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Author Ana Norman Lopez Ayoe Hoff Ben Drakeford Bertrand Le Gallic Carlos Sebastián Villasante Dolers Garza-Gil Drew Olsen Fabio Madau Frank Asche Frank Jensen - 1 Frank Jensen - 2 Gunnar Haraldsson Hakan Eggert Hans van Oostenbrugge Hazel Curtis Heleen Bartelings Hendrik Stouten - 1 Hendrik Stouten - 2 Ikerne del Valle Ilona van Schaik J.A. Millan - 1 J.A. Millan - 2 James Innes Jens Kjaersgaard John Anderson Jordi Guillen Karen Bjarney Jóhannsdóttir Kees Taal Kepa Astorkiza Lars Ravn-Jonsen Laurent Le Grel Linda Nostbakken Linda Seidel-Lass Lone Gronbaek Massimo Spagnolo Max Nielsen Monica Gambino Naomi Foley Nicolas Rautureau Ole Jakob Bergfjord Paul McLeod - 1 Paul McLeod - 2 Philip Rodgers Pietro Pulina Ragnar Arnason - 1 Ragnar Arnason - 2 Ralf Doring Rowena Orok Siv Reithe Soile Kulmala Susan Anton Sveinn Agnarsson Thomas Thogersen Thomas Vallée Thorolfur Matthiasson

Institute Cemare FOI Cemare Uni of Brest Uni of Santiago de Compostela Uni of Vigo FOC University of Sassari Stavanger FOI FOI Uni of Iceland Uni of Gothenburg LEI Seafish LEI ILVO ILVO Uni of Basque Country IMARES UPM UPM Cemare FOI Seafish GEMUB Uni of Iceland LEI Uni of Basque Country SDU Uni of Nantes SNF Uni of Kiel SDU IREPA FOI IREPA Uni of Galway Uni of Nantes NILF UWA UWA CFER Uni of Sassari Uni of Iceland Uni of Iceland Uni of Greifswald FOC Tromso Uni of Helsinki Seafish Uni of Iceland FOI Uni of Nantes Uni of Iceland

Country UK Denmark Iceland France Spain Spain Canada Italy Norway Denmark Denmark Iceland Sweden Holland UK Holland Belgium Belgium Spain Holland Spain Spain UK Denmark UK Spain Iceland Holland Spain Denmark France Norway Germany Denmark Italy Denmark Italy Ireland France Norway Australia Australia UK Italy Iceland Iceland Germany Canada Norway Finland UK Iceland Denmark France Iceland

Urs Steiner Brandt Viktoria Kahui Posters Eriko Hoshino Konrad Turkowski Silvia Silvestri Thorir Sigurdsson

SDU Uni of Tromso Imperial College University of Warmia and Mazury University of Padova Uni of Akureyri UBC Europeche Uni of Rhode Island Uni of Iceland DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

Denmark Norway UK Poland Italy Iceland Canada Denmark USA Iceland Belgium

Keynotes Peter Pearse Niels Wichmann Jim Anderson Ragnar Arnason Emilio Mastracchio

Session Markets Modelling Modelling Miscellaneous Management Markets Impact Assessment Modelling Aquaculture/trade Enforcement Modelling Management Modelling Modelling Impact Assessment Data/analysis Modelling Data/analysis Modelling Management Markets Markets Modelling Habitats/ecology model Management Markets Modelling Data/analysis Environment Habitats/ecology model Markets Enforcement Miscellaneous Modelling Management Markets Data/analysis Habitats/ecology model Markets Aquaculture/trade Management Data/analysis Miscellaneous Management Enforcement Modelling Environment Recreational Habitats/ecology model Impact Assessment Management Modelling Impact Assessment Miscellaneous Management

Environment Habitats/ecology model

Title Market interactions between tilapia and several whitefish in the US market Modelling Economic Response to Combined Harvest and Effort Control in Fishery Precautionary risk methodology in fisheries (PRONE) – Case study development Applying the Concept of Multifunctionality to Fisheries: An Empirical Test Cooperative or non-cooperative fisheries management of straddling stocks in the Patagonian Large Marine Ecosystem: an econom WILLINGNESS OF SPANISH CONSUMERS TO PAY FOR ECOLABELLED FISH PRODUCTS. AN EMPIRICAL APPROACH Socioeconomic Considerations To Inform A Decision Whether Or Not To List Three Populations Of Atlantic Cod Under Canada's S CAPACITY AND CAPACITY UTILIZATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SMALL-SCALE FISHING FLEET: THE CASE STUDY OF When will trade restrictions affect producer behavior: Oligopsony power in international trade Random Penalties within fisheries Regulation on Fishing Days: A Principal-Agent Approach Inefficiencies of effort restrictions in fisheries management – An empirical study Productivity Development in Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Fisheries Non-linear relationship between effort and fishing mortality, economic considerations A biological, economic and social impact assessment of the Long Term Management Plans for Sole and Plaice in the southern Nor Economic Data Collection of the Fishing Fleet: What are we aiming for? An evaluation and comparison of different restrictive policy scenarios on Belgian fishing fleet dynamics A quest to diversify the Belgian fleet: an economic evaluation BASQUE INSHORE VESSEL’S EXIT BEHAVIOUR: A LOGIT APPROACH Community Transferable Fishing Quota HOUSEHOLD DEMAND FOR SEAFOOD AND OTHER ANIMAL PRODUCTS IN SPAIN A DEMAND ANALYSIS FOR FARMED FISH IN SPAIN Impact of the use of veil nets on the productivity of UK Crangon vessels operating in the North Sea Ecological Benchmarking to Explore Alternative Fishing Schemes: The Danish Demersal Fishery in the North Sea Rights based management in the UK – the Shetland Experience Analysis of the Price Transmission along the Spanish Market Chain for different Seafood Products Productivity in the Icelandic fisheries Pulse fishery: A more environment friendly and economic alternative for beam trawl on flatfish? PRESTIGE OIL TANKER ACCIDENT AND OIL FISHERS A system-ecological-economic model Substitution between salmon and white fish species on the French market: an empirical evidence Non-Compliance in Fisheries: A Corporate Crime Perspective Scientific Networks and Individual Performance in Fisheries and Aquaculture Research The costs of a persistent pollutant in an optimally regulated fishery RIGHT BASED AND EFFORT MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND THE ROLE OF THE EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT FUND Causality in demand: A co-integrated demand system for trout in Germany Evaluation of the capital value, investments and capital costs in the fishery sector: the Italian case The production function approach – estimating linkages between Lophelia and redfish on the Norwegian coast Is the French angler market integrated? A copula functions approach Risk perception and risk management in Norwegian aquaculture Socially Optimal Allocation of Fish Resources Among Competing Uses. A DYnamic allocation model applied to Western Australia’s A BIOECONOMIC EVALUATION OF QUOTA FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN WEST COAST ROCK LOBSTER The Long-Run Supply Curve in Fisheries: The case of North Sea cod The “fishing local system s” as a competitive key factor for fisheries resources co-management: the case of Sardinia Fisheries enforcement with a stochastic response function Global fisheries rents loss: New results Management plans for Natura 2000 sites – nature conservation measures in fisheries regulations Gone Fishing: A Profile of Recreational Fishing Activities in Canada On fisheries and habitats Towards Bio-Economic Stock Assessment through Open-Source Framework: a Case-Study of Baltic Salmon West of Scotland Nephrops Fishery – review of the management objectives in the nephrops fishery Linear harvest control rules and optimality: The case of the Icelandic cod fishery A modelling perspective on impact assessments The macroeconomic dependence of developing countries to the EU subsidies of fishing agreements: a game theory approach Effects of foreshortening of transferred quota in an ITQ market

The probability of collapsing of a renewable resource under climatic uncertainties A bioeconomic model of non-renewable habitat-fisheries linkages

Estimate of Resource Rents in Pacific Saury Stick-held Dip Net Fishery in Japan Management of fisheries in the Vistula Lagoon: history and current status – the way to EU standards Employment of a bioeconomic model supporting management processes of small pelagic fishery in the Northern Adriatic Sea, north PARADOXES IN ICELAND´S HERRING FISHERY: Stock and Catch and Fleet Dynamics

rge Marine Ecosystem: an economic perspective . AN EMPIRICAL APPROACH Of Atlantic Cod Under Canada's Species At Risk Act G FLEET: THE CASE STUDY OF THE NORTH SARDINIA

Sole and Plaice in the southern North Sea


odel applied to Western Australia’s Wet Line fishery AN WEST COAST ROCK LOBSTER FISHERY

ents: a game theory approach

y in the Northern Adriatic Sea, north-eastern Italy

18.00 Welcome Reception*

8th July

9th July 9.30 Ragnar Arnason 10.00 Evelina Sabetella 10.15 Prof. Peter Pearse

11.00 Niels Wichmann 11.45 Q&A 12.00 Lunch 13.30 Parallel sessions: Management (Room no 132) Luc van Hoof Susan Anton Paul McLeod - 1 John Anderson Q&A

13.30-13.50 13.50-14.10 14.10-14.30 14.30-14.50 14.50-15.00

15.00 Coffee 15.30 Parallel sessions: Management (Room no 132) Massimo Spagnolo Thorolfur Matthiasson Pietro Pulina Carlos Sebastián Villasante Gunnar Haraldsson Q&A

15.30-15.50 15.50-16.10 16.10-16.30 16.30-16.50 16.50-17.10 17.10-17.30

17.30 EAFE AGM and Close 10th July 9.00 Prof. Jim Anderson 10.15 Coffee 10.45 Parallel sessions: Markets (Room no 132) 10.45-11.05 J.A. Millan - 1 11.05-11.25 Max Nielsen

11.25-11.45 Laurent Le Grel 11.45-12.05 J.A. Millan - 2 12.05-12.25 Jordi Guillen 12.30 Lunch

14.00 Ragnar Arnason 15.15 Coffee 15.45 Parallel sessions: Aquaculture/trade (Room no 132) Ole Jakob Bergfjord Frank Asche Dolers Garza-Gil Q&A

15.45-16.05 16.05-16.25 16.25-16.45 16.45-17.05 17.05-17.30

17.30 Close 19.00 Banquet* 11th July

9.00 Emilio Mastracchio 10.15 Coffee 10.45 Parallel sessions:

10.45-11.05 11.05-11.25 11.25-11.45 11.45-12.05 12.05-12.30

Impact Assessment (Room no 132) Hazel Curtis Thomas Thogersen Drew Olsen Soile Kulmala Q&A

12.30 Lunch 14.00 Plenary panel:

Keynote Speakers and Scientific Committee 15.30 Conference Closing After that Conference Excursion Tour***

*The Welcome reception on Sunday evening July 8th and the conference dinner on Tuesday evening July 10th, will take place at Radisson SAS Hotel Saga **Sessions will be in Askja Building (Room no 132) ***The tour goes to the Blue Lagoon and the fishing harbour of Grindavik.

8th July

9th July Welcome Speech** EAFE President Speech** Fisheries management regimes** Fisheries management in the European context**

Modelling (Room no 131) Ayoe Hoff Hans van Oostenbrugge Hendrik Stouten - 1 Lone Gronbaek Q&A

Enforcement (Room no 130) Linda Nostbakken Ragnar Arnason - 1 Frank Jensen - 1 Q&A

Habitats/Ecology modelling (Room no 131) Jens Kjaersgaard Viktoria Kahui Siv Reithe Lars Ravn-Jonsen Naomi Foley Q&A

Economic data/analysis (Room no 130) Monica Gambino Heleen Bartelings Kees Taal Hendrik Stouten - 2 Paul McLeod - 2 Q&A

10th July Fish markets and aquaculture**

Modelling (Room no 131) Hakan Eggert Fabio Madau

Miscellaneous (Room no 130) Betrand Le Gallic Thomas Vallée

Ikerne del Valle Q&A

Linda Seidel-Lass Michele Novelli Q&A

Advances in fisheries analysis and modelling**

Modelling (Room no 131) Frank Jensen - 2 Sveinn Agnarsson Karen Bjarney Jóhannsdóttir Philip Rodgers Ragnar Arnason - 2

Environment (Room no 130) Ralf Doring Kepa Astorkiza Urs Steiner Brandt Q&A

11th July A new impetus to the CFP: Better governance, Better economics**

Markets/modelling (Room no 131) Nicolas Rautureau Ana Norman Lopez James Innes Ben Drakeford Q&A

Recreational fisheries (Room no 130) Rowena Orok Q&A

Conference impressions and Ways forward**

ng July 8th and the conference dinner on Tuesday evening July 10th, will

he fishing harbour of Grindavik.

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