Minutes by tangshuming


									                               Internet Presence Committee
                                     February 18, 2010

Members Present: Sharon Ashton, Lucy Croft, Marianne Jaffee

Others Present: Deb Miller, Dmitriy Bond, Marian Watters, Jamie Spruell

1. Student Club participation in CMS –
     Student Government and Agencies of Student Government must be in CMS
     Student clubs or personal pages are not required to be migrated into CMS
           o If they decided to migrate they are held to the same rules and regulations that everyone
               else is held to and must agree to present all pages to IPC for their review.
           o Club Alliance must be able to take control of these pages and also must be able to
               provide administrative support for all pages that are created and would be the approver
               in the CMS
           o Lucy stated that Club Alliance will be developing a detailed web page of all the Student
               Clubs and organizations on campus.

2. Webmaster Training
    Jamie is in the process of setting up training areas in her office space at Alumni Hall and will
      have set hours each week for training purposes.

3. Events Calendar – Zvents pulls from the UNF Calendar, Dmitry was asked by the IPC to respond to Ida
regarding her CPDT Classes and placing a disclaimer at the bottom of the calendar notice.
            Follow Up from Dmitriy Bond to Ida Gropper:
            Ida, the IPC asked me to respond to your calendar inquiry. As you have noticed, the Times
            Union is looking at the UNF public calendar and is placing the events on their site. They’re
            actually doing this through a 3rd party provider, called zvents.

                   The best option at this point is to place a disclaimer in the event body, and state
                    that this event is internal to UNF.

            There’s really no way to prevent them, or any other group, from doing this. Once a page, or
            an event is published to the world wide web, it is accessible for search engines, and similar
            services. This is actually a good thing for other cases, such as promoting UNF on the web,
            etc. Of course, this is a problem for events that are for internal UNF customers.

4. Increase the number of myWings Hot Buttons –
     When Classes are in session, we have many events on the calendar which increases the “real
        estate” on the left side of the Portal landing page.

             Motion to increase the number of hot buttons on the myWings landing page and limit
              the text to a one line description, followed by more…. Sharon will strike the reference
              to a limit of three (3) hot buttons on the Portal Landing Page and will rewrite the
                guidelines to reflect the vote of the IPC. Marianne Jaffee so moved, Lucy Croft
                seconded, motion passed.

        Follow up from Sharon Ashton:
        Per our vote in this week’s IPC, here is the REVISED process for getting a hot button on the
        myWings portal. I ask that you please hold on to this and then forward it on to units to assist
        them with their requests. Thanks.

        myWings Hot Button Process

        -Units can request a hot button on the myWings portal by sending an e-mail to the chair
        of the IPC (Sharon Ashton). The request must include a start date and end date. It can
        not be longer than 90 days. If it is a ticketed event, and approved to be a hot button, the
        requesting unit must let the committee know when the event is at capacity. At that point,
        the hot button will be removed.

        -Units should explain in the e-mail how the information on the hot button is important to
        various UNF groups (current students, prospective students, staff, faculty, alums,
        parents, donors, etc). The more groups impacted by the information, the greater the
        chance the committee will approve the request.

        -The request must include a one or two-sentence summary and then a link to a UNF Web
        site. If the unit requests a myWings hot button and if the committee approves, that
        summary will be posted on the log-in page of the myWings portal. The link must be to a
        live UNF Web page, not a PDF file. The request should also include a high resolution
        photo or an image that would be appropriate to crop into a square to use on the log-in
        myWings page to accompany the information and the link.

        -If approved by the committee, PR (Jamie Spruell) will track the start date and the end
        date and will handling getting it up and taken down.

        -The IPC reserves the right to have standing approval for some recurring events, such as

        Revised 2-18-10

5. Update rotating photo’s on the myWings landing page and the Home Page –
     Need to hire a photographer to photograph new pictures of students in small classroom
       settings, on campus, in events, etc. Jamie Spruell will work with the photographer so that the
       shots are of current faculty and staff and will have Julie and Katrina work to crop the pages for
       the Photo Library.

             ACTION ITEM: Jamie to meet with Sharon to discuss the hiring of a photographer for
              new pictures for the myWings Landing Page and the UNF home page and will meet with
              Katrina when it comes to cropping the photo’s to be included in the Photo Library.
6. Emergency Level Buttons on Home Page –
     Three Levels
           Level 1 Emergency – appears on home page instantly directly under the photo and
              moves the entire page down to accommodate the Level 1 emergency. This emergency
              message feeds from UNF 911 and is controlled by the CMS.
           Level 2 Emergency will be called UNF ALERT and will be shown in Yellow and will be
              placed on the home page above Happening Today at UNF. Jamie, Marian, and Renee
              (backup) will be in charge of getting this posted.
           Level 3 Emergency will be called UNF NOTICE and will be color coded to blend in with
              the home page, but will be a presence above the Happening Today at UNF. Again Jamie,
              Marian and Renee will take charge of getting the notices posted.
           Sharon Ashton will be an approver and contributor for all levels

7. Resolution for University Center
     In his meeting with George Androuin of the UC, Dmitriy identified 3 reasons for a Vanity URL,
       Branding of UNF, Complexity for ITS, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means
       number of hits on Google. Multiple entry points for search engines hurt site rankings, which is
       usually a programmer who tries to trick systems as we have multiple systems (Phantom (set up
       by the old WAC), Osprey, and CMS) as units are migrated ITS will be able to close down Phantom
       and Osprey which will help units wanting to track activity on their sites. Dmitriy would like to
       continue to look into this and will report back to the IPC after his research is completed.

8. Google Analytics
     With our Home Page rolling out on June 1st we are now 10 months into CMS and it is time to get
       an update on the number of hits to the already migrated sites. Dmitriy to furnish a report for
       the next IPC Meeting.

Meeting ended at 10:00am, Next IPC meeting will be held on Thursday, February 25th at 8:30am in the
Tampa Conference Room at UNF Hall.

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