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World Religion Mall Project Outline by weep00p


1. What is your topic?

2. Who is in your group or are you working by yourself?

3. Briefly describe the history of the religion your aspect is from

4. Write down everything you know about your aspect

5. What are you going to do for your activity for the walk around?

6. Draw a picture of what you think your display will look like for the walk around
   (please use another sheet of paper and attach)

7. Remember to be creative! The more unique and creative your project the higher
   your grade. Think of some elements your project will have that will be creative
   and write them down.
                     WELCOME TO WORLD HISTORY PLAZA!
Intro: There are many different religions around the world. Most of you have been to the
mall and now it is time to open up your own store.

What do I have to do? You will create a store selling various aspects of your religion.
For example, if you selling Christianity you could sell the bible. By sell I mean describe
it fully and come up with a gimmick to get people to want to learn about. Your not
preaching religion just trying to get people interested in the aspect you have for sale. You
have the option of working with a partner or by yourself on this project. Here are the
topics you can choose from:


These are very large topics and each has many different aspects you can focus on. In
order to not stifle your creativity I leave the selection of your religious aspect up to you.
Example: Hinduism - Karma.

Store Front: The mall opens on November 16. We will have a walk around at which
time you will present your religious aspect. You will need to have a short task for each
customer to complete as you attempt to sway him or her to purchase your aspect. You
must include the following information:

* History of Religion / Aspect
* Why the aspect you have chosen is important
* An activity for people to complete when they visit your store
* Significance of aspect to religion
* Remember to be creative!!!!!

Walk Around: Each of you will walk around and view other peoples projects. You and
your group members will take turns walking around while the other monitor your store.
At the end of the period you will turn in an evaluation of what aspects interested you in
the mall.

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