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									    Bill Hamel Has
Extensive Knowledge
 of All Facets of Real
     Estate Sector
Bill Hamel is the owner and operator of a real
estate sales and property management
company, Hamel Real Estate. He is a seasoned
real estate professional with years of experience
backing him. He is a highly motivated individual
with excellent interpersonal skills. He has
excellent    leadership     qualities   with    a
determination for success.
He has been NY State Licensed Commercial
and Residential Real Estate Broker since 1997.
He began real estate investing at an early age of
21. He has the membership of Greater Capital
Association of Realtors (GCAR), Commercial
and Industrial Real Estate Brokers (CIREB),
National Association of Realtors (NAR), Active
Investor Network and Habitat for Humanity
Over the last 17 years, Bill Hamel has earned
experience in sales, rentals, construction rehab
and customer services. He currently owns and/or
manages over nine million dollars in commercial
and residential real estate. Hamel Real Estate
operates diligently to offer prompt, honest and
consistent communication with the clients.
This small firm of experienced professionals
maintains close and personal contact with clients
along with following an innovative approach to the
management techniques. His responsibilities
include property management, maintenance and
rehabilitation as well as sales and buyer
representation with an emphasis on customer
Bill Hamel has received his Associate Degree
from Hudson Valley Community College in
Business Administration. His subjects were
accounting, finance, business law, marketing and
statistics. He was involved in several activities
such as Student Association and HVCC Varsity
In addition to his buying and listing experience,
he is also involved with all local community
associations. He has worked pro bono for the
Capital District Habitat for Humanity for the last
five years. He was on their site selection
committee but currently, he sells the properties
that they acquire by private donations, free of
In 2010, he was honored with their Golden
Hammer Award. He has earned a respectable
name in the real estate sector for his great
expertise and knowledge. To know more about
him,        please       browse      through

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