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					Chambers Around the West
  in Whitewater Times

              Dave Kilby
             October 2009
It’s back to basics with creative
 spins in a world is changing at
           warp speed
“Essentially every single
 belief is a hypothesis”

         Gary Hamel
 “The Future of Management”
You MUST Be Good at BOTH
 High Tech AND High Touch
Know Your Customers

•More direct interviews with
members – wants & needs

• Contact one “silent
majority” member EVERY
 All of a sudden there’s
    a realization that
Relationships DO Matter
“Now is when you pay the full
price of not having invested in
relationships when times were
good and you didn’t need to be
        nice to others.”

         Tom Peters
“Your customers are your
       ad agency”

         Jeff Jarvis
  “What Would Google Do?”
   So if that’s true…

 member testimonials -
basically EVERY chance
         you get
Using Video in Marketing

    Satisfied Customers
 Announcements & Updates
   Training & Education
Communications Revolution
 • Investment in Web Sites

 • Social Media – being tried
 & talked about everywhere
 More than ever before it’s
true that if “you’ve seen one
 chamber, you’ve seen one
  Membership Ideas

•Payment Plans
•Trial memberships
•Three-deep marketing
prices on EVERYTHING
Members want to know what
       they GET.

  It’s not enough just being
 the organization that “gets
         things done.”
More Workshops for Members
Workshops (often free)

Member-to-Member Discounts
Shop Local

Local Preference Ordinances

Leverage Importance of Job
“Now even some people who
  never used to care about
jobs, entrepreneurship and a
  strong local economy are
       very interested”
 “We can no longer sit on the
sidelines – being the voice of
business has to be much more
    than just a line in our
     mission statement”
       Key Questions:

What’s our Chamber’s value if
  a member doesn’t attend
Why don’t chambers do a
better job when it comes to
    rewarding loyalty?
How do we monetize the web
to make up for lost revenue
that we used to get in print?
Don’t limit yourself by
  past experiences

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