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                                                                                           LINDSEY'S LUMBER &
Kevin Allstott     2
                                                                                          BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC.
Christmas Party    2                                                                           P.O. BOX 89
                                                                                          FRENCH LICK, IN 47432
New Employees      3                                                                  936-9670 LUMBER YARD
                                                                                      936-4579 CONSTUCTION
Project Updates    3

                            Volume 1, Issue 9                                                         December 2007

                            French Lick Town Green
                            I am very excited to an-        Bids accepted from other       passing year to see all the
                            nounce that we have re-         companies include:             positive changes affecting
                            ceived a letter of intent to    Electrical - Weyer Electric    Orange County and the
                            award this project to our       Mechanical - D.E.Q. Inc.       surrounding areas. We
                            company. This will be a         Plumbing - R&S Plumbing        are truly on our way to
                            beautiful high profile build-   Elevator - ThyssenKrupp        becoming a destination
                            ing across from the French                                     people won’t want to miss.
                            Lick Resort Casino in the       I am excited for us and our
                            heart of downtown French        community with each

                            This building will be a
                            lasting legacy for all
                            that work on it for
                            many years to come.

                            EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT … Cletus Rasche, Jr.
                            Cletus Rasche, Jr. is our       children to keep him busy.     his spare time.
                            first employee spotlight for    They are Skyler Anderson,
                            the month of December.          17; Logan Blackgrave, 14;
                            Cletus has been employed        Krya Anderson, 10; Ashley
                            with Lindsey’s Construc-        Kapp, 17; Kaylynn Ra-
                            tion since October 2006.        sche, 9; Carrisa Rasche,
                                                            8; Braden Rasche, 20
                            Cletus has four children:
                                                            months; Hanna Rasche, 4;
                            Tara Anderson, Neil Ra-
                                                            and Nevaeh Rasche 1
                            sche, Andy Rasche, &
                            Robert Rasche.
                                                            Cletus enjoys hunting,
                            Cletus also has 9 grand-
                                                            fishing and gardening in

                             I would again like to ex-                                        Shorty is going to
                T              press congratulations                                         Kimballs and Buck is
 EMPLOY        IES
                             and best wishes to Har-                                         going to the Resort.
        R S AR
 AN NIVE                      old “Shorty” Land and
                                                                                             We wish them all the
                              Donald “Buck” Pinnick
                                                                                            best and hope they stop
                               for being a couple of
                                                                                            and see us from time to
  8 Years - Mike Lagenour    great employees. Each
    2 Years - Dan Knies        have decided to take
                                other opportunities.
 Page 2                                                                        Lindsey’s Chatter

First Aid
It’s an excellent idea for con-    The victim of a bad fall, or of   Good first aid is not only know-
struction workers and for eve-     some other accident on your       ing what to do– how to stop
ryone to know first aid funda-     project, might have internal      excessive bleeding, or restore
mentals: how to stop bleeding,     injuries or a fractured spine;    breathing; it’s also knowing
start breathing, start a stopped   if so, trying to move him need-   what not to do—not to move a
heart, and give any other vi-      lessly might aggravate the        seriously injured person
tally needed care until profes-    injury—might permanently          unless absolutely necessary.
sional help arrives.               cripple, or even kill them!
                                                                So if someone is ever seri-
Whether or not you’ve had       Wait until experts arrive who ously hurt on the job, see that
any first aid training, you     will transport the victim to a  professional help is called right
should know this principle that hospital with a minimum of      away—then see that what
is too often forgotten in many danger. If the person must be needs to be done is
emergencies: DON’T MOVE moved to save them from ad- done...and that what needs
ANYONE WHO APPEARS              ditional danger, try to work a not be done isn’t done.
TO BE SERIOUSLY IN-             blanket or coat under them,
JURED. Well-meaning people then pull them gently along
often have the impulse to hoist the ground to a safe location.
an accident victim to a sitting If they must be lifted, support
position, or pointlessly move each part of his body so that
them from here to there...or    his entire frame is kept in a
from there to here.             straight line.

For the final newsletter of        clude tracing family geneal-
2007, we are shinning the          ogy, watching sci-
spotlight on Kevin Allstott.       ence fiction shows
                                   and listening to
Kevin has been employed
                                   loud music.
here since April 2006.
                                   Kevin thought his
Kevin and his wife of 32
                                   co-workers would
years, Kathy have 4 children:
                                   be surprised to
Mike, 27; Jake 26; Luke; 19
                                   know that he was
and Zeke; 18. They also
                                   born in Dr.
have two grandchildren: Gra-
                                   Sugarman’s office
cie, 2 & Noah, 4 months.
                                   in downtown
Some of Kevin’s hobbies in-        French Lick.

                    Lindsey’s Construction Christmas Party

    All employees and a guest                               Date: Friday, Dec. 14, 2007
    are invited to our company                                     Time: 7:00 PM
         Christmas party.                                   Place: French Lick Winery
    Everyone will be receiving
            Invitations.                                   We look forward to seeing you
  Volume 1, Issue 9                                                                                       Page 3

 Project Updates
        Lindsey’s Construction                                                          T&M French Lick Resort Casino
 American Buildings Company usually
  makes few mistakes, but on our own                                                    No end in site. I have been uneasy
 building there have been several. We                                                 about this work from the beginning in
  now have the right roofing, but they                                                 relationship to how long it would last.
 failed to get additional siding ordered                                               We started with 4 or 5 men and now
 and they have failed to get the correct                                               are up to 8 or 9 men with permanent
ridge cap & trim. As of last week, all is                                             I.D. cards and a drop box for work or-
ordered. This is all very aggravating as                                                ders. I believe this arrangement is
 we had planned to make our move in                                                  working well for the hotel and everyone
   December & this also impacts our                                                                   involved.
   schedule on other work. Hopefully
    things will start coming together.
       SV Hardware - Addition                         JSI - Barrel Dock                  Larry Bird Home Renovations

As everyone has seen, the building is        We should finish this job Monday the     I had hoped to meet with the owners
here. With three new hires we should         26th weather permitting and that is a       this weekend but was under the
 be able to keep our new building and           month earlier than the owner re-     weather. I think the work is going well
this building going at the same time. I      quested. They are now talking to me       and hope that they are pleased with
 would hope to be able to move at the         about a fire/dust wall to separate the what they see. I expect they may have
            first of the year.               spray finish areas. I gave them some     some new ideas about what needs to
                                            options and they are taking them under                  be done.

Spring Town Apartments, Marengo, Indiana
Bid Date: November 19, 2007
Walker Construction          $1,349,000.00
                                                                                                              July 4
Select Builders              $1,402,131.00

Shireman                     $1,459,500.00
                                                                     •    It is very important to keep the office in-
                                                                          formed of any change of address, phone
Lindsey’s Construction       1,665,000.00
                                                                          number, or family (marriage, divorce, birth,
                                                                          adoption, etc.)
                                                                     •    Please verify with office that your address is
                                                                          current and your Social Security Number is
          We would like to welcome new                                    correct before W-2’s are printed.
                  employees:                                         •                                      please note
                                                                          If you have a job related injury,Independence    Day
                 • Matt Collins                                           date & time and notify office ASAP.
                • James Knies
              • Troy Klosterman
               • Isaac Schaber

                     HOLIDAYS                                                     BIRTHDAY’S
     December 25                  December 31
                                                                  5 - Susie Knies                24 - Kevin Allstott
                                                                  21 - Cory Land                  25 - Jacob Allstott
                                                               22 - Patrick Studnicki           28 - Cletus Rasche, Jr.

       Christmas                 New Year’s Eve
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