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									              Project Title:

“Quality assurance for technical education in
     Jordan / Engineering Education ”

               Funded By
   European Training Foundation - Tempus
Project consortium:
Ministry of Higher Education & Jordan
University of Science & Technology

Sweden - KTH
Swedish National Agency for Higher

University di Torino
               A good news

We have been informed by Ministry of Higher
Education that a good opportunity exists for
 funding a worthwhile and well addressed
         proposals from TEMPUS

     Good Proposal = Good Idea + Good Plan
   There are two vital facts to bear in mind before
   starting proposal writing :

   The proposal should be written for the benefit
   of MHE &JUST as well as for the funding body
   “TEMPUS” .

So we have to be concern about the development of
  meaningful cooperative relationships between
       European Commission and Jordan
  The selection committee members have to
  read hundreds of proposals seeking support,
  so we have short time to grab our reader's

Therefore, a well-formulated problem should be
  What we want to do first?


Choosing a topic that is interesting to Faculty of
Engineering but also of more general interest to all
partners is a key part of the overall assignment

 We decided to choose a case for support which
 helps us in conducting our mission efficiently.
The Main Mission of Faculty of
 Engineering is:

To implement a suitable strategy which
 enable the achievement of the following
 Curriculum development
•Continuous improvement of teaching and learning
 performance .
•Better experiential learning environments which to be
 provided by laboratories and workshops
•Using an effective assessment methods to determine
 the quality of the learning process.
What do we need ?

We need a framework for ensuring the quality of
teaching and learning and to establish a suitable
system for accreditation of programs and courses in
our faculty.

This is a professional development and team type project
Let’s ask ourselves :

                  Is it necessary to
                    apply for the

      •The paperwork is killing
      •Running a large project is very
      •Writing a proposal is expensive
      •We never know if we will get the
    YES          A great emphasis, has been shown recently,
                 by Ministry of Higher Education on :

                 •   program evaluation,
Why we want to   •   curricula monitoring,
    do it?       •   quality assurance
                 •   accreditation

                 This is due to the continuous increase in the
   Because       number of local universities, private
                 institutions and enrollment
                    Is it an important •
                         problem whose
                    solution will have a
                         useful effects?


The higher education system at
Jordan has been adopted to meet
the local and regional needs and
at the same time , to assure that
the education system will be a
major national asset, a source of
national security and the                  Find out the problem,
emerging characteristic that               objectives and methods
shifts Jordan to the status of a
developed countries
   Quality assurance of teaching, program
 evaluation, staff appraisal and assessment in
   the Jordanian universities is conducted
It is limited to:
1. Student evaluation of the course at the end
      of each semester
2- Evaluation reports prepared by the Head of the
      departments & the Dean when the staff applied
      for promotion.

 **1 These are not sufficient to evaluate the
 staff, academic and teaching performance
**2 still, most of the staff in public Universities
believe that, there is so far no need for
accreditation to their programs, because,
public universities have been steered for a long
time centrally by the MHE which has a big say
in the recognition of Higher Education
programs and the degrees to be delivered.

The majority have agreed upon that, there is a
need for better internal quality assessment; but
**3 only a few believe in external quality
assessment and accreditation.
However, international developments can not be

we see an emphasis on accreditation due to the global
establishment of many private institutions for
higher education , students exchanges and
students mobility.

In the near future it might be not possible to look at
quality in a national framework only.
 **4 An international dimension may be need
not only to validate national standards but
also for assessment and accreditation.
Specific objective:

To develop a framework for ensuring quality of higher
education and establishing a system for accreditation
of programs and courses in technical universities at
                  A proposal could be written to
                    address a well formulated

                        Can we lunch the
                        program without
                         external help?

YES, we can solve the                              NO, due to the
problem faster and                                    lack of
with less cost

                                             Financial         Qualified
                                             resources          staff
      estimated total                         Lack of financial
           cost                                  resources

                                    How much we
              + -                    can offer?

         budget ?

Staff costs         Travel & stay        Equipment        Other costs
              Lack of qualified

                                   is needed
 is needed

  Partially                         Totally


Training                 Training
locally                  abroad

                      We have a Case for Support, the project
                        is definitely needed and should be
                        funded so we can start writing the
The most basic composition of a proposal is simple ,
it needs:
1- A beginning (the introduction)
2- A middle ( the body of the material to be presented)
3- An end ( the conclusion and recommendation)

   The INTRODUCTION summarizes :

   • The problems we intended to solve
   • The solutions to that problems and benefits to be
   • received from the solutions
   • The cost of that solutions
The body explains :

• The details of the solution.
• What method will be used.
• The required material, personal and equipment.
• When the work will begin and when the job will be
• The detailed cost for the entire job.
Size of Engineering Education System
- Engineers employment records for the year 2002 [6]
(Population =100%):

•Total number of Jordanian engineers   50632
•Rate of engineers to HE persons       10.33%
•Rate of Engineers to population       0.95%
•Rate of employed engineers
to population                          0.85%
•Rate of unemployed engineers
 to population                         0.1%
•Rate of unemployed to employed
Engineers                              11.8%
•Rate of Engineers to persons
employed in industry                   8.75%
• The project will be implemented as a structural measure pilot
  project in 1-year period. Following outcomes will be produced:
• The report on the experience on introduction of quality
  control and accreditation for courses and programs in
  European countries is prepared and made available for all
  interested parties in Jordan
• The system for quality control is developed and applied for 5
  selected pilot courses from the newly introduced study
  programs in JUST
• International conference “Quality control and accreditation of
  higher education” is organised in Jordan
• Recommendation for implementing quality control and
  accreditation at university level is developed in cooperation
  with the Ministry of Education of Jordan
• The practical seminar “Introduction of quality control and
  accreditation for technical
• Activities

Visit of Swedish and Spanish partners to Jordan for kick-
   off meeting. The meeting will include following
a. Appointing project coordinators in Jordan, Sweden and
b. Acquaintance with current situation with quality
   assurance and accreditation in higher education in
c. Meeting at the Ministry of Education of Jordan with
   persons working with quality assurance and
   accreditation of higher technical education
d. Forming the project team in Jordan for the project
1.   Study visit to Sweden and Italy for getting necessary information
     concerning implementation of quality assurance, accreditation and
     standardization of higher education at university and institutional level.
2.   Preparing the report concerning experience of EU partners in quality
     assurance and accreditation of technical programs and courses
3.   Organising international conference “Quality control and accreditation of
     higher technical education” in Jordan
4.   Developing recommendations on implementation of quality assurance
     and accreditation of higher technical education in Jordan
5.   Performing pilot application of developed quality control and
     accreditation system for 5 selected courses from new programs, developed
     in the framework of Tempus projects
6.   Organising the practical seminar “Introduction of quality control and
     accreditation for technical disciplines in Jordan universities”
8.   Coordination and management activities
a.   Coordination meetings of the appointed project coordinators
b.   Assigning responsible persons for all project activities
c.   Producing activity reports within 2-weeks after finishing the activity
d.   Preparing progress reports and the final project report and submitting
     them to Tempus
e.   Day-by-day coordination and management using e-mail and phone.
The CONCLUSION should emphasize                           :
 The benefits that the reader will realize from
 the solution .
  Funding this project will help in implementing a suitable
     strategy which enable Jordan Universities to achieve
     the following themes:
  1. curriculum reform to ensure that students have
     opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and
     adaptation to new situations
  2. - improved teaching and learning necessary for deep
      understanding of technical information and self
      learning skills.
  3 - - experiential learning environments provided by
     laboratories and workshops
  4. - effective assessment methods to determine quality
      and improve the learning process.

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