information (Application forms)
                   vi. GED Preparation class schedules (if applicable)
                   vii. Retesting Policy

     8. Registration
           a. This section should describe your testing center facility registration procedures
                for testing
                      i. Include a sample of the:
                             1. GED Registration (Eligibility forms, Application forms, and
                                 Picture ID)
                             2. Examinee’s Testing Record Card
                             3. Rules of Participation (Code of Conduct)
                             4. Testing Policies
                             5. Withdrawal forms for 17 year olds
                             6. Court ordered request forms

     9. Pre-Registration/Orientation
            a. Refer to Section 4.7 of the GED Examiner’s Manual
            b. If you do not have pre-registration, please explain your sign-in process

     10. Pre-Test Session Procedures
             a. This section should describe your testing center’s Pre-Test Session procedures
                      i. Full, careful training of all Examiners, Proctors, and administrative staff
                     ii. Set up staff assignment logs
                    iii. Convenient, frequent, and well-publicized test schedules

Written Procedures Outline Texas 2009            page 2
                           Accessible locations
                           Fair and reasonable test fees (if any)
                           Testing room is conducive to fair testing
                           IDs checked before candidates admitted to test room
                           Secure test materials removed from permanent storage, inventoried, and
                           placed in lockable interim storage for transport to test room
               b. Include a sample of the:
                        i. Inventory form
                       ii. Test Surveillance Log
                      iii. Seating Chart
                      iv. Description of testing room set-up

     11. Test Session Procedures
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s Test Session Procedures
                       i. Secure materials maintained in interim storage until distributed to
                          candidates/only exact number of booklets should be removed.
                      ii. Interim storage remains locked during test sessions except to retrieve or
                          return secure materials to it
                     iii. Schedules for breaks and announcement about smoking areas and rest
                          room locations
                    iv. Information on how tests are scored and what the scores mean
                      v. Information on retesting policy
                    vi. A clear reading of the standard instructions (verbatim)
                    vii. Information on how to inquire about test results

     12. Exam Completion Procedures
            a. How secure materials are collected
            b. Sign the Staff Assignment Log
            c. Staff Assignment logs are stored in the GED Procedures Manual
            d. Return materials to secure interim storage after checking page-by-page
            e. Return to permanent storage and inventory materials
            f. Shred scratch paper

     13. Answer Sheet Transmittal
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s Answer Sheet Procedures
            b. Include descriptions for
                     i. Preliminary Processing of GED Answer Sheets
                    ii. Verification of personal information on completed answer sheets
                        matching the completed Examinee’s Testing Record Card
                   iii. Preparation of roster of each testing cycle
                   iv. Preparation and submission of test answer sheets for scoring

     14. Receiving GED Scores
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s procedures for receiving GED
            b. Include information on
                      i. Updating Record Cards
                     ii. Entering GED Scores on test center database
                    iii. Quality Control
                    iv. Storage of Record Cards and Score Reports (Maintaining Permanent
                     v. Maintaining Confidentiality of Records

     15. Score Dissemination
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s procedures for disseminating
                GED Scores

Written Procedures Outline Texas 2009           page 3
               b. Include information on each procedure if there is more than one
               c. Include sample of each dissemination type

     16. Special Accommodations
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s procedures for Special
            b. Include information on each step of the procedure at your center
            c. Include samples
                      i. Accommodations Tracking Sheet
                     ii. Request for Testing Accommodations Forms
                            1. Physical/Chronic Health Disability
                            2. Learning and Other Cognitive Disabilities
                            3. Emotional/Mental Health
                            4. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
                            5. Testing Accommodations Appeal
            d. Resources for accommodated candidates should be stated in your procedures

     17. Outreach
             a. This section should describe your testing center’s procedure for Outreach
                program in Adult Basic Education instructors and other community organizations
                with interest in the GED Program
                      i. Agenda’s of any forum held
                     ii. Newsletters
                    iii. Roundtables
                    iv. Memorandums

               b. Staff knowledgeable about the GED program
               c. Assists and/or arranges graduation ceremonies
               d. Advises local prep programs of tests/procedural changes

     18. Marketing
            a. This section should describe your testing center’s goals to increase the visibility
                 of the GED program
            b. Some sample ideas
                        i. Develop partnerships with local business
                       ii. Publicize GED information through the media
                      iii. Expand GED testing schedules
                      iv. Contact GED candidates who have an incomplete or failed status and
                           encourage them to continue to work towards their goal

               c.   Remember to include any marketing strategies you have incorporated

     19. Written Emergency Plan
             a. Develop a written emergency plan and train all Official GED Testing Center staff
                 members to follow the plan
             b. Emergency Plan should cover the following topics
                      i. Personnel
                     ii. Supplies, Equipment, and Resources
                    iii. Medical Emergencies
                    iv. Power Failures
                     v. Natural Disasters
                    vi. Violent Behavior
                   vii. Hazardous Materials

               c. Emergency Plan should be reviewed and revised annually
               d. List all emergency contact information in an easy to read format

Written Procedures Outline Texas 2009           page 4
               e. Additional GED Examiner identified and available in emergency
               f. Describes how authorized examiners collect and secure test materials – What
                  happens with secure materials (answer sheets)
               g. Explain the one hour rule
               h. Describes what is included in the stocked first aid kit
               i. Describes plan for clean up procedures for hazardous waste
               j. Describes plan for emergency communication devices

     20. Key Points to Keep In Mind
            a. Make sure the issues on the Written Procedures Worksheet are addressed since
                this is the checklist the STARS used for Evaluation
            b. Ask yourself, “Have I answered the who, what, when, where, and how?”
            c. Incorporate forms and documentation to provide a clearer picture

     21. Sample Evaluation Form

     22. Key Points to Keep In Mind
            a. Remember! The GOAL is to have procedures written so that anyone could come
                in and operate your testing center by simply following your written procedures
            b. An easy way to start is to enlist the help of a coworker
            c. As you do the actual process, have your assistant record the step-by-step details

     23. Benefits of having Detailed, Written Procedures
            a. Insures security of test booklets by having system in place
            b. If something unexpected should happen to the examiner, testing can still take
                place as long as another approved examiner is available
            c. It is a great tool for training new employees
            d. Procedures explain the who, what, when, where, and how
            e. Everyone knows what their role is
            f. It is an aid to find the forms you need
            g. Establishes your credibility and ensures proper policy is followed
            h. Great way to keep important documents organized at your fingertips
            i. You feel good about completing a TEA and GEDTS requirement and having a
                good product

     24. Test Security
            a. Test storage meets GEDTS policy. Section 3.4-1
            b. Outside of test room and out of sight of GED candidates at all times
            c. No access to anyone but GED Examiners
            d. Statement indicating photo of last year’s safe or locking file cabinet is the same.

Written Procedures Outline Texas 2009          page 5

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