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The dead easy way to make DivX-movies from DVD's!

This tutorial is based entirely on experience and not at all on technical insight, therefore I
know this works fine and I will now share it with you.
There will be no pictures, just a step by step recipe on how to do the conversion.

You need:
1.PC with a DVD player installed
2.Any kind of DVD software player
3.The DVD you want to convert
4.The program "Smartripper 202".
5.The program "Flask Mpeg 594"
6.Some kind of bitrate calculator, I prefer "Advanced DivX Bitrate Calc!Version 1.8"
7.The DivX;-) codec
8.And finally a MP3 codec. "Radium" is a good one.

Install all programs from number 4-8 on you computer according to the on-screen

Now the ripping and packing itself:

1.Insert the DVD to rip into your DVD-player
2.Start the DVD softwareplayer.
3.Let the film begin to play, be sure to get to the movie itself, commercials or FBI-ads
and such in the beginning will not do.
4.Press "pause" !
5.Start Smartripper and wait for the user interface to come up.
6.Smartripper will know what to rip so you just have to point the "Target"-directory to
some place on your harddisk that can hold some 4-8 Gb of data
7.Press "Start !"
8.After some time the Smartripper will inform you that the ripping is complete.
9.Close Smartripper.
10.Close Your DVD-softwareplayer.
11.Start Flask !
12.Press "File" and choose "Open File"
13.Browse to the directory where you saved the DVD-rip and point to the first file with
the extension ".vob"
14.Flask will now analyse the file.
15.Depending on wich language you want, you must choose audio-track. English is
almost every time the track "0x80"
16.Press "Flask it!"
17.Start Advanced bitrate calc
18.Choose what size you want the movie to be. ( 650Mb, 1 CD 74 Minutes is the most
common format.)
19.Make input sound rate 96Kb/s Stereo and 1 audiostream.
20.Fill inn the length of the movie in minutes.
21.The number in Blue text will change as you do this. It is the bitrate you can use on this
rip , remember this number.
22.Close Advanced bitrate calc
23.Go back to Flask Mpeg
24.Go to "Options" and "Output format options"
25.Press "Select video codec"
26.Choose "DivX;-) Mpeg4 fast motion" ("Slow motion" makes bigger files and are not
specially designed for "calm" movies as some seems to think.)
27.Press "configure", make key frame every 3 seconds and adjust the Data-rate to the
number you remember from the bitrate calculator.
28.The "Smoothness-Crispness"-slider should alvays be at 100.
29.Press "ok"
30.Press "ok"
31.Press "Select Codec" for the audio.
32.Adjust to MPEG Layer-3 and 96kBits/s 48,000 Stereo
33.Press "ok"
34.Press "ok"
35.Goto "Global Project options"
36.Under the "Video"-tap tag the framerate 23.976 if the source is NTSC and 25 if the
source is PAL.
37.Tag "Reconstruct progressive images".
38.Normally you do not need to tag "Deinterlace video".
39.Tag "MMX iDCT" under "iDCT Options" everything else is bullshit.
40.Go to the "Audio"-tag and press "Decode" audio.
41.Under "Post Prosessing" you should tag "HQ Bicubic Filtering", "Keep Aspect ratio"
and "No letterboxing"
42.Under "Files" choose a name and a directory to drop the finished DivX;-) file into.
43.Under "General", tag "Compile whole file" and you can also choose to shut down the
computer after the job is done if you like.
44.Press "Show Output-pad"
45.Press "Reset Settings"
46.Under "Output Size" press the "Width" to be "672" ! (A lot of DivX-ing have learned
me that this is the best format.)
47.Press the same amount of "-" or "+" on "Height" to to keep the aspect ratio right !
48.Tag Crop and adjust "Height" of the output picture and "Top offset" so that there are
as little space black as possible both under and over the example-picture. The less black,
the better quality on the finished movie.
49."Left offset" and "Width" are best left untouched, but you can fool around with them
if you like, remember the with to be "672" when you are finished.
50.Press "Hide"
51.Press "ok"
52.Press "Run" and choose start conversion.
53.Display output if you like but this increases the packing-time.
54.Setting the Priority to "High" also shortens the time, do not use "Highest" as this may
make your computer so low on resources that it may crash if you try to do anything when
the packing is going on.
55.If set to "Idle" the process gets much slower but you can use the PC to do other stuff
and the DivX-ing is going on in the background.
56.Wait for the process-bar to hit 100 % and you have managed to convert a DVD to a
DivX;-) movie.


dead easy make divx movies from this tutorial based entirely experience technical insight
therefore know this works fine will share with there will pictures just step step recipe
conversion need with player installed kind software player want convert program
smartripper program flask mpeg some kind bitrate calculator prefer advanced divx bitrate
calc version divx codec finally codec radium good install programs from number
computer according screen instructions ripping packing itself insert into your player start
softwareplayer film begin play sure movie itself commercials such beginning will press
pause start smartripper wait user interface come smartripper know what just have point
target directory some place your harddisk that hold some data press start after time
inform that ripping complete close close your softwareplayer flask press file choose open
file browse directory where saved point first file with extension flask analyse depending
wich language want must choose audio track english almost every time track advanced
bitrate calc choose what size want movie minutes most common format make input
sound rate stereo audiostream fill length movie minutes number blue text change this
remember number close advanced calc back mpeg options output format options select
video codec mpeg fast motion slow motion makes bigger files specially designed calm
movies seems think configure make frame every seconds adjust data rate remember from
calculator smoothness crispness slider should alvays select audio adjust layer kbits stereo
goto global project options under video framerate source ntsc source reconstruct
progressive images normally need deinterlace video idct under idct everything else
bullshit audio decode under post prosessing should bicubic filtering keep aspect ratio
letterboxing files name directory drop finished into general compile whole also shut
down computer after done like show output reset settings output size width have learned
that best format same amount height keep aspect ratio right crop adjust height picture
offset there little space black possible both over example picture less black better quality
finished left offset width best left untouched fool around them like remember when
finished hide conversion display like increases packing time setting priority high also
shortens highest computer resources crash anything when packing going idle process gets
much slower other stuff going background wait process have managed convert
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