Wedding Photographer With a Mission To Save the Rainforest

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					Wedding Photographer With a Mission To Save the Rainforest

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Bartosz Kali Wedding Photography

A local wedding photographer incorporates donations into his business model and sets an example for other
small and creative businesses to do the same.

Online PR News – 24-May-2013 – A prolific Nottingham based wedding photographer, Bartosz Kali, also
known as BKali, uses his photography business to actively support the World Land Trust. He hopes that
through his green pledge to protect the Rainforest he will show that creative businesses can do a lot more
than just recycle their office paper.

‘I believe that all businesses should commit to give something back to the environment. We pay mandatory
taxes for the products we use in business and the things we consume in everyday life but these taxes are
often mismanaged. I love the idea that after each big wedding I can personally save about 5 trees in the
Rainforest. It’s a great feeling to know that old trees that support so much life will be spared thanks to my
donation.’ says Bartosz.

Being an eco-friendly wedding photographer means another additional task and responsibility on his part and
less earnings, but this does not stop him from achieving his goal. He entered an agreement with the World
Land Trust to make direct donations and has so far saved over 1,300 sq meters of the Rainforest.

Bartosz Kali Wedding Photography offers other related services, and he is trying to incorporate his green
pledge in every new photography commission. The set up is very simple. With any order that is worth more
than £700, he donates a certain amount of money to preserve the rainforest in the Amazon. There are
various countries to choose from when making the donation but all the money goes to the World Land Trust
and its partner organisations.

The World Land Trust (WLT) is the international conservation organisation that is taking an action to save
wildlife habitats and rainforests. It is done by giving funds for partner organisations to buy land and develop
wildlife reserves permanently.

‘It’s a good cause with a marketing angle that I hope other people and businesses will recognize and also try
to copy. The worst that can happen is that you’ll be labelled a ‘green photographer’’ says Bartosz. He is
actively trying to encourage all small businesses to copy his altruistic model and also to invite future brides
and grooms to take part in his green pledge to save more trees and wildlife habitat.

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Bartosz Kali
Unit 11, 163 Radford Road
United Kingdom


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