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					                                                         Implementing and Supporting
                                                        Microsoft Windows XP Professional

                                       Course 2272 — Instructor-led

Course Length: Five days                                       •   Configure the desktop environment, and use pro-
                                                                   files to control desktop customization.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:            •   Configure and support Transmission Control Proto-
                                                                   col/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
•   Install Windows XP Professional and upgrade to             •   Configure Windows XP Professional to operate on
    Windows XP Professional.                                       Windows networks.
•   Automate an installation of Windows XP Profes-             •   Support remote users.
    sional by using answer files and Uniqueness Data-          •   Configure Windows XP Professional for mobile
    base Files (UDFs), or by using the Microsoft Win-              computing.
    dows 2000 System Preparation Tool.                         •   Monitor resources and performance.
•   Configure and manage hardware on a computer
    running Windows XP Professional.                           Prerequisites:
•   Manage disks.
•   Configure and manage file systems.                         Before attending this course, students must have:
•   Troubleshoot the boot process and other system             • A+ certification, or equivalent knowledge.
    issues.                                                    • Network+ certification, or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline                                                 •   Remote Installation Services
                                                               •   Managing Security Settings by Using Security
Module 1: Installing Microsoft Windows XP                          Center
                                                               Module 3: Configuring Hardware on a Computer
Lessons                                                        Running Microsoft Windows XP Professional
• Planning an Installation of Microsoft Windows XP
   Professional                                                Lessons
• Installing Windows XP Professional                           • Installing and Configuring Hardware Devices
• Upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP                            • Working with Drivers
• Transferring User Settings and Files by Using the            • Troubleshooting Hardware Devices
• Performing Post-Installation Tasks                           Module 4: Managing Disks

Module 2: Automating an Installation of Microsoft              Lessons
Windows XP Professional                                        • Working with Disk Management
                                                               • Working with Basic Disks
Lessons                                                        • Working with Dynamic Disks
• Introduction to Automating an Installation of Win-           • Preparing Disks When Upgrading to Windows XP
   dows XP Professional                                           Professional
• Creating Answer Files                                        • Managing Disks
• Creating a Uniqueness Database File                          • Defragmenting Volumes
• Performing an Automated Installation of Windows
   XP Professional                                             Module 5: Configuring and Managing File Systems
• Introduction to Creating and Deploying an Image
• Preparing a Reference Computer                               Lessons
• Creating, Testing, and Deploying an Image                    • Working with File Systems
                                                               • Managing Data Compression

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                Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional
                                  Course 2272 — continued

•   Securing Data by Using EFS                                Module 10: Configuring Microsoft Windows XP Pro-
                                                              fessional to Operate in Microsoft Networks
Module 6: Troubleshooting the Boot Process and
Other System Issues                                           Lessons
                                                              • Examining Workgroups and User Accounts
Lessons                                                       • Creating and Authenticating Local User Accounts
• Examining the Windows XP Professional Boot                  • Configuring Local Security
   Process                                                    • Configuring Logon Options in a Workgroup
• Controlling System Settings During the Boot Proc-           • Configuring Networking Options in a Workgroup
   ess                                                        • Operating in a Domain
• Changing Startup Behavior Using the Boot.ini File
• Using Advanced Boot Options to Troubleshoot                 Module 11: Supporting Remote Users
   Startup Problems
• Using the Recovery Console to Start the Computer            Lessons
• Restoring a Computer to a Previous State                    • Establishing Remote Access Connections
                                                              • Connecting to Virtual Private Networks
Module 7: Configuring TCP/IP Addressing and                   • Configuring Authentication Protocols and Encryp-
Name Resolution                                                  tion
                                                              • Using Remote Desktop
Lessons                                                       • Storing User Names and Passwords to Facilitate
• Configuring IP Addresses                                       Remote Connections
• Configuring Windows Firewall
• Troubleshooting IP Addresses                                Module 12: Configuring Microsoft Windows XP for
• Determining TCP/IP Name Resolution Methods                  Mobile Computing
• Configuring a DNS and WINS Client
Module 8: Configuring the Desktop Environment                 • Configuring Power Management Options for Mobile
Lessons                                                       • Making Files, Folders, and Web Pages Available
• Configuring User Desktop Settings                              for Offline Use
• Customizing the Desktop Environment
• Configuring System Settings                                 Module 13: Monitoring Resources and Performance
• Understanding How User Profiles and Group Policy
   Affect Desktop Customization                               Lessons
• Using Remote Assistance                                     • Using Task Manager to Monitor System Perform-
Module 9: Configuring Internet Explorer                       • Using Performance and Maintenance Tools to Im-
                                                                 prove Performance
Lessons                                                       • Monitoring Event Logs
• Configuring Security for Internet Explorer                  • Configuring Application Compatibility
• Configuring Privacy for Internet Explorer
• Configuring Connection Settings for Internet Ex-

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