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Ideas for the Corporate
       People generally affiliate corporate life with dull, monotone shades. Men
and women in the corporate field usually dress up identically as the corporate life
comes with plenty of rules with regards to WORK WEAR. Due to this, it can be
hard for women at work to express themselves through their fashion.

      Office work wear for women can be challenging to make fashionable
particularly with tight policies to follow. However, this particular ordeal isn't
unattainable. By using these tips, you'll be able to look great for work while still
abiding by the company’s rules.
Colors and Prints

      Color has a huge function in helping make ladies corporate work wear
appear fashionable. It is advisable to break away from the standard greys and
blacks and explore far more trendy color choices. This doesn't mean that you can
show up at work in a bright red blazer, though. When it comes to suits and
blazers, you ought to limit yourself to office appropriate shades such as white,
brown, navy and camel.

       For your blouses, you can choose WORK WEAR shades which express your
own character. Reveal your soft and girly side through pastel shades such as soft
coral and mint. If you wish to show your strong side, richer colors like navy ought
to work.
       Some organizations permit printed work wear. It may be tricky to add prints
and patterns into ladies office wear however so long as they are not too over the
top, they could work. The standard patterns can make a boring corporate outfit
into a head turner. Soft, floral prints in the right colors are incredibly eye-catching
but can look befitting for the office according to how you will match them.

Mix and Match

      When you have colors included in your own WORK WEAR clothing, you
have to know how you can coordinate them. You would not want to go to work
using a floral patterned blazer with a spotted blouse and a striped skirt, right?
      When you decide what to wear to work, look through your current
wardrobe and then add colors and prints into your office apparel with just one or
two clothing items. Pair a floral pencil skirt with a white blouse and a charcoal
gray blazer. Tone down a vivid orange blouse with a camel or white tailored suit.
And you can even spice up a boring suit with accessories like a patterned scarf.
You will find countless fashion possibilities for you to discover!

Shoes and Bags

The bag and shoes you use to work can have a big impact on your whole outfit.
There is an old fashion rule stating that one's bag should always match one's
footwear. This is true except if your footwear is printed, in that case it would only
be cheap to show up using a handbag of the same print.
      Heels appear best for office WORK WEAR however, you must avoid wearing
fashion pumps or any type of fashion shoes. Your heels should be of a average
height. Open-toe heels are also a definite no-no. Flats are also acceptable and
much more comfortable particularly for expecting mothers wearing corporate
maternity work wear.

By following these tips, you can prevent blending in and just being in the
background in the corporate crowd Hence the next time you decide to go
shopping for WORK WEAR, skip the typical office wear retailer and check out
boutiques or go women’s fashion online shopping for unlimited, fashionable

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