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					                                                                                                   FM 8-10-19

                                                 APPENDIX D

                          OPERATING PROCEDURE

D-1.    General                                            D-3.   Organization
Paragraph 3-14 of this manual discusses CSOPs and          Annexes with supporting appendixes and tabs are
recommends that each established DTF have a CSOP.          easy to change and update; therefore, maximum use
Unlike the TSOP, the CSOP discusses only that              of annexes in a CSOP is advisable. The CSOP should
information relating to the operation of the DTF. The      be organized as follows:
CSOP primarily covers policies and procedures.
Policies are generally dictated through the dental                 •    Directive.
technical chain and are not usually subject to a great
deal of interpretation. Procedures selected for                    •    Table of contents.
inclusion in the CSOP are those which best suit the
needs of that particular DTF. As with the TSOP,                    •    Record of changes and corrections.
there is no prescribed format for a CSOP; however,
the information contained in the remainder of this                 •    Annexes, appendixes, and tabs.
appendix offers a suggested outline and format.

D-2.    Publication Format                                 D-4.   Directive
The best format for the CSOP is a loose-leaf binder ar-    The directive should be the first page of the CSOP.
rangement. Clinical policies and procedures are sub-       The directive is the letter order signed by the DTF
ject to frequent change, and a loose-leaf arrangement      OIC which directs implementation of the CSOP. The
is easily updated. It is also relatively inexpensive and   directive should be on unit letterhead in memorandum
easily produced in multiple copies at the unit level.      format as shown below (Figure D-l).

FM 8-10-19

D-5.    Record of Changes and Corrections                record changes and corrections. This allows the user
                                                         and the DTF OIC to easily audit that particular copy
Since information in the CSOP is subject to frequent     of the CSOP. A single page formatted as follows will
change, include a page in the front of the binder to     serve this purpose (Figure D-2).

D-6.    Annexes                                          D-7.    Content
Information in the CSOP is incorporated into annexes     The information contained in annexes is variable and
dealing with general areas. Annexes are supported        will depend on the type of unit and, of course, guidance
by appendixes and tabs which deal with more specific     and policy from the unit commander and his higher
issues. Information in annexes and supporting            headquarters. The followings an outline of annexes,
appendixes and tabs should not be redundant nor          appendixes, and tabs recommended for inclusion in a
voluminous. However, there should be sufficient          generic CSOP.
detail to ensure proper performance of the task
addressed or compliance with the policy prescribed.             • ANNEX A—Organization. A general
As with the TSOP, annexes to the CSOP are directive      statement of the mission and organization of the
and address who, what, where, when, and how.             DTF.
Annexes are attached in alphabetical order after the
body of the table of contents, with appendixes                       • APPENDIX I—Dental Treatment
(numerical) and tabs (alphabetical) following their      Facility Layout. Line diagram of the suggested
supported annexes. Annexes are generally formatted       DTF layout similar to those in Chapter 3 of this
in the same manner prescribed for the TSOP (see          manual.
paragraph E-7a); however, as a matter of expediency
and economy, some material may be incorporated as                           •  TABs-Vehicle Load Plans.
an appendix or tab in its original form simply by        Load plans for the DTF’s personnel and equipment.
adding a tab or appendix designator. Some examples
of this method are manufacturer’s instruction                          • APPENDIX 2—Personnel. Orga-
manuals, military technical manuals, or written policy   nization of personnel assigned to the DTF and
directives from higher headquarters.                     delineation of duties.

                                                                                                    FM 8-10-19

                     • TABs—Duty Description.                          • APPENDIX 4--Work Load Report-
Detailed description of individual and special duties    ing. Prescribe procedure for work load data account-
as necessary.                                            ability and reporting.

       • ANNEX B—Equipment. Listing of                                • APPENDIX 5--X-Ray Operations.
equipment assigned to the DTF.                           Prescribe procedure for x-ray operations.
             • APPENDIX l—Operation and                                • APPENDIX 6—Preventive Den-
Maintenance. Statement of DTF policy for equipment       tistry. Describe and define responsibilities for the
operation and operator maintenance.                      DTF preventive dentistry program.
                      • TABs—Individual Major                          • APPENDIX 7—Prosthodontic
Items. Manufacturer’s operator manual or service         Care. Prescribe procedure for provision of prosth-
technical manual, if available, for each major item of   odontic care, if appropriate.
equipment to include vehicles and generators.
                                                                       • APPENDIX 8—Referrals. Pre-
            • APPENDIX 2—Maintenance Sup-                scribe procedure for referral and evacuation of patients
port Procedures. Prescribe procedure for obtaining       for treatment available at other DTFs.
maintenance support.
                                                                 •      ANNEX E—Contingency Operations.
        •    ANNEX C—Supply.
                                                                       • APPENDIX l—Reaction to Med-
              • APPENDIX I—Class VIII Med-
                                                         ical Emergency. Prescribe procedure to be followed
ical Supply. Statement of procedure for ordering,        in the event of a medical emergency.
receiving, storing, and issuing Class VIII medical
supplies.                                                             • APPENDIX 2—Reaction to Enemy
              • APPENDIX 2—Property Control.             Action. Prescribe the DTF response in the event of
                                                         enemy action, to include handling of patients within
Hand receipt procedure for maintaining account-          the DTF.
ability of DTF TOE and CTA property.
                                                                            •     TAB A—NBC Response.
              • APPENDIX 3—Precious Metals
Control, Procedure for control of precious metals and                        •    TAB B—Ground Attack.
finished fixed prosthodontic cases, if appropriate.
                                                                             •    TAB C—Air Attack.
        •    ANNEX D—Patient Care Operations.
                                                                      • APPENDIX 3—Mass Casualty
              • APPENDIX 1—Patient Treatment             Response. Prescribe DTF responsibilities in the
Policy. Statement of treatment policy to include         event of mass casualties.
priority of care, if appropriate.
                 •   TABs-Policy letters from                    • ANNEX F—Infection Control. State-
higher headquarters.                                     ment of required infection control procedures.

              • APPENDIX 2—Patient Flow.                               • APPENDIX l—Personal and Pa-
Prescribe patient flow.                                  tient Protection. Prescribe procedure for protection
                                                         of health care provider and patient.
              • APPENDIX 3—Patient Records.
Prescribe procedure for preparation and maintenance                     •   APPENDIX 2—Sterilization of
of patient records.                                      Instruments.

FM 8-10-19

               •   APPENDIX 3—Disposal of Infec-                • ANNEX H-Safety. Statement of safety
tious Waste.                                           policies and procedures.
             •     APPENDIX 4—Treatment of High-                     •   APPENDIX l—X-Ray Safety.
Risk Patients.
                                                                         •   TAB A—Radiation Exposure
       • ANNEX G—Relocation. Procedures for            Monitoring.
emplacement and displacement of the DTF.
              •                                                      •   APPENDIX 2—Fire Safety.
                   APPENDIX l—Dental Treatment
Facility Setup.                                                      •   APPENDIX 3—Hearing Conserva-
             • APPENDIX 2—Dental Treatment             tion.
Facility Takedown.
                                                                    •    APPENDIX 4--Hazardous Mate-
              • APPENDIX 3—Provision of Den-           rial Handling.
tal Treatment During Relocation. Prescribe procedure
for provision of emergency dental treatment during             • ANNEX I—Physical Security. State-
relocation.                                            ment of physical security plan for the DTF.