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					    2007 International Student Experimental Hands-on Project
 Competition via Internet on Intelligent Mechatronics and Automation
               LuoMaid : Intelligent Home Care Robot

                  Sung-Sheng Huang, Yi-Huei Jhu, Yu-Da Hong,
                        Wen-Ho Cheng, Prof. Ren C. Luo

                         Intelligent Automation Laboratory
                        Department of Electrical Engineering
                   National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, ROC
           EE123, 160 San-Hsing, Min-Hsiung, Chia-Yi 621, Taiwan, R.O.C.
            Phone: (05)2720411-23270 E-mail:

Key Words:                                     system. There are four major components
                                               in this system, which are motion planning,
     Multi-robot, home care, sensor            localization, sensor and remote control.
network, localization, motion planning,        And all those components are connected
remote monitor, remote control, human          by intranet.
trace, fall down detection, fire detection.


    Due to the development of medical
techniques and the lower birth rate of
population, the aging problem becomes an
important issue over the world. Another        Figure1:System Architecture of LuoMaid
important issue is that how to make a safe
indoor environment for the child. We can            In this project, our experimental
image that the people who need long term       environment is show as Figure 2. There
care are much more than now. If we don't       are three rooms in this space. Each room
have good policy against this issue, the       has a fire sensor. Additionally, we mark a
aging and children safety problem will         dangerous area to avoid child get damage,
have great impact on our country.              such as gate, veranda and kitchen.

     This project is based on sensor
network theory aim to implement
multi-robot. Differed from huge-sized
robots, each robot has the feature of small,
simplicity, low-cost, and efficient. Our
project is focus on home care included
child and elder.


    Figure1 is our system architecture.          Figure2:Experimental Environment
This system is design as a decentralized
    The main design factories under our        detection module is based on accelerator.
consideration are small, simplicity and        Its basic principle is based different
low-cost. The main component on the top        acceleration. Normally fall down will
layer is micro processor and the wireless      produce bigger acceleration.
communication chip. Micro processor is
response to the motion planning and the        IV. SCENARIOS
compass is used to calibrate the turning
angle.                                              Human trace: we assume that a mote
                                               is attached to a child. Thus we can know
                                               the child position. When the child is
                                               moving our robot will follow and monitor
                                               him continuously. And our robot will send
                                               out warning message when the child goes
                                               to dangerous room (for example kitchen,

                                                    Home care: When an elder fall down
           Figure3:LuoMaid                     the device which attached to elder will
                                               trigger. Our robot will immediately move
       III. SYSTEM FUNCTION                    to him and sent the message to hospital
                                               staff or his family.
    In this LuoMaid home care robot
there are three major functions, which is           Home security: Home security is
localization, fire detection, fall down        another purpose of our multi-robot. When
detection.                                     the environment occurred dangerous
                                               situation (for example: fire alarm), the
     Localization: The indoor localization     robot will be sent to check what is going
system uses the RSSI (received signal          on firstly. If the robot detected dangerous
strength indicator) to estimate the location   situation it will call a big robot to handle
of mobile user via IEEE 802.15.4 wireless      further work.
devices. RSSI could be used to make the
range estimation. With range estimation        V. CONCLUSION
and triangular algorithm, localization can
                                                    We develop a multi-robot based on
be detected.
                                               sensor     network    theory.     LuoMaid
     Fire detection: We implemented a          multi-robot is focus on home care
fire detection module which is contained       included child and elder. Differed from
flame sensor and microprocessor. Flame         huge-sized robots, each robot has the
sensor is triggered by ultraviolet and sent    feature of small, simplicity, low-cost, and
the data to microprocessor. Then               efficient. Sensor network technology is
microprocessor gathers data to PC for          used to localize and gather data form
analysis.                                      environmental sensor. With LuoMaid
                                               multi-robot     and     sensor     network
     Fall down detection: Usually fall         technology, home care can be guaranteed.
down would cause damage for elder. Our
system has ability to detect him precisely
when people fall down. The fall down

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