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									Michelle Reed
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August 14, 2005

Human Resource Manager
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Re: (insert position title here)

Dear Human Resource Manager:

Please consider this letter of introduction an expression of my interest in exploring professional opportunities within
your academic institution. I am enclosing my résumé for your review.

As a highly qualified teacher, I am committed to excellence in education through diversity. My collective experiences
have awarded me the opportunity to become adept in classroom management, curriculum development,
determination of learner needs and effectively implementing innovative strategies for enhancing the learning
experience. I have a solid background in cultural arts allowing me proficiency in implementing the elements of
dance, music and theatre into daily lesson plans.

Through my acknowledgement and understanding of the different student learning styles, I quickly establish and
maintain a genuine rapport with students, staff and administration. I have an innate ability for effective
interactions with people of various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds reinforced by my academic and work-
related experiences. Each student brings a unique offering and is a valuable resource of knowledge for me and the
class as a whole deserving recognition for his/her individual contribution. By directly interacting with my students, I
define a sense of presence for the individual within the classroom. Thus, the student develops a capacity for
interacting with fellow students and teachers without the presence of intimidation.

Some of my additional skills and qualifications I can offer:

        Ø   Effectively engage students through inclusion of cultural arts in daily lessons

        Ø   Practical experience in real world academic environments comprised of students from diverse cultural
            and socio-economic backgrounds

        Ø   Assessment of individual learner needs through innovative measures in which student is allowed to
            perform without intimidation resulting in accurate and fair evaluation

        Ø   Created an innovative guide to practicing verb tenses based upon the Spanish royal family augmented
            by the construction of a castle complete with identifying photographs

        Ø   Nurtured and further developed a sense of community through active participation in staff development
            workshops, parent-teacher conferences and student mentoring

        Ø   Created The Beauty of Music, a large group-sized book that I designed, wrote, partially illustrated and
            set to classical music for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of ESL students

I believe that my philosophy of teaching, my skills and experiences make me a valuable candidate and would
welcome the opportunity to discuss my credentials further with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you in
advance for your consideration.


Michelle Reed

Enclosure: Résumé

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