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					                      Outline Checklist—Problem-Solution Speech

    Significant, challenging and controversial
    Timely and timeless 6a(3)
    Sufficiently narrowed 6b
    Lends itself to reasoned argument
    Specific Purpose identified 6c(2)
    Single declarative sentence 6d(1)
    Reflects the major ideas of the speech 6d(1)
Main Points
    Phrased as single declarative sentences 11b
    All directly related to thesis sentence 9c
    Arranged in logical order 10
    Appropriate number 9
    Mutually exclusive 9d
    Equal in importance 9f
    Phrased in concise parallel language 11d
Outline Format
    Typed (spelling, punctuation correct, typos neatly corrected)
    Consistent and correct use of symbols 11a(1)
    Indentation reflects relationships 11a(2)
    Two or more points at each level of subordination 11a(3)
    No more than one sentence per symbol 11a(4)
    Label three parts of introduction 13b,c,d
    Label three parts of conclusion 14a,b,c
    Label three different kinds of supporting material 15
    Label three attention factors 18
    Label three kinds of reasoning 16
    Reference list appended
         Minimum of four published sources
         Correct bibliographic form