Huawei_BTS_312_and_BSC_32_For_Sale_from_Used_Telecoms_10341237 by matthewh6


BSS (BTS and BSC) telecoms equipment for sale from Used Telecoms

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									Huawei BTS 312 and BSC 32 For Sale from Used Telecoms
Telephone: +44 1273 391 291

Part Number                       Description                     Manufacturer
                                   BTS 312
  02120068                Small Fan for 312 cabinet                 Huawei
  02120276                 Big Fan for 312 cabinet                  Huawei
              PBU 900M M900BTS30, GM5M1 PBU, Power Booster
  02311212                                                          Huawei
  02311309           TRX900Mhz Transceiver Unit (60W)               Huawei
  02312660         PMU - DC/DC for GSM BTS -48V Cabinet             Huawei
  02313034            1800MHz EDGE Transceiver Unit                 Huawei
 027140041          Combiner / Divider, MHz900, CDUA3.0             Huawei
                         312 2+2+2 900 mhz EDGE                     Huawei
                         312 2+2+2 1800 mhz EDGE                    Huawei
                                    BSC 32
  02314288          GMVM_DSEM DC SPD and EMI Module                 Huawei
  02314686        GMVM_DDPM PGSM Dual Duplexer Module               Huawei
               GMVM_DDRM Double transceivers Digital and Raido
  02315322                                                          Huawei
                             Frequency module
  03020230             CC-PWC Secondary Power Board                 Huawei
  03021124            GB-CKV B Module Clock Drive Card              Huawei
  03031370        GM-E3M Large-Capacity E1 Interface Board          Huawei
  03031373               GM-MSM Sub-Multiplex Board                 Huawei
  03031424          CB-LAPA0 4-Link CCS7 Signaling Board            Huawei
              GM-GEMA Emergency Switching Board (Active/Standby
  03031472                                                          Huawei
 03031473          GM-GNOD Master Node Processing Board             Huawei
 03031474        GM-GALM Alarm Collecting&Processing Board          Huawei
 03031475       GM-GNET Time-Division Switching Network Board       Huawei
 03031478         GM-GMC2 Communication Interface Board             Huawei
 03031479          GM-GOPT Optical Communication Board              Huawei
 03031480        GM-GMCC Communication Control Processor            Huawei
 03031483            GM-GFBI Optical Fiber Interface Board          Huawei
 03031485             GM-GPWS Secondary Power Board                 Huawei
 03031843                 GM-LAPD Signalling Board                  Huawei
 03035535                   GM-FTC Transcoder                       Huawei
 03030AQK               GM-GMPU Main Processing Unit                Huawei
 03035304            GM-BIE Base Station Interface Board            Huawei
 S4011795          C8-DRCB-120-1*2 E16 Back Drive Board             Huawei


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