Sample Outline by weep00p


									               Sample Outline

Time           Agenda     Description

7:00 pm        Meet and   As attendees arrive, allow everyone to
               Greet      greet one another. Introduce anyone
                          new (for small groups only). Handout
                          prayer cards and contact cards.

7:10 pm        Worship    Sing songs to glorify God.

7:20 pm        Welcome    Open in prayer.

7:25 pm        Speaker    Briefly introduce speaker. Speaker
                          may use Power Point presentation or
                          Why China Now? Video. Create
                          transition for prayer with prayer

7:40 pm        Prayer     Break up into groups and pray.

7:55 pm        Speaker    Present different prayer points.

8:00 pm        Prayer     Break up into groups and pray.

8:15 pm        Speaker    Thank people for coming. Transition
                          into closing worship and dismiss.
                          Don’t forget to collect contact cards.

8:20-8:30 pm   Closing    Start to clean up, but allow people to
               Worship    fellowship. Be aware of how long you
               Song       have the building reserved.

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